Pluto Square Moon Transit

Pluto Square MoonPluto square Moon transit represents a year or so of intense psychological and emotional purging. As you delve deeper and deeper into your subconscious, you will most likely experience a degree of emotional pain and suffering. This trauma will be reflected your outer world as emotional power struggles with your family, partners and women in general.

Once you are on the other side of this transit, your domestic life and emotional nature will have transformed remarkably, and you will feel stronger and wiser. However, this journey may lead to periods of dark and depressing moods which will require great resilience and courage to get through. Deeply buried subconscious patterns of behavior will be exposed, leaving you feeling naked and very vulnerable. Any compulsions, addictions, jealousy and guilt, will come to the surface playing havoc with your life in general, and particularly with your intimate relationships.

It is possible that during this time, your close relationships will come under such pressure that your partner may find it too difficult to hang around. If this were to happen, your grief would be felt intensely, made worse by the lack of emotional support and nurturing available to you. You may feel a strong compulsion then, to enter into a relationship you may not otherwise, as your judgement and intuition is not so helpful. These relationships may be very special and karmic in nature, but could also turn out to be rather destructive. These types of relationships will however, be beneficial in hind-sight. Some one may teach you many things about life, holding your hand on the journey into the underworld.

Other domestic conditions such as family dynamics and your actual home may be transformed. All these possible scenarios are manifestations of the tremendous psychological change you are going through. All this aimed at stripping you of a life-time of emotional baggage. You will come out of this transit hardened, emotionally tougher and independent, better able to face future challenges in your higher state of emotional and spiritual evolution.

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  1. Totally relate moon at 14 Libra too just getting over plutos opposition to 0 degree cancer sun which renderwd me boneless and rejected by family pluto makes nk concessions in hindsight my life needed complete start from foundations due to emotional abuse in my famiky, my moon in 12th so it felt like I was doing thw healing for generations of women who came before me, hoping once this square to moon is done, the aging spell will be lifted lol! Healing thoughts to you

  2. I’ve had Pluto opposite Mars/Uranus conjunction, currently opposite Mercury and square Moon, later to square north node and then Sun. Ends in about 2020, It has felt desperate at times. I’ve got divorced, moved house, had problems with drainage (Pluto is in 4th), family communication problems, and it goes on, and on. I’ve read a lot about it and decided this upheaval and pain is karmic and rather than resist Pluto, to help him in his transformatonal ways. So big work on my past, childhood (4th), long-held memories and beliefs. I’m hoping that this will help make sense, that I can assist Pluto rather than be a helpless subject of his transformation. Nothing else to be done! It has to be got through!

  3. Pluto transitting my 12th house applying square to my moon 15 degrees libra. Its retrograded back over this aspect in the last year or two just as I was hitting the worst of a saturn return and now pluto is turning direct to square my moon proper again. I don’t know that much about astrology but I’m not having a very good time I’ll tell you that much

    • I found your comment very interesting as I have Pluto in my 12 house squaring my moon Libra 18′ in the 9th house.

  4. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Pluto is transiting my 5th house, squaring moon at 15 Libra and it has been hell for 5 years, the last two being the worst. Uranus was opposing moon for some time and is just moving away. Just ended a very difficult 3 year relationship and have had so many losses (financial, health, estranged family relationships, death of pets, etc.) that there isn’t anything left. I feel absolutely gutted and hopeless and the loneliness at times is unbearable. I’ve been stressed beyond belief with no real support to speak of. I think there’s a limit as to how much one can handle and I’m coming close to it. Full moon coming up tomorrow that will affect my sun at 29 Cancer. Yay. I find it almost impossible to be “positive” and raise my vibration to a higher level to deal with this awful time,

    • Sympathies Kate – if you look at my post above you’ll see that my experiences are similar. And I too have felt that I can’t take any more. Pluto square Moon is exact this weekend on its second pass, two more to go until 2017. I’m also a Cancerian and sensitive to the full moon. I’m just staying home and relaxing. On a broader view, I too have felt desperate as the aspects roll by, year by year. But I believe it’s karmic, we have to go through it, However bad, it can’t be avoided. I have another three years and look forward to the transformation after the work I’m trying to put in and the hell that these Pluto transits have been. Keep on keeping on, however hard, it’s the only way.

      • Kate,relax and relax again.Take a deep breath!.It’s not only Pluto issues you are going through(karmic ones and connected to females relatives or our deeply ingrained subconscious childhood patterns).It’s also this damn Mercury retrograde hell(it was awful for me this month!)and your transiting Uranus opposites Moon(madness).For me (Uranus opposing my Moon)there was a lot of problems with men,no matter if they were strangers or acquaintances,that kind of macho (!!)… the beginning it seemed I was wrong but after the transit was gone ,my intuition won.I was right!Trust your intuition!

        • Thanks Luna..I hear what you say about Uranus opposite Moon. My intuition told me the relationship wasn’t right but I was unable to extricate myself from the roller coaster ride I was on..until now.

      • Thanks,Janet. I appreciate your thoughts.. It’s somehow comforting to know others are facing the same experiences in some way or another..I’m so ready to experience life on a more pleasant and joyful’s been a while.

    • Kate,
      I went thru a really horrific time for approximately 3 years beginning in Sept of 2011. Astrology is Great!! I find it extremely interesting but if you are caught in a nasty experience you need help. You can’t do it alone. You need to get in touch with your spiritualality. I have no idea if you are religious or not but I personally just broke down and began a relationship with God. He was all I had and I asked him for the strength to get me thru all my difficulties. Doors opened and my whole life changed for the better. We are here to learn and evolve.God was there to help me, just like he is there to help all of his children. Please, seek help thru spirituality, in what ever method you feel comfortable. And, again Astrology is fascinating. But you can’t depend on it to help you spiritually. There is an individual plan for us in this life time but it is not ours to know.. We can only do our best. Living day to day off an astrology chart is not the way to find love and peace in your life.It has to come from within.
      Good luck to you and God bless!!❤️

      • Thanks, Patti,for your words..I agree that getting in touch with my spirituality is very important and I’m doing just that. I’m meditating more and seeking out spiritual groups that I resonate with, so hopefully things will turn around for me soon : }

    • You pointed out the most important thing Kate, that Uranus opposite your Moon has finished. That made your Pluto transit about as bad as you could expect. I would think that you have been toughened up emotionally to such a degree that you will be able to handle anything in the future. but you know, I doubt you ever will have to experience such a run of dramas ever again. Give it time, it is as if you have had a sever injury that needs time to heal.

      • Hi Jamie, I’ve just read your comment for Kate and would appreciate if you have any insight into my situation – I’ve posted above in the past. Pluto in 4th square Moon in 7th, Uranus is conjunct Moon, it is now 1 degree separating, conjuncts north node at 20 degrees Aries soon. It’s been very hard to cope with the square and conjunction. Would your comment to me be similar to those you made to Kate? It has been awful on many counts. Thank you.

        • Hi Janet, I did miss a lot of comments when I was under the weather in recent years. I don’t take into account houses because you will find much more accurate details by looking for any fixed star conjunctions. Don’t be overly concerned by Uranus transiting your Nodes either. The big complicating factor has been Uranus square Pluto, such horrible timing you would only expect such a thing once in a complete soul life cycle however long that is.

          I assume your Moon is 16 Aries which means that this is the final Uranus conjunction. So definitely the worst is over. The Pluto square Moon transit should be peaking around now, retrograde in July, direct finally in early December 2016. So I see, Apart from April 2015, this month January 2016 is the most intense you have this combination of Uranus and Pluto. While you still have a way to go, I’m sure you can take some comfort in knowing you only have the Pluto transits alone to come this year. Check out other transits to see if you gain support from them, for example positive Jupiter or Saturn transits or moon phases, especially eclipses.

          • Thank you Jamie, your comments are much appreciated. Next one up is Uranus square Sun, starting in a couple of months! I’m hoping that although this can be difficult, I can make it empowering. I’ll be very glad when this series of aspects is over…feels as though I’m being put through the wringer but also trying to learn from them. Thanks again, I’m very grateful.

  5. I am going through what feels like one of the most intense time periods in my life. There are days i dont think i can handle this insane energy. Uranus transit conjunct my moon in ariea. Neptune transit conjunct my DC and can’t forget pluto about to square my moon! And you’re right, there is no one, i mean no one in my life that i can talk to about what is really happening to me. Some days i feel like i have gone insane. It feels absolutely unreal.

  6. I have a friend who has Pluto squaring his natal moon also he is a venus/Chiron conjunct in Pisces conjunct Mars to exact degree. And Venus Chiron is transiting in Pisces right now. How will this affect him or me? Does anyone know? I stumbled upon this by accident trying to learn how to read transits. He hasn’t been very open and I can feel his intense thoughts and feelings. He has shut me out completely but having a soul connect to him I can feel it and knew he was struggling with past hurts and emotional baggage. So this is why? How long does it last?

    • Jess, it will affect you as you represent the Moon to him – a woman. This transit usually last a year.

  7. Pluto is currently squaring my moon in Aries. There’s definitely been a lot of power struggles with my sister, as she likes to be incharge and very bossy! She has Sun Square Pluto – natal. She’s also been behaving very jealous towards me! It’s definitely been a trip to the underworld! Hopefully I will come out of this stronger and wiser! Jealousy is one of the most ugly, poisonous traits! I think it’s as bad as insolence!

    • I think jealousy is common. I see it between my daughters. Worse I think would be betrayal, especially within a family.

  8. I became a different person and devastated my life under this transit. Pluto was also squaring my natal pluto and my ascendant. The moon square ended 3 years ago and I’m still recovering

    • I’m in the middle of the transit for the time being,and my struggle is with my mother,my aunts(all widows!) and my sister.Following some old patterns from childhood .It seems that they are all inconsiderate to my needs,to my old wounds,to my real pain.Deaf and blind.We are speaking different languages We all always did..But this time I am tougher and determined to solve my problems.Besides,at the end of 2016 ,I will be experiencing transiting Saturn squaring my natal Venus.Could be this upcoming transit the side effect of Pluto squaring my Moon.Any thoughts about that?

      • The Pluto square is making you tougher and with Saturn square Venus at the same time you will either feel defeated and depressed, or may have to get emotionally cold and distant to deal with your relatives. Perhaps a bit of both but don’t expect too much love or empathy from then during the Saturn transit.

        • Thank you,Jamie! I think somehow, the naked truth was that my relatives they never cared about me,and this is their problem.We were always different(I am too sensitive for them).My lesson to be is to take distance from them(if I can),forgive them and practise self-love.

    • Jeni,from my experience , transits to Ascendant ,especially from transpersonal planets,are about shedding old skins,old patterns.This is important. Pluto squaring your Pluto is a generational transit.

  9. I’m scared what will happen to me. This transit is coming up for me and will be exact in March. Every story I have read about this transit is depressing and hopeless. I hope i make it through and still remain human. I really don’t know what to expect.

    • It’s not hopeless. I am finding it hard – my third hit is 1 degree separating, exact again in November/December and within 1 degree orb again next year. It started about 18 months ago. The first six months were very difficult as Uranus was also conjunct my Moon while Pluto squared my Moon.

      The interpretations of Pluto square Moon began to make sense as I started to feel the impact. Painful events have caused me to look deeply into my childhood and family patterns (Pluto is passing through my fourth house), once I began to try to work with the transit I started to understand what it was all about.

      Gradually, little by little, I’m beginning to feel the transformative effects. Still not easy, and emotionally tiring, but I’m subtly different from the person I was eighteen months ago as Pluto started to approach my Moon. It’s been hard but I am beginning to feel the gift although it’s not been achieved without pain. The worst part was when the two transits hit at the same time.

      So take heart, if you can get in touch with what Pluto is asking of you, positive transformation can be made.

      • Thank you for that Janet. Uranus has also been conjunct my moon and going to go back over it soon. That has been a big eye opener already. My nerves were so out of control the first hit and I had the classic case of insomnia that comes from a Uranus transit. Not to mention some very unexpected and shocking events that have taken place to me. My own behavior has shocked me immensely. I am not the same person at all. It has made me ask myself often if I am really going crazy in the head because of how drastic and sudden I have changed on the inside. It will be interesting to see what Pluto will do along side Uranus already transforming me, and it’s not even close to being over yet! I can’t imagine it getting any crazier than it already has, but I”m expecting more shock of course.

    • I think if you know about transit to your Moon well before hand then self awareness kicks in and can lessen some of the negative, subconscious behaviors and reactions. Conscious awareness prevents some subconscious or bad habits. It can also depend on your level of psychological or spiritual development and any natal aspects to your Moon.

      • Hi Jamie,
        I’m expecting something really shocking to take place. I have already gone through some very shocking things this past year and don’t feel like it is close to being over. My natal aspects to my moon are 8th house moon trine 12th house mercury rx, less than 1 degree. I also have moon quincunx saturn in the 3rd house, less than 1 degree.
        I am changing rapidly on the inside but the outside is changing at a way slower pace and it’s very frustrating.

        • For really shocking I think of Uranus transits. Pluto transits can also be shocking I suppose but when it sinks in you probably half expected it. Moon trine Mercury should give you an accurate intuition. However, Saturn may flavor that with worst case scenarios.

  10. Thanks for the delineation, Jamie. Clearly an angel tapped me on the mouse, sending me here to see this. 🙂

    Transiting Pluto hit my natal Moon today. You reading helps explain a dark, moody year when the inner landscape got wrenched around. My Moon is in the 9th house, so it’s essentially a transformation of world view, of spirituality. Applying Pluto in the 5th house brought these changes from my “fun” house, from romantic relationships – which have intensified lately, but with teacher-goddesses, not with long term partners.

    Saturn has trined toward my Moon for the past 6 degrees, so there as a harmonious :schooling.”

    The great value of astrology, i feel, is that it lets us knows which archetypal patterns are shifting, so we don’f freak out, and we can learn rather than smash things.

  11. I must leave a new comment(thought) as I am in the middle of this transit. Studying myself I noticed to become a sort of despot(tyrant) and if someone, especially family is stepping on my toes, I react immediately.My will .

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