Pluto Square Moon Transit

Pluto Square MoonPluto square Moon transit represents a year or so of intense psychological and emotional purging. As you delve deeper and deeper into your subconscious, you will most likely experience a degree of emotional pain and suffering. This trauma will be reflected your outer world as emotional power struggles with your family, partners and women in general.

Once you are on the other side of this transit, your domestic life and emotional nature will have transformed remarkably, and you will feel stronger and wiser. However, this journey may lead to periods of dark and depressing moods which will require great resilience and courage to get through. Deeply buried subconscious patterns of behavior will be exposed, leaving you feeling naked and very vulnerable. Any compulsions, addictions, jealousy and guilt, will come to the surface playing havoc with your life in general, and particularly with your intimate relationships.

It is possible that during this time, your close relationships will come under such pressure that your partner may find it too difficult to hang around. If this were to happen, your grief would be felt intensely, made worse by the lack of emotional support and nurturing available to you. You may feel a strong compulsion then, to enter into a relationship you may not otherwise, as your judgement and intuition is not so helpful. These relationships may be very special and karmic in nature, but could also turn out to be rather destructive. These types of relationships will however, be beneficial in hind-sight. Some one may teach you many things about life, holding your hand on the journey into the underworld.

Other domestic conditions such as family dynamics and your actual home may be transformed. All these possible scenarios are manifestations of the tremendous psychological change you are going through. All this is aimed at stripping you of a lifetime of emotional baggage. You will come out of this transit hardened, emotionally tougher and independent, better able to face future challenges in your higher state of emotional and spiritual evolution.

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  1. Oh no, here it comes again! I have 16 Aries moon and IC 15 Capricorn, I know others on here have similar.
    This is the last hit, will my IC be affected as it is one out and will the exact square to my 16 moon be harder to cope with than the previous ones?

    03/09/1966 9.20am

    • Me too Sian, my moon is 15.57 Aries. It’s been a long and difficult journey since 2015 – I’m wondering if the 1 degree orb later this year is going to extend it. I’ve learnt a lot in that time through self investigation, but … could this be consolidation of the painful lessons or even more painful?

      Any comments would be much appreciated Jamie. 🙂

  2. I am feeling stronger but stuff is still happening! Pluto is relentless, you get one step forward and he drags you back two, or more if he possibly can!
    Are Janet and I going to get more with this last hit?

    …………. Pluto has turned retrograde now, I am actually strangely calm now. What will be will be!

    • As the final conjunction approaches I’m finding it’s getting intense but in a different area of my life – so far. Classic Moon female crises, all about best friend for 40 years – classic dark Plutonian stuff, control and power. But it also links with the issues raised during the last hits, although they were with men. All hits have required me to delve into past family patterns (Pluto is transiting fourth) and ways of relating: the changes I’ve made in myself are resented by friend. Interesting, but I hope it doesn’t get too scorching. Had enough of that!

      • Would appreciate any comment Jamie as the final Pluto square to my Moon approaches, although it’s not quite exact this time. My moon is 15.58 Aries.

        The past squares have brought up classic issues: the way I relate with family and the men in my life and I’ve done a lot of work on this, although the issues are not quite resolved. But I have acquired insight.

        This approaching square has foreshadowed severance of my closest friendship of 40 years, this because I’ve changed. Another close female friend is dying from cancer, it started in February and she will die within the next few days.

        Is it usual for the emphasis of the Pluto/Moon square to change on the last hit? Has anyone else experienced this? It feels never ending.

  3. My partner has pluto sq moon at the moment.. He is freaking me out .. I don’t seem to be able to do anything right the way he wants.. feel like giving up 🙁

  4. Pluto will station direct square my aries 16 moon. This is the final time, I thought I could deal with it, I have been battered beyond belief these last few years! Pluto, Neptune Saturn all gunning for me!
    I’m now feeling a glimmer of nerves in the background.
    Is Jamie around?

    • Sympathies Sian, I’m having a hard time too. Head up, it’s got to be gone through. Are you feeling exhausted by the trauma/drama of the past two years? I am. When will there good times?

  5. I’ve been so focussed on my 2nd Saturn (11th house) return exact Oct. 18th – so went looking today for something to mitigate it…. and found Pluto exactly square moon on the same day. Yikes! But sort of explains the loss of two good girlfriends (one of 25 years) in the last six months.

  6. I seem to be making small steps forward, still have intense situations occuring though. Sometimes I am utterly exhausted but I think there is a tiiiiny light at the end of the tunnel!
    Could Jamie maybe shed some light on this final square for us?

  7. Hello everyone, I’m posting an update of my experiences of my Pluto square Moon transit, hoping that it may help some of you.

    Firstly, I can’t sugar it: it’s been the most difficult time of my life. Also, I think the affecting orb is probably about 2.5.

    My story: My Moon is 15.53 Aries so Pluto has been squaring it for a long time. I felt the effects in early 2014, through now. It was almost unbearable when Uranus was conjunct my Moon at the same time, in 2015. At present Pluto has just gone direct and is moving away from the square, still within one orb and I’m still feeling the effects.

    As Pluto approached my moon in early 2014 I became involved with a man who has BPD. I later found out that being involved with a BPD is very hard and difficult to free oneself from. The hooks are strong and difficult to break. The reasons for the hooks are buried in childhood. So, the classic interpretation of Pluto square Moon applied to me as I struggled to break free by delving into childhood patterns.

    I was doing okay until the exact square earlier this year when he charmed me into a recycle. I hope the recent almost exact square signals that within a year or so I will have recovered.

    There’s more though. I’ve read that the consecutive squares, five in my case, also bring up other issues. I’ve noticed that as I have changed I have moved away from people I previously liked. I became more aware of personal aspects of my female friends that I dislike. These all involve control. Another Plutonian issue. Also, a married male friend began unwelcome sexual innuendo, also Plutonian. Also jealousy, on my part and also from other women to me. Also Plutonian. Power struggles too, Pluto again.

    I find that I have more insight into people, and myself. It has been a dark night of the soul. A shock to me, it felt like an emotional tsunami and I’m hoping to reap the rewards next year. Meanwhile it’s not quite over yet.

    The encouraging words I can offer is that if you undertake honest self-examination during these squares you will come out stronger and wiser, albeit bruised. But bruises heal even though they may feel unbearable at the time.

    And soon Pluto moves on to oppose my Sun at 24 degrees Cancer…I think of it as karmic lessons.

    • I should also add that a close female friend died of cancer during the hit earlier this year, death, also Plutonian, and another female friend was recently diagnosed with cancer during the last hit. People say Pluto has been demoted, and it may be that I have a Plutonian chart with Pluto conjunct Venus, trining my Moon which may emphasise the importance of Pluto for me, I don’t know enough to tell. Tracking the events of the last few years has been eerie though when I read the traditional interpretations of Pluto square Moon.

      • As I said, tracking the events and the effects of transiting Pluto is interesting me. I have just realised (I’m not an expert on astrology), that while Pluto has been squaring my Moon, it has also been inconjunct (or quincunx) my Pluto/Venus conjunction. Going back and forth across it for the whole period, and will continue to be inconjunct Venus on and off for the next year. This might have contributed to the hell that the Pluto/Moon square has been.

        Apologies if I seem to be blathering on but I had not considered inconjuncts, they aren’t mentioned that much although it seems they generate difficult and twitchy energy.

        So, if you are experiencing the difficulties of hard Pluto/Moon transits, it might be worth checking your chart to see if Pluto is also inconjunct another planet at the same time.

        Please correct me if I’m wrong Jamie and if you have any free time, I’d be very interested if you have any comments to make about this.

  8. I’m noticing this in my new relationships; my insecurities come up and then all the plutonian behaviors rear their ugly heads. Ugh. How long will this last pluto square moon transit last? also, i think it’s squaring my ascendant, as well, so will I be hit double-whammy?

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