Saturn Conjunct Pluto January 12, 2020

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto TransitSaturn conjunct Pluto is a major planetary occurring on average every 34 years. The last conjunction was in November 1982 and the next is in January 2020. When the two most serious and cold planets align there are hard times. Restriction and limitation force you work hard at changing something particular in your life that has outlived its usefulness. This is a slow, evolutionary process that builds new foundations on which to prosper in the coming years. Before more detail about Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020, you will find information about the natal aspect and Saturn conjunct Pluto transit.

Natal Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto natal introduces you to hardship at an early age. Your parents may have been poor or one of them may have been very strict, even mean to you. Even if you come from a wealthy family it is likely you experienced some kind of restriction when you were young that shaped your character.

It is also likely that any hardship suffered was prolonged or intense to such a degree that made you grow up very quickly. A physical, mental or emotional disability may have a resulted from your difficulties or have been the restrictive influence that made you suffer more than most.

As a result of early privation or loss, you learned patience, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. Such hard lessons taught you perseverance and may have given you a ruthless ambition to make something of your life. When you do face hardship like everyone else, you have the force of character to face it head on and endure it better than most. Your strong survival instinct keeps you going where others might fail.

When faced with a setback or restrictive influence in your life you can change and adapt to new realities. You can also stubbornly resist change but you will realize that you must evolve to succeed in life. You can fight against some restrictions and obstacles but others you must go around. If continued hard times get you down it is important not be hard on yourself. Depression and self-destructive habits would only make matters worse and you should seek professional help in such cases. Fearing the worst can sometimes make it happen.

If you experience continued loss or failure it is important to stay ethical and play by the rules. Otherwise, you may face harsh criticism, scandal or legal problems. You must also resist any temptation to control or manipulate other people. It is possible that the hardships you face in life are karmic repercussions of controlling or ruthless behavior in previous lives.

Self-discipline, good organizing skills, and good time management make you productive and efficient. Your strong work ethic and tenacity can lead to a successful career with recognition and promotion. Marked achievements are likely and you may hold a position of authority or leadership.

You would work well in a career that has a defined structure and hierarchy like government agencies or large corporations. If self-employed you could build your business into a large undertaking and employ many people. Others will seek your advice and give you the respect you deserve. You will likely look back on your life with satisfaction and pride.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto Transit

Saturn conjunct Pluto transit is a time of hard work and serious business. You will need patience and determination as you face extra responsibilities with less time and resources to get the job done. As this transit approaches, events and people will force you to concentrate your efforts on one particular area of life that is no longer working well for you. It could be a relationship or career or a particular belief or behavior. Something in your life has outlived its usefulness and is holding you back, even if you don’t realize it at first.

You may experience loss, hardship or disappointment as you learn what it is that you must let go of or change. You may feel pressured or burdened by someone in a position of authority or a government department or large corporation. This may place a strain on your finances or force you to give up a hobby or family time. It is possible that a change in circumstances restricts your ability to enjoy other areas of life until you address the particular issue.

If something is broken you must fix it or throw it out. You cannot leave things as they are and resist the powerful forces that are at play. You must act responsibly and you may even have to be ruthless in taking out the garbage.

It is best to approach the coming change by accepting the inevitable and do what must be done. If you ignore what soon becomes obvious, or stubbornly refuse to change, you risk complications that will make your life extremely difficult. Even worse would be to take short cuts or cheat. Immoral or unethical behavior such as lying, manipulation or breaking the law would have serious consequences that would further restrict your options and freedom.

Accept change and go with the flow. Listen to your intuition and listen to the advice of professionals. This is a time for a deliberate, well-considered change. Once you let go of the limiting factors in your life you can use determination and perseverance to build new structures in their place. This is a slow, evolutionary process that builds new foundations on which to prosper in the coming years.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020

The chart below for Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020 shows a stellium including the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres, all square Eris. In mundane astrology, which governs world events, Saturn conjunct Pluto represents large organizations like multinational corporations, superpower countries, the UN, NATO, WHO and trading blocs.

Expect propaganda from leaders about power plays, world trade, genetically modified foods, and climate change. There will be debates, announcements or agreements about these things. The masses will be skeptical and protest the changes being forced on them.

China will expand its power and influence in an attempt to overtake the U.S.A. as the dominant superpower. Jupiter in the China horoscope is at 22°35′ Capricorn.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020

At the personal level, you will have to think seriously, ask questions and seek advice before making plans about changing something in your life. The square to Minor planet Eris gives an urge to rebel against restriction and take rash actions. Use patience and determination and consider how your plans affect those under your care like your spouse and children.

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Ian Anderson 0°04′, Lynndie England 0°05′, Dylan Thomas 0°05′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°11′, Orson Welles 1°13′, Nicholas Culpeper 1°14′, Queen Victoria 1°22′, John Maynard Keynes 1°27′, George Eliot 1°33′, David Essex 1°52′, Ian Thorpe 2°06′, Prince Albert 2°12′, Camilla Parker-Bowles 2°27′, Billy Tipton 2°52′, Harriet Wilson 2°53′.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto Dates

August 10, 1947

November 7, 1982

January 12, 2020

June 15, 2053
July 10, 2053
February 2, 2054

April 8, 2086

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  1. January 12 astronomy/astrology inventory

    2007 Comet McNaught perehelion
    2010 Haiti EQ
    2014 Earth passes thru ISON debris field, noctilucent cloud projection
    2017 Jupiter deep atmospheric intrusion, standing wave engulfs inner solar system.
    2020 Saturn/Pluto

    • More January 12 inventory

      1996, Jan 12, 8:34 am, London UK
      Age of Aquarius natal chart

      Uranus, 0Aqu
      ASC, 0Aqu

      This chart may be rectified by a progressed Full Moon at Brexit, March 29, 2019.

      • The NewAge rectification of this chart could fill a book.

        – Comets, McNaught (2007) and Ison
        – Brexit prog Full Moon
        – Mercury Rx in this and two other charts: Regulus ingress Virgo chart (29/11/2011) that places Mercury Rx, which in turn is rectified by Comet Gault and CI Borisov at 00Virgo; Comets having critical alignments with planets (Borisov discovery) and Direction turns (Gault). Further rectified by Summer solstice Eclipse chart(20/06/2020), Mercury Rx. In domicile Gemini.

        • Correction, It is true Mercury is Rx in the Solstice Eclipse chart, June 21, 2020, but in tropical Cancer sign, and Venus is Rx in tropical Gemini.

          Mercury Rx:
          – Aquarius Sign January 12, 1996
          – Sagittarius Sign November 29, 2011
          – Cancer Sign, June 21, 2020

          Air, Fire, Water
          Fixed, Mutable, Cardinal

          Degrees Rx from Sun, approx
          Aqr, 13
          Sag, 10
          Can, 14

          Total, 29.01

          Where is Mercury Rx in a Sign at 29 degrees?

  2. Hi Jamie

    This Saturn Pluto conjunction is slightly less than a degree from my nodal axis at 21 deg 52 minutes (NN is cancer) and almost exactly square my natal Saturn in Libra at 21 degrees (I have a Mars Saturn Pluto stelllum in Libra).

    I’m pretty scared – I’m trying to extricate myself from decades in a very abusive relationship, but long term chronic health issues have meant I am struggling to find a way to move out and support myself.

    I am wondering if this conjunction will be the end of me, I’m only starting to emerge from a lifetime of being lied abused and manipulated. It’s not too much to say I am hammered by the bleakness of my reality. Still fighting depression as anxiety and I want to triumph somehow.

    How do I interpret this coming conjunction ? I am also smack in the middle of Pluto square Saturn transit and Saturn square mars. My chronic health issues have only worsened as I have tried to extricate myself from my abusive environment. Had a severe nervous breakdown in May this year. Not able to achieve launch velocity to get myself out of the abuse and into my own home. Very disheartening.

    Any help with handling this Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 would help a lot. I fear it may be the end of me. Thanks.

    • I also have the Saturn Conjunct Pluto natally and I resonate with what you have written here. My mother and stepfather are psychopaths and their abuse has been unspeakable. I consider it a monumental achievement I am not yet dead by my own hands due to severe depression. Saturn conjunct Pluto also gives me astonishing strength where others might have self-destructed long ago. (Although it has its limits)

      The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors once told me,

      “You think you are damaged and weak. But I tell you this. If there is a World War III today, who do you think will die first? you or those who are physically and mentally healthier compared to you and have easier normal lives?”

      “Of Course it will be me. I am barely hanging onto life physically and mentally. I’m surprised my body is alive at all. ”

      “you are wrong. YOU will outlast everyone. You have lived through hell for decades. You know how to deal with it. They won’t, it will be a shock to them. Most people won’t make it. You will. You have great strength inside you. Remember that.”

      Hope this helps your natal Saturn Pluto conjunct interpretations Jamie. Even today I share my story and ask you for help because I want to have a happy ending someday! Thanks.

    • i can relate to all what you are saying as i i am wanting to remove mysef from an old wornout relationship also..I have cap moon 24o. , mars, 29o cap. libra sat conj neptune & tsquare moon and mars, uranus & jupiter, scorp sn & asc cusp sag.
      goddess help me.,

    • Hi Jan
      Just read your post after noticing this huge stellium coming in January.
      Are you able to find some professional support, a counsellor or therapist to help
      you make some positive changes in your life? I can sense the
      bleakness of your situation and with the support of caring people you can
      improve your situation. Hope things improve soon.
      kind regards, Leah

  3. Chandra Symbol
    Capricorn 23
    “An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam.
    The masculine life-force brought to its highest expression. The wise, wakeful, fully present activation of the masculine aspect as something to be reckoned with. Formidable and directly impressive. Bearing such a pronounced potency of being that one can readily take charge of any situation. A karmically well prepared, magnificently endowed attainment. The ability to become like a God. Such intensive awareness of self that you know very well that you are standing in for God the Father as a pure vessel. Nonetheless, you are called to become the quintessential higher masculine as completely as possible to the deepest roots of your being, in order to make a difference and to bring the shared energy and attention to a focal point of the true central clarity and meaningful direction onward from here.“

  4. in 2020 we will see fall of many leaders of countries and organizations and will see major changes on the government sectors probably new rules on everything but specially people who work behind the scenes will face hard time

  5. I went to this site hoping to see more on the Mars,Venus,Mercury,Sun cosmic convergence, or more properly, Harmonic Convergence in Leo 1987, because of the activation of the Quintiles, but didn’t find anything. Instead there’s a good excerpt on the upcoming Pluto-Saturn.

    “Given Aquarius’ link with revolution, global reforms will likely result from massive citizen rebellions to all of the lies, deception, and hypocrisy that’s essentially sent modern sovereign nations back to feudalism. Saturn began its once-in-29-year passage of its own sign kingdom on winter solstice (December 21), 2017. It advances towards an ominous merger with Pluto. This authoritarian fusion zone reaches its peak on January 13, 2020. Saturn symbolizes government and authority figures while Pluto represents power, often of the covert sort.

    “As Saturn moves into alliance with Pluto (in Capricorn), precious human rights and liberties will likely be curtailed in keeping with Capricorn’s penchant for strict controls. However, when we look to nature we see that every ocean wave first turns under itself in order to acquire forward momentum. The analogy is that the fierce yoke of repression may prove the force necessary for catapulting humanity forward and beyond the grip of all those authoritarian masters who have ruled the masses as kings, pharaohs, tyrants, dictators, czars, and presidents for centuries. If the Age of Aquarius is to live up to its cosmic identity—and promise—then human beings must collectively rise into a new awareness. It will be one that renders former paternalistic masters obsolete!”

  6. 2020 look very positive for my chart! I’m excited for these conjunctions. They permanetly seal the “homework” that I’ve already done. 🙂

  7. I would really like someone with similar experience to tell me what could happen in my life after having an ascedand at 22 degrees of capricorn . For the past two years I have been feeling strongly about a major change in my life and I have already changed my career focusing on psychology studies. I am now deeply attracted to metaphysics and I have many in-person experiences and question marks about being in the industry. I feel like a lot will change and I am inspired by a lot of people with my ideas and my “weird” thoughts. I’m born December 8, 1995 at 10:10 am in Greece. I also know that the Greek sun is at 22 degrees of capricorn. Thanks in advance and I hope I make the right decision as I have no intention of resisting the change that is coming.

    • 1/4 of the Greek economy is driven by tourism and hospitality. That’s enormous. Visitors to Greece at the time of birth was 4.5 million, and it’s well over 20 million/year now. There would be tremendous opportunity in this industry for practising your craft. Being a sage of mythology, cosmos, and the highest order of psychology, meta-physics and astrology would have a ready audience. Find your niche and away you go. The translation of inner planets over your Ascendant, and the synodic cycles articulated by The Lunar Planner, Nick Anthony Fiorenza would be especially relevant. Saturn transit Ascendant, Pluto conjunct, presents a remarkable new start. Study the effect of your Natal Neptune and Uranus, particularly to your Generation. On the lighter side, careful, because Jupiter impels a tendency to over indulge in these matters. Eat dolmades to keep you trim and healthy, the grape leaf is well suited for Capricorn rising diets.

  8. Elizabeth II Rising degree 21Cap24, and Jean Chrétien Sun 20Cap25

    There is an interesting story in Jean Chrétien’s memoirs, published 2006, how he, as Prime Minister of Canada, was in England on some function or other, was summoned by the Queen to express his thoughts on the vexing issue of How to Apologize for various Empire transgressions. Mr Chrétien, who has, as a wife, an immensely talented astrologer, advised the Queen not to apologize. Because it would never end, notwithstanding, this job of apologizing isn’t a Queenly duty. Years later, we have Justin Trudeau as Canadian Prime Minister, who, if you haven’t already noticed, apologizes profusely and to all, the transgressions of Empire. Which would seem a perfect choice, as the leader of a good country that has a talent for being the best producer of marginal utility. In resource commodities especially, marijuana being the latest, but also taking in immigrants, and now, apologizing.

    • Queen Elizabeth’s chart is remarkable. 0 point Taurus birthday.

      The Solar period from human gestation to birth, calculated from her birthday lands on her Ascendant. 21/22 deg Capricorn. So the Queen is linked to the stellium and Cosmogenesis.

  9. This conjunction will be opposite my Moon and will square my Neptune in Libra at 21. Being born Piscean, I know that nothing that happens in your life is beyond your means to tackle it. What happens in your life is of no importance. What is, is how you interpret it because that decides which actions you can undertake.
    Many, if not most, people have a far too passive view on astrology. You are not powerless aginst the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune: you are learning to navigate your own life.

    • Aquarius New Age chart, January 12, 1996, North Node, 21Libra36

      ‘Mystic Destiny’

  10. The January 12, 2020, stellium is conjunct EXACT my prenatal full moon…any insights would be helpful!

  11. Oh man my ex who was born January 13th is about to get his whole life upended according to his 2020-2021 solar return with this potent Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

    • What’s his Age Harmonic chart look like on his birthday? Any major patterns like a yod, t-square, or grand trine etc?

  12. Not sure how to compare my birth chart against this upcoming conjunction. But what I have read according to my sign suggests that my marriage will be put under intense pressure. This year alone has been monumental with changes within and without – including a sense of changes to come. I’ve been feeling it already. For a saturn conjunction with pluto to suggest the same makes me a little weary. Wish I could already know ahead of time without having to wait.

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