Saturn Square Sun Transit

Saturn Square SunSaturn square Sun transit is one of the more challenging transits to deal with. It can represent a forced turning point where you feel pressured and burdened. It may feel like everything and everyone is against you during this tough time which can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement.

Basically your sense of purpose and your goals are being challenged by Saturn in the form of bosses, teachers, parents or the government. You will have to face this adversity with patience and persistence and keep struggling so they don’t get the better of you.

If your intentions and goals are just ones and in your best interest, then this testing period can refine those plans and strengthen your resolve once you deal with the challenges. If, in the face of the tests and restrictions you find that it really is too hard and can see no way of succeeding, then this is the time to cut your losses and conserve you energy, which is likely to be running low now anyway, a tactical retreat. Or this transit may signal something in between, where compromise and concessions need to be made on your part.

Once this transit passes then your confidence and enthusiasm will grow again and you can start building new foundations with a better sense of purpose and more strength, having dealt with a very difficult and draining phase of life.

Saturn Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Virgo & Pisces Decan 1
Virgo & Pisces Decan 2
Virgo & Pisces Decan 3

Aries & Libra Decan 1
Aries & Libra Decan 2
Aries & Libra Decan 3


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274 thoughts on “Saturn Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi Jamie I was wondering if you could do an analysis for me please.

    19/09/67 @ 02:47 Canberra, A.C.T Australia



    • Saturn square Sun transit:
      15 Feb 2017
      29 May 2017 Rx
      13 Nov 2017

      The September 16 lunar eclipse is a strong one for you because it lands on your Moon. Your Moon is directly opposite Sun and Uranus, so expect some changes in your emotional life and relationships with women. With these natal aspects you have to deal with these concerns your whole life but the next six months it will be more noticeable and you will have the chance to come to terms with it, understand this crazy dynamic a little better. You were born only 12 minutes before a full moon at 25°05′ Pisces.

      Sun conjunct Uranus
      Sun opposite Moon
      Moon opposite Uranus

  2. Hi Jamie, just found your site, and I’m hoping you can give me insight on what to expect from this transit. Things have been white-hot bad for me since April, 2016. Is it going to get worse? September 18, 1964. 06:20pm, Richmond, Va. USA. Thanks!

      • Thank you! I will look forward to some relief. Are the dates in your reply the dates to watch out for? And thanks again. You have a fantastic website.

        • Those are the dates that the Saturn transit climaxes so you should feel the influence of Saturn most strongly on those dates. Sometimes it can take a trigger by inner planet transits around those dates to result in a major event.

  3. My son has been having a tough time regards a career choice these past two years, would love to give him a time line for things getting easier 27 Feb 97 9.43am New Westminster BC Canada….love your site…thank you!

  4. so I’ve told him to hang in there until Christmas but he just wants to quit! I really want to help him through this as I think he’d regret quitting in the long run…or maybe this really isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing? Trying to be a supportive parent 🙂 Any insight would be greatly appreciated…thanks again for your time!

    • I have thought about this for a long time with three kids of my own. Generally I only follow my transits. If I am function well then I am doing the best for them. However, I sometimes look at their transit if they are unwell or struggling. but generally only for confirmation. We can only give encouragement really.

  5. I having a tough time in my career matters. I was graduated in 2013 but still no luck. My DOB is 13 march 1991. Please give me some advice.

  6. Hi Jamie
    My bday is 20 march 1977 born at 21.00 hours Sialkot Pakistan
    Please comment on my relationship marriage and career progression
    Every thing is just stuck

  7. Hi Jamie I was wondering if you could do an analysis for me please.

    14 March, 1976 @ 03:10 BOTAD, INDIA

    (ALSO MENTION Saturn Square Sun Transit AFFECT ME IN 2015-2016 OR 2016-2017)



      • My DOB is 14 March, 1976 @ 03:10 BOTAD, INDIA, actually i am passing through very hard time perticularly in finance, business and career related matter.
        Saturn is through passing in my 12th house, kindly let me know how long period will be tough?

  8. Hi, Jamie:

    Love your monthlies (all the more so because I’m born the same decan as you, so appreciate the empathy!) and your past two annuals have been so very accurate for me. Have read thru all the comments here but a bit extra nervous about Saturn Square Sun since I already feel that limiting shift from recent eclipse and because I was born with Saturn exactly conjunct my Sun in the 12th, 9/22/80, 8:43AM, Wyandotte (Wayne County), MI. Any thoughts? Thanks, K.

    • The positive out of your conjunction is the fixed star Markeb with the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. So Saturn works well as the student and teacher. Your spiritual journey enhanced by your Mercury at midpoint of Neptune trine North Node. Saturn square Sun is not until late 2017 and is accompanied by PLuto sextile Part of Fortune transit plus other goodies.

  9. Hello Jamie,

    After I read about Saturn square sun transit. I get nervous and worry especially I will start a new job on October 17 .

    Would you please help me and let me know if I will get effected . I was born on 9/14/1971.



  10. How the heck would this play out if sun 26 Pisces (so it will square it) and then (oppose) moon 29 Gemini…. ?

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