Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Sun Conjunct JupiterSun conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart shows up as a larger than life personality. These people express the Jupiter qualities of optimism, faith, luck and generosity through their identity. Jupiter is expansive so they can overdo things, going too far which can lead to difficulties for this otherwise fortunate aspect.

Interest in religion and morals, long distance travel and education are also themes of this aspects. These people are hardly reluctant divas, happy to be worshiped and idolized. They command respect by their regal, benevolent and sunny disposition.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Donna Summer (03′) has a very prosperous life, great success as an entertainer, another Jupiter theme. She is known for being extremely extravagant. Overseas travel has been a big part of her life, she met and married her husband in Europe, living and working there. Starting out as a Gospel singer, religion has been a major part of her life and she has been accused of taking it too far, even claiming that AIDS was God punishment for gays.

Eddie Izzard (49′) was born in Yemen, lives in Britain and has traveled the world performing extravagant and jovial stage shows. He is also interested in religion, expressing his views through his performances, acting out conversations between Jesus and God. Interestingly his expression of Sun conjunct Jupiter extravagance remains on the stage, and he lived in modesty in a small one-bedroom flat. King Louis XVI of France (55′) was a shining example of extravagance. With Marie Antoinette, his rampant over-indulgences and wastefulness led the loss of their heads, and the end of the monarchy in France.

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  1. Yay!!! Because I’m very new to astrology, I haven’t come across many articles, etc. yet that talk about this aspect, (which I have, in Gemini) so it was really cool to read about!! I can def relate to the interest in religion/spirituality, travel, education and I absolutely try to be as optimistic and generous as I can. Although I’m not sure if I’m regal in any way ;-) I try to command respect but I think my very strong Neptunian nature can over-ride this part quite often through a lack of clear-cut boundaries, which I am working on at the moment;-) Thanks for posting this Jaime;-)

  2. Marina says:

    Just found out that Robbie Williams has this by only ONE minute. He SO much wants to be idolized and he is certainly Mr Sunny disposition. And the most famous of his songs “Angels”?… He is the 19th most searched man on Astrotheme.

  3. Tarek says:

    Hello every body, I have a sun Jupiter conjunction in 7th. (7.28′) Orb in Gemini.

    Jupiter rules an empty second house and the sun rules my MC.
    Jupiter @11.23 Gemini sextiles Saturn @11.39 Leo And trine Pluto @11.36 Libra.

    Jupiter Also opposed Neptune Rx In 1st. (3.39) Orb.

    Part of fortune @14.14 Aquarius as well trine my jupiter!!

    I should be lucky? But I am infact not lucky…
    or Wealthy…

    May be because Jupiter is detriment in Gemini and combust?
    And the opposition from Neptune Rx?

    I am a great opportunity waster and now… I am in a very difficult financial situation really.

    Any input will be highly appreciated.

    Alexandria, Egypt.

    • Jamie says:

      That Sun Jupiter conjunction is really wide so I wouldn’t expect the influence to be strong at all. But your Jupiter sounds very well aspected by Saturn and Pluto and that is good for longer term finacial growth and security. It may depend on your age at the moment.

      I would look for eclipses and other Moon phases, plus major transits to your Jupiter. When they are well aspected, use these times to push ahead. Even if you get a square to your Jupiter, you will still be working hard on growth, circumstances are going to force you to deal with this opportunity wasting and conquer it.

  4. Nelle says:

    Hi! I have a stellium in Sag. which includes sun and jupiter. The stellium spans my 7th and 8th house and includes Neptune at 2.53 Sag, sun 4.59 conjunct jupiter 14.40 in my 7th Sag. I also have venus and mercury in Sag. in my 8th. I too have been told I am very lucky, but that has not been my general experience. I am generally very independent, generous and optimistic. Sun is opposite natal Saturn at 2.52 in Gemini in my first. Saturn in retrograde. I was wondering what effect the retro saturn is having on my stellium. Any input?

  5. Jamie says:

    Hi Nelle, your Sun conjunct Jupiter at 10 degrees orb is literally blown away by Sun opposite Saturn at 2 degrees orb. Even regardless of what effect retrograde may have, this Saturn will be having a restricting influence, or may mean you have to work extra hard and deal with some setbacks on the way. But the hard work Saturn demands means you can achieve a lot and get a real sense of satisfaction from those hard earned achievements.

  6. brett says:

    I am Sag sun & moon (in conjunction as well). Leo rising.

    + sun conjunction Jupiter
    + sun conjunction Uranus

    And everything I have read so far has fit me to a T.

    My chart is fascinating in that my sun, moon, mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are all in harmonious aspects with other planets (conjunction, trine or sextile).

    The only opposition in my chart is Venus + Saturn + Pluto to my M.C. ( with mercury and Neptune being harmonious with the M.C.). Saturn square Ascendant as well. But as far as planetary conflict goes that’s IT.

    I have 20 PLANETS in harmonious aspects with each other. What does this mean?????

    I have practically read an entire astrological medical encylopedia and several other astrology books and none of them mention this kind of chart. My birthday is DEC 4, 1983.

    I have only recently become aware of powerful psychic powers I possess … Esp, auras, and an empathy for others so strong it drains me to talk to multiple people. I really need to talk with someone more knowledgeable about these things as I feel like I am destined to do great things ! Thanks.

  7. brett says:

    And I think its these aspects which lend to legitimate clairvoyance in my chart:

    + moon conjunction Neptune
    + Venus sextile Neptune
    + mercury conjunction Neptune
    + Neptune sextile Pluto
    + Jupiter conjunction Neptune.

    I can literally read minds. I do I control this and can anybody help me ?

    • uberqueenofwands says:

      wow! Put this to good use Brett.
      I did the chart of Paul McKenna a long timr go, before he was famous. His chart is very similar to Charles Manosn. McKenna made the better choice and help millions of people with his work!
      HAve you considered training as a trauma counsellor – you would be amazing with people who are too upset or shocked to speak. CHildren perhaps as you Sag and Leo would have natural playful abilities?
      YOU chart reminds me of MAtthew MAnning (his chart is the same as mine – born same day – but he is Sag rising, I am Virgo) – he’s a brilliant healer
      Just be very self aware that you could easily just dissipate all your talent without realising it – such is Neptune… and you Venus/MArs conj in Libra – be careful not to vacillate and change your mind all the time.
      Regards getting exhausted in groups, do some physical activity like hardcore ashtanga yoga or a vigorous sport to ground yourself and get used to keeping your psychic ability contained – remember Neptune – water – is most useful when it has its flow diercted. Otheriwse its just down to the force of nature and the tides and you just get drained.
      Doubtless the truly gifted MArina will advise you on fixed stars with this line up if you cross her palm with silver..!!

  8. marina says:

    Lucky you! So many harmonious aspects and a jupiter sun must make you feel blessed and you can conquer the world. It gives you a great protection and you will always bounce back. The only thing is that i think too many harmonious aspects are not always a good thing. They can make you complacent, indulgent and self rightious. More so when you are young, until you have been through the school of hard knocks. I empathise! I have jupiter rising and it can rather inflate ones self confidence and make you a very arrogant teenager! With age we become wiser and a tiny bit more humble ;) Neptune aspect are good for psychic ability yes, you have jupiter for protection, but you also need a strong saturn for grounding, psychic armour and to keep you real!
    Balance is the key. You can have too much of a good thing. But at the end of the day, nost people would choose an easy chart over one overloaded with harsh aspects. Dont forget, conjunctions are actually hard aspects with certain planets. I would could Sun/Uranus as one. It’s not an easy aspect for those around you….:)

  9. lucy says:

    saying the words ‘brick wall’ Imagining your forehead as bricked in or ‘heinrick manover’ so it doesn’t stick in the throat. it depends on the seat of you conciousness. If someone is toxic, run your hands several times quickly down your front then flick the bad vibe off at your finger tips like water. St. Patricks breast-plate, eigth stanza, substitute light for C. as your preference. “Light be with me, Light with in me…

    I am very in favor of imagining mental cages to deflect slings and arrows. Imagine it as beautiful gold, sit safley inside, smile serenly.

  10. The wonderful singer Adele also has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus in the 2nd house. She’s been amazingingly successful recently although her Sun/Jupiter is also opposite Pluto. I think Jupiter/Pluto aspects are often about mega wealth but this also shows the problems she’s had with her throat. Taurus rules the throat, she had a throat operation last year 2011 and she’s been told that she can’t tour or she might permanently damage her voice. Hope with some rest she’ll be back singing soon. She has an amazingly big voice. I love her. best, Sally

  11. Ellen Nicholas says:

    I am Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius! (Jupiter in the 8th, and Sun just barely in the 9th) and most of this fits me. Especially the optimism part. But I have Pluto in Leo in the 2nd house opposing Jupiter closely, and also opposing my Sun! So, attitudes about myself affect how much money I attract. Agree?

    Also have mostly “good” aspects in my chart, which – as you expressed- is Not such a good thing as concerns discipline and facing Reality. Strongly Neptunian as well. But Sun/Jupiter – probably my very best aspect!

  12. ananana says:

    My son has Jupiter cj Sun in Leo in 12 with Merc in Leo earlier there. He is an actor. He is super kind and generous and people love him. He works very hard and has always had a job and has lent large amounts of money to those who do not return it. As he has Moons Nodes in Virgo/Pisces in 1/7 he has to learn to be more discriminating about who he is kind to without becoming cynical.

  13. Nick says:

    For you sun conjunct Jupiter people,, it’s also similar to having a sun in Sagittarius or sun in the 9th house

    • H. says:

      I have no planets at all in Sagittarius.
      And my Sun is in the seventh house. Alone.

      No Jupiter – Sun conjunction either.
      (I only have one conjunction, Jupiter – Saturn)

      Yet the description of the character/personality is so ME that I can’t even begin to describe.

      I wonder what other configuration could produce these same personality tendencies?

    • Jamie says:

      Any asepcts to the AC? There are lots of fixed star which also give a benefic influence.

  14. H. says:

    What other aspects could give the same tendencies and personality?
    This configuration suits me as it probably suits few in this world. :)
    Yet I have no such conjunction. My Jupiter is conjunct Saturn (not very close, but stil a conjunction).
    And my Sun sits alone in the seventh house.

  15. Ale says:

    Hmmm…it goes all ways. I am Sag Jupiter-Sun combustion in 11th. Most important theme of my life is to have always some projects to look forward to. I am constantly travelling and always looking for proffessional opportunities wherever I go. If I don’t have a goal, I am turning self-destructive-in a extremely pluto way. Deppression, anxiety ect.
    My honey has JUP-SUN conjunction in Scorpio in 11th -used to have big big business followed by big bancrupcy ;)Great in the sack, good looking- you better be all jealous ;)
    Our composite chart has also that conjuction in 11th-last degrees of scorpio. We attract people like honey the flies, but it always feel like we give more effort to the conversation and fun than what we get back. So we somehow source responsibly our energies and try not to give a full go when we are meeting people.
    Other guys I dated – one had that conjunction in Leo- we felt like we have promised too much to each other and set the expectations too high. Then we obvioulsy could never live up to these expectations so we never got close. He was so encouraging in all that it was impossible to nearly have a converstion.
    Other guy I know has that conjuction in 6th house in taurus in 6th -he can get litterarily laid everywhere. Also impossibly handsome. Porn addict. He works obviously in financials-a salary men, but at a high rank. Another friend who has that conjunction in taurus has his own shipping business.
    My good girl friend has that conjuction in Cancer. She is a property mogul, but stingy to sickness.
    Nearly all these people-well are open, have a great sense of humor, can talk about deep troubles as thought they where talking about last saturday match.
    I like them all,and I feel really safe with them because they seem they would never do a real harm to anybody.

    • Ale says:

      Forgot my girl friend gemini jup-sun conjuncton in the 9th. Despite lack of education she got to the managment of communication-internet company. Her whole life was marked by changes of super-business and inactivity-which I also noticed as typical for all my friends with this conjunction.
      Another aspect is weird-friends community and sudden appearance of MENTORS who has always played an important role in SUN-JUP lifes.
      Nearly all of these people i described above had had no influencial parents or priviledge upbringing.

    • Ale says:

      Sorry, I didn’t mean a combustion-the right word is cazimi ;) Pardon me-english is not my first language!

  16. Medou Netjer says:

    never travelled more than 2000km from home. Does “expansion” means that i am growing fat?

  17. EW says:

    Hi, hope this blog is still active, I have Jupiter/Sun cazimi and have had some definite luck in my life , will be 60 on June 30th, also born 3 degrees of the moon before a total eclipse of the sun, and the path crossed above where I when I was born. The jupiter/sun/moon conjunction in the first house makes me happy to OK to alone (and doesn’t help with weight issues) but with mars in my 7th house opposing all am in a marriage for over 32 years so I need a partner and have been a tremendous benefit to him. I imagine that without Jupiter in my chart and being born so close to a total eclipse I would have had an unfortunate life. comments? thanks.

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