Sun Conjunct JupiterSun conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart shows up as a larger than life personality. These people express the Jupiter qualities of optimism, faith, luck and generosity through their identity. Jupiter is expansive so they can overdo things, going too far which can lead to difficulties for this otherwise fortunate aspect.

Interest in religion and morals, long distance travel and education are also themes of this aspects. These people are hardly reluctant divas, happy to be worshipped and idolized. They command respect by their regal, benevolent and sunny disposition.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Donna Summer (03′) has a very prosperous life, great success as an entertainer, another Jupiter theme. She is known for being extremely extravagant. Overseas travel has been a big part of her life, she met and married her husband in Europe, living and working there. Starting out as a Gospel singer, religion has been a major part of her life and she has been accused of taking it too far, even claiming that AIDS was God punishment for gays.

Eddie Izzard (49′) was born in Yemen, lives in Britain and has travelled the world performing extravagant and jovial stage shows. He is also interested in religion, expressing his views through his performances, acting out conversations between Jesus and God. Interestingly his expression of Sun conjunct Jupiter extravagance remains on the stage, and he lived in modesty in a small one-bedroom flat. King Louis XVI of France (55′) was a shining example of extravagance. With Marie Antoinette, his rampant over-indulgences and wastefulness led the loss of their heads, and the end of the monarchy in France.

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  1. Hi, hope this blog is still active, I have Jupiter/Sun cazimi and have had some definite luck in my life , will be 60 on June 30th, also born 3 degrees of the moon before a total eclipse of the sun, and the path crossed above where I when I was born. The jupiter/sun/moon conjunction in the first house makes me happy to OK to alone (and doesn’t help with weight issues) but with mars in my 7th house opposing all am in a marriage for over 32 years so I need a partner and have been a tremendous benefit to him. I imagine that without Jupiter in my chart and being born so close to a total eclipse I would have had an unfortunate life. comments? thanks.

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