Sun Opposite Jupiter Natal

Sun Opposite Jupiter NatalSun opposite Jupiter in the natal chart brings out the extremes of Jupiter in the life and personality. There may be an internal struggle to control Jupiter’s expansive nature which can show as an inflated ego, over exuberance, and excesses in pleasure-seeking. Ups and down in life are possible in relation to wealth, happiness and relationships, more likely with men.

Once integration is found, then the generosity, optimism, good cheer and prosperity become strong points and these people are often popular as a result. As with all Sun Jupiter aspects, the energy can often be best expressed through philosophy, religion, studies, and involvement in social causes.

Sun Opposite Jupiter Celebrities

Doris Day (42′) expressed the best of Jupiter on the screen with a pleasing and light sense of romantic comedy. In her personal life though, this aspect played out as a series of unfortunate relationships with men that often involved financial losses.

William Butler Yeats (87′) was a writer and poet who won a  Nobel Prize for Literature. Over time he simplified his writings yet his own philosophy developed in complexity. He was also an amateur astrologer with an interest in mysticism. Other famous people with Sun opposite natal Jupiter include feminist, writer and political adviser Anne Summers (42′), and actor Ian Richardson (61′).


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  1. I really enjoy how you describe aspects and the examples you use to portray them. Doris Day, Yeats… Fresh :)!

  2. Hi-can you tell me a bit about natal Jupiter retrograde (taurus 20′ 2nd) opposition to natal sun (Scorpio 25′ 8th)?

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