Sun Opposite Uranus Aspect

Sun Opposite UranusSun opposite Uranus in the natal chart can cause nervousness and tension which often arises from an unsettling upbringing full of change and uncertainty. The result can be a reactionary or rebellious nature, with a difficult polarity to overcome.

The need for independence and being able to make their own decisions in their own time, can be at odds with their desire to a more stable environment and harmonious relationships. Being impulsive, outspoken, eccentric or abrupt means that they have to deal with the consequences, strong reactions from the people they upset. These negative reactions from others can also be due to egotism, or simply an unorthodox self-expression.

Sun Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Australian astrologer Milton Black (27′) is credited with making uncannily accurate predictions about world politics and economics, and has been a regular on Australian TV and radio for over 30 years. He has been known to be very boastful and some of his claims have been questioned by his peers, especially his claims in 2001 that his website received 56,000 hits per day, and that his clients numbered over 475,000. The criticism he received led him to state “I will personally pick you up from the airport in my latest model XJ8 Jaguar and you are quite welcome to stay with my wife and I in our enormous $1,000,000 plus home” [Astro Databank].

Country rocker Steve Earl (73′) had an unstable childhood, moving town often as his dad was an air traffic controller in the military. He has been married several times, twice to the same woman. Always politically outspoken, he has used his profile and his music to protest the Vietnam and Iraq wars, and the death penalty. He released an album in 2004 titled “The Revolution Starts Now”. Scottish comedian Billy Connolly (84′) was abandoned by his mother at age four while his father was away in the army, later his father sexually abused him for five years. Billy blamed this on the Catholic Church not allowing his father to divorce his mother after she left. He has also been outspoken on political and social matters. Scottish actor Tom Conti (85′) was raised Roman Catholic but is now anti religious and is an open marriage with his wife. Sissy Spacek (09′) grew up as a tomboy.

7 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Uranus Aspect

  1. OK….natal Uranus conjunct Pluto, widely opposing a stellium of Sun conjunct Mars (combust), and Saturn conjunct Mars. All squared by my Moon. Put all this into a mutable T-square and yes, I can be rebellious, stubborn, highly reactive, extremely creative and intuitive. I don’t suffer fools – in particular those having no thought for anyone but themselves. I can be outspoken and often say what others would love to but don’t have the balls to. People on the receiving end may be offended or upset but it’s usually something they need to hear.
    I have a very impulsive side which I have learned to tame over the years. I like to do things my own way and I don’t like being part of the crowd.

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    • I’ve just decided to write up some Mercury and Venus aspects. I plan to do them as they come about in the sky so not sure when I will get to this one.

  3. I have this aspect: my sun is in taurus and the scorpio uranus is in the first house. moon in the ninth.

    so when I was nine years old my family moved from brooklyn to a native american reservation. and since i am white with ethnically curly hair that is also very red I kind of stood out.

    So yeah sometimes i have a little attitude, but it masks insight and sensitivity that would be less masked more if it was indicated by a trine. However, the opposition adds even more objectivity to the uranian energy, forcing an awareness of others.

    I am interested in “taurean uranians.” Freud had sun in taurus conjunct uranus. so is he a taurus or an aquarius?

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