Sun Square Moon

Sun Square MoonSun square Moon in the natal chart is the toughest of the natal Sun Moon aspects. The need to shine as an individual is always in conflict with the need for emotional security.

There are often many dramas in life especially with parents and partners, but the tension does seem to push these people to achieve something important despite the setbacks. The “comeback” kings and queens.

Sun Square Moon Transit

Sun square Moon transit adds stress and irritation in Moon related areas like the home, with family and other close relationships especially with women. What you want to do is challenged by emotional pressures, the heart and the head are not working together as well as they usually are.

The Moon is also the subconscious and how we instinctively react, so any negative emotions can rise up, and then get expressed through the ego, and this is the cause of any relationship problems at the moment.

Other people will pick up on the inner tension and vulnerability, and may see some more negative traits and habits than they are used to. The aim here is not to react too emotionally, not to take things too personally under this influence. The Sun is shining a light on negative emotions, habits, and outdated automatic reactions that you are usually not conscious of, and the square aspect gives the push need to face these problems as deal with them successfully.

This interpretation for Sun square Moon transit can also be read for New Moon and Solar Eclipse square Moon.

Sun Square Moon Celebrities

Olivia Newton-John (03′) is still shining after many ups and downs. Early fame film and music and her Koala Blue clothing stores. The business went bankrupt after 3 years. Her first husband built a house next door to get away, and her second husband mysteriously disappeared off a boat. Jeffrey Archer (95′) is still successful in many fields after a long string of high-profile setbacks including sex scandals, business fraud, political resignations and prison. His wife said “Life with Jeffrey is never dull”.

King Edward VI (76′) is an example of how Sun square the Moon can represent the father and mother. His mother died from childbirth complications and his father, Henry VIII certainly lived out the conflict with women. Some other famous Sun square Moon people are River Phoenix, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michael Douglas and Stacy Keach.

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28 Responses

  1. I have Sun (Gemini 2nd hse) square Moon (Pisces 12th hse) and can definitely see how your explanation plays out in my life. The plethora of intense challenges in my life have always seemed to make me want to achieve my dreams/goals that much more and I guess have probably given me the “steam” needed not to give up when I feel like I can’t take anymore. I do kind of feel like a “comeback queen” in that I’ve had to learn how to overcome my many “areas of opportunity”, but now because of those lessons, I’ve learned so much about how to REALLY LIVE, understand and appreciate what’s important in life and can use it all to achieve what I’ve been reaching for, for sooooo long;-) I’m really looking forward to the the planet’s shift in consciousness!!!!!

  2. PiscesPrincess says:

    I have Pisces Sun (H6) SQUARE gemini moon (h9) within a grand air trine kite & Tsquare!! It sounds like a lot going on in my chart but some how all the planets/aspects balance out…sun square moon is just ONE lonely aspect. BEST to look at one’s whole chart before jumping to any conclusions UNLESS – this is the most “prominent” aspect.
    Good stuff, however. Keep Writing!!

  3. Brandon S. says:

    Hey, I have the same thing! Were you born in March of 1981? I was born March 13, 1981. I am trying to interpret all of these aspects.


  4. Dan says:

    I have Cancer Moon on Asc (05′) square Libra Sun by 2. Its a part of cardinal T square with Saturn in Aries opp Sun.
    I found this square worked on several level: 1)early divorce of parents 2)life time dychotomy of head and hart 3)life time phobia of any mother/motherhood issues. The square both between SO/MO as well as T square iwth Saturn, is definatelly not a peace aspect. It had brought only stress on many levels, but as Carolyne Myss says, ‘A real Hero must find his own path and cut his tribal cords early in order to fulfill his destiny’…Next life time, I’ll opt out!

    • rebecca says:

      i too have cancer moon libra sun square. life time phobia of ever having a baby here too. Though i’m only 34 but babies are scary. i work hard at understanding and using this square to my advantage. it is there for a reason.

      • Jamie says:

        Very difficult question to answer Rebecca, with doing a full natal reading. Generally with squares you are going to be faced with challenges that force you to deal with an issue, and in this case the fear of being a mom. Moon, mothering, square Sun, your whole identity. Like most phobias you have to confront the fear in order to overcome it, and with the square, you will be facing this fear often, seeing friends and family with kids etc. Perhaps even feeling like there is pressure on you from family and partners to start a family. The reason could be very soul growth related, karmic in nature. But again, the entire chart has to be looked at.

  5. gee gee says:

    I have sun in pisces II house, square saturn in sag XI house (conjunct moon, and therefore also sun square moon)and I have identified some of the inner limitations that are keeping me from progressing in the direction I want, and I believe I’ve come a long way as far as self confidence and positive attitude is concerned (and a challenging relationship with my mother) but it seems it’s still not enough to move on. So I’ve noticed I got a bit obsessive about recognizing the lessons in every little thing (read failure/rejection) job or personal related, and the constant internal struggle and indecisiveness (blaming the sun square moon for that) doesn’t help either.
    so yes, I am proud of myself because I at least I have understood where these limitations come from and learned to put less pressure on myself, but it’s still very hard and, well to be honest, I am very afraid that I am constantly missing the lessons I should be learning.

    • Jamie says:

      Good feedback Gee Gee. You should be proud of yourself, very challenging aspect this one. By the sounds of things you are not really blaming the aspect, more like recognizing how it works in your life. I’m sure that having an understanding of astrology gives you an advantage.

  6. edih reven says:

    I’m guessing how to absorb some annoying aspects from my natal chart: sun square moon (Leo – Taurus), sun square pluto (Leo – Scorpio), pluto opposite moon (scorpio – taurus). I’m a libra rising so I’ve Pluto in the II house and I have been told to be a plutonian type. I can’t understand how to find an equilibrium between these aspects…can anybody help me?

  7. stacey ginsburg says:

    I’m curious your perspective, Jamie. My daughter was born with a Stellium of Pisces. According to Liz Greene’s chart, it says she has sun square moon (and moon squaring the stellium, so moon square neptune, moon square mars, moon square mercury & moon square chiron.

    however, the moon is in Scorpio (11th)
    and her Sun is in Pisces. (3rd)

    How can this be a square? And is it a true square?

    Also, with all those conjunctions going on, I am curious to know/see a bigger picture.

    My partner and I have had a bit of conflict -we are not married, but we are committed to Mila; however, I can envision our differences being an issue for her to navigate in her lifetime. The poor little lamb also has saturn opposition jupiter. But she has some beautiful trines. Wondering how to support her the best I can. Intuitively, the squares give the impression of inner conflict and with compassionate parents, I feel this aspect can be transmuted while young, so that its native has a healthy awareness of inner and outer conflict. curious your perspective.

  8. Charyl says:

    My Aq. moon is square tauras sun in 12th. I read that since father and mother were at odds, it’s best to follow your own feelings. Father a tauras took us out to live with him in a logging camp in nature. Mother a pisces really didn’t mind the ocean and the moon’s trailing across it.
    As a tauras sun I loved nature and the solitude of the 12th but my Aq. moon is 10th the handle of a bucket. Later met a yoga teacher, revered nature and loved practicing in the sun and air. Transcended and blew my notion of god and nature all to hell but replaced it with eternal calm. Still like nature though.

  9. joseph jean says:

    I have a Libra sun Square Leo Moon aspect and it drives me crazy. It’s like Im stuck in life and can’t move forward, To the point I am losing everyone around me. I’m depressed of all the back and forth with my head and heart. I don’t even know what I want anymore. Help???

  10. stacey ginsburg says:


    is a it possible to have a pisces sun and a moon in scorpio and for them to square one another in terms of degree, even if their signs aren’t squaring signs?

    • Jamie says:

      Yes, late Scorpio Moon and early Pisces Sun. It is the orb of the aspect that is important, not what signs they are in.

  11. stacey ginsburg says:

    one more question: as a parent of a sun square moon, how can i best support this aspect in her. i wonder if it mirrors the fact that her father & i square one another. he’s a sun in aries, i’m a sun in cap. i want to know how to support her as she grows with this aspect.

    • Myrlock says:

      I have sun square moon. Finding a balance is crucial, you look to the opposing signs of the square for answers. In your case, the qualities of cancer and libra is where you find the tools for handling the square.

  12. Katy says:

    How would this aspect play out in the chart of a group?

  13. liarliar says:

    I have Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo. So how does this aspect affect me?

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t pay too much attention to the Sun signs. I tend to get more information from any fixed stars influence.

  14. Lauren says:

    My Pisces Sun squares my Sag Moon. What does this mean?

    • Athair says:

      I also have Pisces Sun and Sag Moon (im male). In my case, the square seems to be related with a conflict between an orphan father whose (practically lost) family was of Danish/Irish roots (and very much linked to higher-education, which is a Sag moon theme…), and a mother of rather middle-class (Italian) roots (im from a Southamerican country): this split within my (cultural)heritage have all sorts of ramifications; for example, i almost feel like not belonging at all to any sort of social subset, and so on…Im actually being split into a part of myself totally willing to develope my musical talents (say, a subconscious one…related to the moon), on one hand, and my conscious-self telling me to invest as least as i can (just because, seemingly, this way i would fit to my father┬┤s heritage of lack and loss, pending somehow as the orphanage┬┤s projection…)…i would be indeed capable of composing many things (either songs, guitar pieces, and so on…), but for reasons i hardly grasp, im not doing it…

  15. Myrlock says:

    I have 0 degrees Pisces sun in the 11th house, square 29 scorpio moon in the 8th house.
    I want to be involved with new age groups and be all light and moon beams then the scorpio moon square uranus jolts me right out into no man’s land?
    Thankfully the older i get, i recognise the script and the signs and do not act out, have learnt not to jump too quickly into things, i now do alot of gardening and try to incorporate into my life the new age things i need to learn without committing to much, knowing that i might tip the apple cart.

  16. Susan says:

    When you have your natal Sun square your natal Moon, it means that your core self is basically at odds with your emotional self. So security, safety and emotion based needs are at odds with your need to express your life force energy.

  17. Kendra says:

    I have libra moon square capricorn sun … what does that mean?

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