Sun Trine Mars Natal

Sun Trine MarsSun trine Mars is a great natal aspect to bring out natural creative abilities. The harmony between self-expression and impulse shows up in very talented actors, musicians and artists but any area of life would benefit from high energy. Even though there is a lot of creative energy and enthusiasm, this aspect does not give the aggressiveness and overt competitiveness of other Sun Mars aspects.

It is an indicator of success which should come with fewer obstacles, but as shown below, if there are obstacles from other areas of life, the trine can be lazy and not strong enough to overcome setbacks. Their energy is attractive and non-threatening which makes these people very popular.

Sun Trine Mars Celebrities

Kurt Cobain (2 seconds orb) was surely gifted with creative talent. He had so much energy as shown by the exactness of this aspect that he was naturally hyperactive, and as a child was medicated for ADHD. Unfortunately this early drugging set up the spiral to self-destruction from heroin and alcohol in later life. Kurt still managed to be hugely successful from his raw and gritty (Mars) yet harmonious (trine) style of music. His energy did not find release through sports because his father pushed him into it and he rebelled against him.

Tom Hanks (08′) however was into sport as a young man. This healthy expression of the Sun trine Mars energy may explain why we has always been one of the few tea totaling Hollywood celebrities. His non-confronting creative energy has led to him being famous for playing likable character roles. Others include record-breaking US footballer Archie Griffin (54′); French impressionist Paul Cezanne (57′) and Sir Thomas More (93′).


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  1. So true I have sun in Pisces trine mars in Scorpio and I can reply so much about that but we only act we want to

  2. Ha ha, I have the same config. Our motto should be “Don’t tell me what to do!”

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