Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

Uranus Conjunct Sun TransitUranus conjunct Sun transit will make you feel an urge to express yourself in new ways because Uranus is the planet of change and higher awareness. You become more in tune, more aware of your true nature which may be rather different to the old you.

Uranus brings freedom of expression so you will feel less inhibited and more open-minded, more willing to explore the possibility that you have been living as family, friends, or society expected you to, and not being true to your own individual identity.

The inner changes that you go through in this self discovery transit can manifest outwardly as big changes in your life from work to home and relationships. As this transit approaches you may anticipate or look forward to more excitement and change, especially if you have been feeling stagnate over the last few years.

In that case you can take full advantage of the new opportunities which are opening up for you. If you are in a comfortable rut than Uranus may cause unexpected events and unwelcome changes leading to anxiety and tension. If this occurs it will be to promote higher self-awareness.

Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Aries Decan 1
Aries Decan 2
Aries Decan 3

Taurus Decan 1
Taurus Decan 2
Taurus Decan 3


March 2011
April 2013
April 2016

May 2018
April 2021
May 2023


February 2014
April 2016
March 2019

April 2021
May 2023
April 2026

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102 thoughts on “Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

  1. Thank you so much Jamie for this site I found by accident, very impressive. My BD is 4/19/66 at 11:57pm is that mean I’m a cusp with Taurus? In Chinese or Japanese it called me the Fire horse women which to them mean headstrong, stubborn and leadership…so to the old traditional no one would want to marry Fire horse women. I’m in a transitional among friendships and self discovery on my 50th birthday…. Let’s see where life takes me. My best friend went ghost on me this the 1st time anyone ever done this so I’m paying more attention to your site

    • Yes, I get you as 29 degrees Aries but the exact date of Uranus conjunct your Sun will depend on your place of birth.

  2. My boyfriend is Aries 4/11/85 and I am Virgo 9/13/85 both deacon 3. He was fired from his job 2/29/16 started new work for MUCH less pay on 3/21/16 and has been battling a very manipulative sibling (4/22/81) for several years (but mainly the past 2-3 months which the sibling has now began attacking myself)
    Can anyone give me any insight at all? When will things calm down? When will the sibling leave us alone? What can I do to help support my boyfriend through this time?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Jimmie* I have a question regarding Uranus conjunct my Ascendant in Aries 21 degrees (and Pluto square in the near future)* How strong is this influence compare to one it makes to Sun, and what is its nature ? Thank you*

    • The Pluto transit is not until at least 2018, far enough apart so you don’t have the horrible effect like those earlier had with Uranus square Pluto. I will write about this aspect and transit but I don’t think it affects your entire life as much as with the Sun. Perhaps more about personal relationships than anything else.

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