Venus Conjunct Jupiter 13 November 2017

Venus Conjunct Jupiter NatalVenus conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart mirrors what this alignment looks like in the sky, beautiful and adorable. When the two best looking planets come together they are the most attractive and popular of sights. Your popularity comes not only from your physical attractiveness, but also your genuinely warm and friendly nature. Your presence encourages others to display the same warmth and affection that you naturally exude.

This is one of the most non-threatening of planetary aspects. You dislike conflict to such an extent that you have the ability to facilitate peace by being an example of generosity and harmony. It is not that you are particularly pro active about resolving disputes, as that would involve unpleasant arguments and bargaining.

Your dislike of aggression or threatening situations means you prefer to be around other agreeable people, and live in beautiful surroundings. You are by no means a nit-picking clean freak, but simply enjoy beauty in all its forms. You may have a talent for art, music or poetry, or may manifest these qualities as pure enjoyment of beauty, amusement and relaxation.

This conjunction is a good omen for your social life and your love life because you attract nice things. As Venus rules money as well as love, it is likely that you will not have to struggle like most others, to attain a life of comfort or even luxury. Yet you are also very generous and may not have the strong desire and determination to make the rich list.

Dependent on other challenging aspect to this conjunction, or the alignment of fixed stars, there can be some negatives to this very positive aspect. Self control and extravagance may be a problem, leading to addiction or greed. You could find it difficult to get motivated and prefer to be content with the blessing that your good karma brings this life.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Transiting Venus conjunct Jupiter is the most looked forward to of all minor transits. It portends love and money, harmony and happiness. You do not have to strive, struggle or work hard. This is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from  your previous good deeds and hard work. Beautiful things are attracted to you.

It is your inner harmony, warmth and friendliness that is so attractive. Ideally this time should be spent out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. In this way, you will expose yourself to the greatest number of opportunities for growth and happiness.

Relationships of all kind are a major focus of this conjunction. Your increased physical and inner beauty make your more popular in social settings. In one to one situations you should notice more interest, especially from your partner or potential partners. This is one of the best transits for falling in love. It is more likely now that any new romance will turn out to be the perfect match.

You should take advantage of any financial offers as there is a heightened probability of increasing your wealth. Investments should turn a profit, especially in works of art, jewelry and other luxury items. This is a very lucky transit so you may even be the beneficiary of a sudden and unexpected windfall.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Jennifer Jason Leigh 01′, Tom Waits 06′, Julie Newmar 07′, Kenneth Williams 10′, Henry Winkler 13′, Michael Hutchence 18′, Eric Burdon 49′, John Belushi 53′, Barry Gibb 59′, Steven Spielberg 1°17′, Herbert Hoover 1°17′, Guy de Maupassant 1°27′, Uri Geller 1°31′, Charles Baudelaire 1°33′, Sir George Wilkins 1°37′, Ritchie Valens 1°38, Charles Augustine Sainte-Beuve 1°39′, Eddie Izzard 1°53′, Carl Wilson 1°59′.


Venus Conjunct Jupiter Dates

1 July 2015
4 August 2015
25 October 2015
27 August 2016
13 November 2017
22 January 2019
24 November 2019
11 February 2021
30 April 2022
2 March 2023
23 May 2024
12 August 2025

139 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Jupiter 13 November 2017

  1. I have virgo in 10th house. there are no planets in 10th house. will this transit help me get a job as I desire. In the company and area of my interest, outside India?

  2. Interesting that Mars square Neptune is only a day earlier & as Venus transits last up to a day on each side but stronger leading to it, this is an interesting mix of things..

    What would you say is the influence stronger? Do they balace each other, dilute?

    Thanks, Coliberi

    • Good question Colibrie. I would say Venus Jupiter is stronger because:
      1. a conjunction is stronger than a square
      2. Mercury makes it a triple conjunction

      • Thanks! It was an intereating question. As it was, I felth the square strongly, as waves of exhostion and body ake, like the flu.

  3. is my birthday8-27-1963.jupiter& VENUS conjunct today.any change in my JOB&life path?

    • Let’s hope so Ofelia. You are lucky to have the Mercury Venus Jupiter conjunction on your birthday. It is is your solar return chart so this optimism and good fortune should stay with you for a whole year.

  4. Hi Jamie this Jupiter/ venus conjunction is conjunct my natal Uranus ,which is at 28 .3 degrees and things are very quiet.

    • Jupiter is still only 27°34′ Virgo so hang in there Sam. Remember also that Mercury is slowing down and about to turn around in that immediate vicinity.

  5. Today transiting Venus will be exact my natal Venus in house 1. Conjunct with Jupiter, Mercury, and North Node. Feeling overflowing with love, I AM BLESSED. There is no more doubt to my purpose in life…. I am here to spread LOVE.

  6. Hi Jamie, I have Venus at 22 degrees capricorn.. I was just offered a new job with new company on Monday 22 august with significant increase.. Great so far.. Contract will be sent next Monday in mercury retrograde.. I will do my best with reading small print nd research but all the false hope in the past, can you please tell me if this will really happen? My date is 02 december 1984, and this year has been beyond hard. There is a 2 months lead time befor start date ( november 2016). Any insight you may have? How many degrees for this transit to still be strong and in effect? Thank you

    • Overall there is good news ahead Love444. Your bad year is due to Saturn square Neptune, with both planets aspecting your Sun. The final Saturn conjunct Sun transit is September 30. It is well past by Jupiter sextile Sun transit on October 30 which lasts a few weeks to cover the start of the new job.

      Venus sextile Saturn natal is a good omen for stable income in your life.

      False hope will have been due to challenging transit to your Natal Mercury Neptune conjunction.

      Mercury stationing retrograde trine your Mercury Neptune is good reason to have faith.

      • I also have natal venus sextile natal saturn but I must say that in the last 4 years income has not been stable at all … could it be due to neptune in transit opposite my second house?

        • That is due to the weakness of this aspect in your chart at 8 degrees orb. Venus quincunx Neptune and Venus square Pluto are both under one degree orb. If you include the South Node of the Moon you have a yod aspect pattern focused on Venus. Venus is therefore the major player in your chart.

  7. This Appulse/Conjunction is occurring within one degree of my IC (28VIR) I have been feeling the first stirrings of this energy over the last couple of days (Hearing beautiful music during meditation, having visions of a gently and harmoniously moving sacred geometry configuration over my head.) Not sure what the outward manifestations may be, but I am enjoying the energy at least!

    • I love the sound of that geomerty. Nearly every time I close my eyes I have visions but rarely anything like yours. Most often it is like a parallel universe of me and the kids at home doing normal stuff. They often here me talking when I am zoning out.

  8. Hi Jamie, the Venus Conjunct Jupiter dates you posted, shows that it happens approximately 12 times in 10 years. I’m trying to figure out, how likely will one of these conjunctions fall on the same degree again? I’m not sure how to figure that out mathematically but would it be safe to assume that it’s very rare?
    Reason I’m asking is because I’m hung up on this. On Oct 25 2015, the conjunction fell on my anti-vertex with less than 1 deg orb.
    It also happened to be the day I met someone I have not stopped obsessing over…. however, he’s not making any moves. OK so he’s an Aquarius with lots of Capricorn in his chart and completely lacks the fire element and very little water element. Maybe that has something to do with why or could it be that I’m reading too much into it?
    I’m not sure I can pass it off as a coincidence. What is your opinion?

    • I wonder if things had been different had it been on your Vertex? I remember I met the mother of my kids with transiting Saturn on my Vertex. My feeling is that something will happen for you with a moon phase of transiting planet hitting your Vertex. This is not to say that a relationship will not start under other conditions such as transit to DC, Moon or Venus.

      • Interesting. The transiting sun, which happened to be the same degree as my sun, since it was 1 day before my solar return birthday, was on his Vertex when we met. The only planet which will be transiting my vertex is Neptune but that wouldn’t be for a while. My Vx is 14 Pisces 45. Another thing interesting I found is when Saturn transited my DC 15 years ago, I left a long term relationship and Saturn was transiting my Asc this time during our meeting. I was certain that the jupiter/venus conjunction was a significant ‘trigger’ and am really confused why it hasn’t taken off. I know that Aquarius men are one of the most challenging especially at the beginning and act the opposite of how they are feeling inside but then again, he could be indifferent. I guess time will tell.

        • I seem to get married after eclipse on my DC. Three times now. But that is different than meeting them in which case the Vertex seems to come into play. Yes time will tell, then that is saying it is up to Saturn!

      • Forgot to mention that my progressed Vx is 16 Virgo 37 but that would not be an exact conjunction with Venus/Jupiter. Not sure if the progressed Vx is of any significance.

  9. Hi Jamie,

    Firstly, better late than never: many thanks for looking at my chart and explaining to me that my Pluto square Venus is probably the most important aspect! It makes sense. For a long time I had the feeling that both planets had a big role on my chart.

    I have been so busy that I had no time to comment on your excellent posts although I am particularly thinking about this particular one. It seems that my solar return was exact on 27 august 10.11pm so I was wondering on the one hand how this Venus conjunct Jupiter plus mercury in the surrounding could play if I have my natal Saturn at 27.02 degrees …even more when my natal Saturn makes natally an opposition to my moon at 2.32 Aries and a sextile to my Venus in cancer at 19 degrees. So far I guess that I can assume this aspect made a conjunction with my natal Saturn but what about mercury transit? and would this aspect activate my natal aspects ( moon, Venus..)?

    And on the other hand how Uranus retrograde in transit at 24 degrees and conjunct natal midheaven 22.12 would play with this aspect?

    I am also concerned by the fact that the eclipse on 16 sept in piscis will be in ooposition to my natal saturn. Could that eclipse activate all these conjunction? can natal saturn limit the positive things?

    Thanks for any comment on this.

    • Hi again Meli. I agree you have Moon opposite Saturn but it is not a very strong influence in chart at over 5 degrees orb. Anyway, in an aspect like that you will find that Saturn tends to act on your Moon, more than the Moon n your Saturn. You certainly do not have Venus sextile Saturn with an orb of over 8 degrees. Your Venus would never feel Saturn’s influence after Pluto (half a degree), Jupiter (2 degrees) and Neptune (half a degree).

      Uranus conjunct MC Transit looks to be your most significant transit at the moment. Could be change in career or where you live (IC):
      21 May 2016
      10 Oct 2016 Rx
      13 Mar 2017

  10. Hi Jamie, I have jupiter venus neptune in sagittarius at 2nd house, scorpio ascendant (sun mercury south node Ketu) and tauras north node Rahu in 7th house. How will be my partner?

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