Venus Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

Venus Conjunct Mars TransitVenus conjunct Mars in the natal chart has a profound effect on relationships, but your intense passions can influence all areas of life. Your strong desire for love and affection means that love relationships take up much of your time. Your sex drive and need for intimate relationships can sometimes cause friction within relationships.

Your level of intensity may be too much for a partner to cope with, and people with this conjunction often have many marriages or affairs. Finding a new partner comes easy for you thanks to your high degree of sex appeal and magnetic attractiveness. Flirting would be most enjoyable but you must remain conscious of the effect on an existing partner if you wish to maintain a long-term relationship.

The ability to attract other people means you should be popular in social settings and with the public in general. This public appeal often comes in useful in your career, and is one reason you can expect to be financially well off or at least comfortable.

Another asset in your career is your intense goal directed energy. A strong work ethic and creative passion can lead to marked accomplishments and wide recognition for your achievements.

Writing about the Venus Mars conjunction, astrologers Robert Hand and Robert Pelletier both suggest, that how you relate the opposite sex, depends greatly on your relationships with the parent of the opposite sex when young.

Venus Conjunct Mars Transit

Transiting Venus conjunct Mars increases your desire for intimate relations. Driven by an intense need for sexual satisfaction, you can become very direct in your search for a mating partner. This primal urge to reproduce is not so raw and aggressive as to make others feel uncomfortable.

Your more tender and sensual side dominates, increasing your chance of finding romance at this time. This compliments your raw passion and sex appeal to make you highly attractive to your partner or potential partners. Increased charisma and popularity make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. This is an ideal time for both romance and making new friends.

You will also find satisfaction in creative activities. This is a good time to start works of art, especially those combining the physical and emotional such as dance or sculpture. Even routine work should be more enjoyable now as you have the drive and creative urge to make thing look or work better. An excellent time to host a party or celebration.

Venus Conjunct Mars Celebrities

Michael Crichton 0°07′, Tom Jones 0°10′, David Helfgott 0°17′, Adolf Hitler 0°19′, John Havlicek 0°31′, Pierre Claverie 0°32′, Chester Kallman 0°43′, Greta Scacchi 0°50′, Sally Field 0°56′, Fromental Halevy 1°03′, Lisa St. Aubin de Teran 1°03′, Prince Andrew 1°24′, Dwayne Johnson 1°30′, Chaka Khan 1°31′, Piero di Cosimo 1°36′, Jim Jarmusch 1°37′, Sir Richard Burton 1°44′, James Stirling 1°54′, Jeffrey Archer 1°55, Vincent Van Gogh 1°56′, Mohandas Gandhi 1°57′, Robert the Bruce 2°34′, Amy Winehouse 2°40′.

Venus Conjunct Mars Dates

22 February 2015
1 September 2015
2 November 2015
5 October 2017
24 August 2019
13 July 2021
16 February 2022
6 March 2022
23 February 2024

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    • .now it is late here, I can barely see the keyboard, otherwise I might comment about my Venus- Mars impulse.

  1. Hi Jamie. In a synasty chart, would Venus conjunct Mars be the strongest aspect for sexual attraction?

      • Interesting. I’ll remember that when looking at charts. Yes, the other aspects definitely make sense!

  2. Hello jamie, I have venus 28° leo 11th house and mars 10° leo in 11th house. What do u think about this aspect? Thank you, Lisa

    • Not a conjunction but Venus conjunction fixed star Regulus can cause relationship problems apparently. I don’t use houses because they are imaginary. Just realize they are purely symbolic, like tarot cards.

  3. My mars is conjunct venus both at 29 degrees pisces in 5th house…theyre both exactly square my moon in 29 degrees gem in 8th and square my neptune at 2 degrees capricorn… any thoughts on this and how it would effect me? Appreciate it. -John

    • Hi John. Square Moon will cause some sexual tension and you would get emotionally upset easy. Adding Neptune makes you even more sensitive to any relationship drama. You can either be deceived, or be deceitful in relationships. Intuition is not always accurate. You can give confusing non-verbal signals and also get the wrong idea yourself.

  4. I have Mars (25 degrees) Venus (34 degrees) conjunction in Sagittarius 11th house. What does that mean?

  5. I have this conjunction in Capricorn.

    Take a look at the Full Moon kite astrology of August 26, 2018. And how the planets Mars and Venus pays a visit on August 24, 2019.

    What does it mean for, say, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who has his rising degree at 3°Virgo?

    His Nodes reverse right around now, at age 47/48. South Node sitting on the cusp of the 12th of confinement. Have you heard about node reversal at age 47/48 Jamie? That at this point in life it is a quality to pursue the ass end of the dragon, until such time as the North node reasserted itself again, @ 9 years later, at age 56?

  6. Hi Jamie, this is a very enlighting article. Transiting Venus will conjunct my natal Mars 29 degrees (ruler of my MC) in the next couple of days and therefore will also be in opposition with transiting Uranus …something unexpected is coming with Uranus … I guess some news …and with Venus love or money and with Mars males or work …but how to know if it will be related to love, family/ house or work? Still enduring Pluto transit to natal venus (which rules the IC)…would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks!

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