Venus Conjunct Saturn 29 October 2016

Venus Conjunct Saturn TransitVenus conjunct Saturn in the natal chart makes you a very loyal and caring person but you can have trouble showing it. This can lead to a degree of delay and restraint in forming close relationships. You long for love and affection but there just seems to be so many impediments to achieving this. Life will throw up some painful experiences in order for you to learn how to love yourself and love others.

This can be a karmic aspect, especially if either Venus or Saturn are retrograde. In such cases, people who knew in previous lives that felt betrayed or hurt by you, will seek you out in this life in order to teach you a lesson and balance things out. It is also possible that people who hurt you in previous incarnations, will come back with love to give and valuable lessons to teach. Once you have reached a certain evolutionary point in your life, hardship and sorrow will give way to loving and lasting relationships.

This aspect can be especially difficult while growing up. Lack of self-love or self-respect is usually the main reason for any shyness or inability to maintain close relationships. This would be made much worse if parents or teachers were hard on you. You may have faced privation, meanness, withdrawal of love and affection, or absence, especially from your father. Abuse is also possible, but the main point is that you may have felt unloved and not valued by others.

Rejection, isolation and loneliness exacerbate these difficulties as you miss out on developing social and personal interaction skills. Feeling awkward in social situations is common, and you would most likely prefer mixing with only one person or a very small number of at people at any one time.

The more you feel bad about yourself, the more people will avoid you. Imagine that you are wearing a sign around your neck that say “unlovable”. Your karmic lesson this life is to learn to love yourself so that others can love you. You may experience periods of isolation in between relationships. Breakups and divorce are common for this aspect.

Difficult Venus-Saturn aspects are generally considered the most challenging of all natal aspects by the majority of astrologers. It feel worse because it is love that most people want in this life, and you are deprived of that for some time. While young, you may prefer the company of more serious or older people. When older, you may prefer a younger partner.

Patience, hard work and determination will, however, be rewarded, as is the case with any difficult Saturn aspect. The more you learn to accept and love yourself then the more you are able to express your love and affection. Self respect brings respect from others and you will earn the love and loyalty you deserve.

The same conditions as experienced in your love life can also apply to your finances. The lesson here is to learn the value of money and how to keep enough of it to live on. Eventually, as with love, you will learn to hold onto it and not experience periods or restraint or poverty. Saving and investing will bring you the stability and security you seek.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit

Transiting Venus conjunct Saturn can bring isolation, sadness and privation. You will find it difficult to express love and affection, but easy to be cold and mean. Relationships suffer the most with this transit but you can also experience some financial hardship at this time.

An existing relationship may be tested by distance or separation, and a general inability to connect at the emotional level. Issues involving guilt or disloyalty may be the source of the problem. A healthy relationship will easily pass this test, and may in fact lead to greater commitment.

A love relationship on shaky grounds may not last, but generally, there would need to be other indicators in your chart or theirs. Any sadness or painful experiences endured now will be karmic lessons that lead to greater understanding  about mutual love and respect or loyalty. Women especially, are more subject to suffer domestic violence.

New romance is possible now but would not be that romantic at all. It would likely be based on practical considerations and may involve your career. A noticeable age difference is also possible. This is not a good time for partying as you will generally feel depressed and more concerned with matters of a serious matters.

Money may be tight and this would be a good time to learn to budget properly so you reduce the risk of running short in the future. Starting a savings plan would be a good idea now.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Dan Wilson 0º12′, Marie Curie 0º18′, Paul Menhart 0º22′, Martin Luther 0º26′, Sir Robert Helpmann 0º27′, Victoria Tennant 0º38′, Emperor Akihito 0º49′, Patrick White 0º55′, Emma Thursby 1º00′, Marty Robbins 1º08′, Leopold Stokowski 1º15′, Bill Gates 1º24′, Chris Evert 1º26′, Marcel Jouhandeau 1º31′, Robert P. Blaschke 1º43′, King George III of the UK 1º49′, Joseph Nathan Kane 1º50′, Donald Trump 1°55′, Steffi Graf 2º00′.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Dates

8 January 2016
29 October 2016
25 December 2017
18 February 2019
11 December 2019
5 February 2021
28 March 2022
22 January 2023
21 March 2024
18 January 2025
7 April 2025
24 April 2025

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38 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Saturn 29 October 2016

  1. What happens when you have this transit opposing chiron and conjunct uranus(Chiron at 14 Gemini and Uranus at 14 Sagi)?

    • Hi Maria. So many of our generation have Chiron opposite Uranus it can be hard to tell what it means. Just with your Uranus I would think some frustration at your creativity or independence being blocked somehow.

  2. Hi Jamie, I would appreciate if you could please help me to know what to expect with this Venus and Saturn conjunction? Let’s just say it’s been a really crazy year or so and I’m really trying to find hope. I am also curious on the tests you mentioned that would have to be passed, when would it be known if I passed or not? I’m still learning how to give out all my info in the way others make it seem so easy…lol…I’m a Sagittarius (12/2/1982 7:23am Plano, TX). It’s been really really really hard this past year and I’m starting to see maybe some things getting better and then something else happens. Like finally finding a job that I really like, but still not working enough to pay bills. It’s been so hard on my relationship this past year and the sad part is that there is nothing wrong with our relationship except that I have had a hard time with finding and keeping a job and enough money and to make my boyfriend happy by being able to move out of his place and live on my own. I’ve almost just given up on everything and embrace the apathy more and become homeless by choice. It’s been hard also since none of my family will help me either. My boyfriend has been the only person in my life that’s here for me and I’m worried about this conjunction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you for the wonderful article.

  3. I just discovered that during the last venus conjunct saturn in january, my (ex)boyfriend and i seperated.
    (actually quite like in the text above! :/ ) – it was hard afterwards – of course
    I’m also a Sagg.
    Saturn is conjunct my Sun for the moment so i’m a bit anxious what it will give now on relationshiplevel.
    I’m also having Pluto conjunct my moon so it wont make things easier.
    Best of luck to you Misty
    All Sagg’s are in this together. We will get through 😉

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