Venus Square Mars 8 September 2018

Venus Square Mars TransitVenus square Mars in the natal chart brings intense love-hate feelings into relationships, especially intimate relationships. Any irritation at loved ones can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums. Yet this intensity of feeling subsides just as quickly as it builds, once the pressure valve has been released.

So the lesson with Venus square Mars is to gain more self control over the volatile passions, to work through them in a mature fashion with the loved one. Open and honest sharing of these deep feelings will help to achieve the strongest desire, which is usually a stable and harmonious, lasting relationship.

Any difficulties in bridging the gap between love and hate, would be made worse if there were conflict between parents when growing up. An understanding, but not weak or submissive partner, would greatly help in turning any aggressive or violent tendencies, into a sexually attractive and intensely passionate nature. Physically creating things can also be beneficial in relieving the tension of this aspect. Developing a talent for sculpture for example, or a competitive sport. Small group activities, especially when young, would assist in gaining more self confidence in social situations.

Venus Square Mars Transit

Transiting Venus square Mars can cause relationship difficulties if there is already some underlying sexual or competitive tension. In a healthy relationship where both partners have equally strong egos, Venus square Mars transit can indicate a period of more exhilarating sexual activity. If single, then the increased sexual desire will be matched by a more attractive aura. Affairs are now more likely but not necessarily of a lasting nature.

Venus Square Mars Celebrities

Neil Young 0°05′, John Cleese 0°23′, Robert Carlyle 0°23′, Charlotte Church 0°25′, Ritchie Valens 0°27′, Jeremy Irons 0°28′, Ahmad Khan Rahami 0°28′, Bruce Springsteen 0°32′, John Travolta 0°33′, Joan Collins 0°41′, Kevin Kline 0°48′, Eric Burdon 0°54′, Hillary Clinton 2°13′, Audrey Hepburn 2°22′.

Venus Square Mars Dates

14 March 2016
6 August 2016
25 February 2018
8 September 2018
10 October 2018
21 March 2019
26 January 2020
2 June 2020
4 September 2020
19 February 2021
16 September 2022
4 February 2023
22 August 2024
23 July 2025
29 July 2026
10 October 2026

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  1. Jamie, for a natal chart what is the maximum orb you would use for the square ? I have Venus at 18 Scorpio and Mars at 24 Aquarius.. Thank you

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