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Wasat is at 18°31′ Cancer with an orb of 1°40′
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Fixed Star Wasat [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Wasat on July 10

The name Wasat comes from the Arabic Al Wasat, meaning the “Middle”, and you can see that it lies between the two Twins. From Constellations of Words we learn from Robson that Wasat is: “Of the nature of Saturn. Connected with chemicals, poisons and gas. Violence, malevolence, destructiveness as a first principal”, and Morse says “Because of the Saturnine quality of this star, it gives a heaviness and tendency to pessimism. ” Apart from that however, Al Wasat does show up a quality of being able to speak with clear authority when others are waffling and prominence in public affairs or management is often the result.


14 ♋ 05
14 ♋ 58
18 ♋ 31
19 ♋ 01
20 ♋ 14

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I’ve looked at some natal charts and found some justification for these interpretations. However looking at mundane events, I have found some most interesting, and more positive associations with the story of constellation Gemini. These themes are of cooperation, bridge building, and compromise. All Mercury Venus attributes associated with close partners, whether friend or foe. Finding the “middle” ground.

Pluto was discovered when conjunct Wasat in 1930, and Hiroshima was nuked when Saturn was on Wasat in 1945. These events show the darker side as described by Robson and Morse, but that nuclear attack did bring an end to conflict, and now America and Japan are close allies. Here are some other events which occurred when Pluto was last conjunct Wasat (all under 30′). Pan Am’s first ever flight (Key West to Havana). Holland Tunnel opened linking New Jersey and New York city. USA pulled troops out of China. Italy and Ethiopia signed the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty. The Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed, the first ever treaty outlawing aggressive war. The USA brokered an end to the Cristero War in Mexico. Mohandas Gandhi started the passive resistance of the Salt March. The London Naval Treaty was signed by the UK, USA and Japan, limiting naval buildups. France pulled out of the Rhineland.

Last time Uranus was conjunct Wasat, in 1953-54: The first European Parliament opened. Work began on the United Nations building in New York. Eisenhower flew to Korea to try and end the Korean War. The first successful separation of Siamese twins occured in Cleveland.

Saturn was conjunct Wasat in 1945-46: Hiroshima atomic bombing ending WWII. United nations Charter ratified by USA. British troops withdrew from Iran. Britain promised independence to India. USSR and Switzerland resumed diplomatic relationships. Jordan gained independence from Britain. The Malayan Union was formed. Singapore became a Crown Colony. When Saturn was conjunct Wasat in 1974-75: The Suez Canal opened for the first time since the Six Day War. The UK voted yes in a referendum to stay in the European Community. The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) was created. Egypt declared full independence from Britain. When Saturn was last on Wasat in 2004: The Old Bridge of Mostar was reconstructed after being destroyed in the 1993 war. 100,000 Israeli’s formed a 90 km human chain from Gush Katif to the Western Wall to protest disengagement plans. Barack Obama delivered his keynote speech at the Democrat convention.

Partnership  & Compromise

A few examples in natal charts show this theme of partnership and compromise. These three guys had Wasat conjunct the Ascendant: Rudolf Hess did have a very close partnership with Adolf Hitler. However he went behind his back in the interests of peace. Flying to Scotland, he “took it on his own to attempt negotiations with England on behalf of Germany. He believed that he was obeying supernatural powers and had a mission to end the war.” Jerry Lewis was one half of the famous duo act with Dean Martin that  touched the hearts of millions. When his relationships with Martin ended bitterly, the two did not speak to each other for some 20 years. George Michael was one half of WHAM!, Britain’s most successful pop duo of the ’80s. So the Gemini myth written in the stars certainly seems to manifest in real life down on here on Earth. This star which joins the twins, the “middle”, has an effect which builds bridges, forms alliances and treaties, and leads to peace more than war. There is also separation involved, as shown in the events with colonial powers moving out of occupied countries. Hopefully a good omen for the last half of 2010.

* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.


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17 thoughts on “Wasat Star – The Middle

  1. @Angels Heaven
    Whoa there! I am a HUGE admirer of Tesla and had I known he had Sun conjunct Wasat I would’ve made sure he went into this article. I bet he isn’t even on Solar Fire. I’ll have to check.

    There are lots of reasons Tesla gets ignored. But in our case it really wasn’t deliberate.
    He was a threat to the establishment and his best, most innovative work got trashed. He deserves a blog all to himself. In fact I might have to do one pretty soon. He’s a true example of a Lilith/Uranian type.

  2. I would like to hear about when Wasat is conjunct benefics like Venus and Jupiter. Can they turn around the saturian effects?

    • Would definitely bring about the “Partnership & Compromise” side of this star.

  3. I feel this star was not pretty for me yesterday. Though, I did the best I could, I felt the whole night and during the day a not pretty feeling of the swirling winds and found it hard to stay grounded and connected.

    I decided to be more than prudent with all the situations around me and I feel deeply grateful when I feel the tiny stars in certain parts of my body, when the dark episodes go by.

    Today, at peace (what am I going to do with somany hours…?).


  4. What are the odds, and how cool is this!!!!?? I have a twin brother and our charts are one degree apart on houses and all the planets are the same degree (5 minutes apart) So our Midheaven is at 18* and 19* Gemini (the twins) our Saturn is in this house at 18* Cancer! Wasat is 18* Cancer designated within the Twins. Ok so how cool is that, right! I don’t much about fixed stars.. but if anyone has a lead on this one I will be looking into it!

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