Kate Middleton Horoscope

Kate Middleton Horoscope

Kate Middleton

The announcement of Prince William’s Engagement to Kate Middleton has sparked excitement among royal lovers. So here’s comes a brief chart interpretation for Kate Middleton, birth date January 9 1982, birth time unknown.

The Sun represents the identity and the life force, and Kate’s Sun is on a fortunate fixed star called Dheneb in the tail of Aquila the Eagle. Dheneb gives a successful and fortunate life with a commanding personality [1]. Sun trine Chiron very strong will give this commanding personality a healing touch, she will have a positive and healing effect on other people.

Kate Middleton Horoscope

Kate Middleton Horoscope

Sun square Saturn is more challenging causing some difficulties in early life. These tests and setbacks, criticism from authority figures like the father or teachers, can lead to lower self esteem, but here the strong influence of bold and confident Dheneb will help overcome the restrictive influence of Saturn. She will develop great determination, maturity and perseverance and will become a master self discipline, achievement and responsibility.

Mercury conjunct Venus makes for artistic appreciation, and a liking for nice things in general. A smooth talker, lovely words, pleasant conversations. With Mercury/Venus square Jupiter, the liking for the good life is stronger. It does add optimism and a love of socializing, however, that Saturn discipline would be needed to keep in check any tendency for extravagance in partying and spending.

Mars on the fixed star Porrima adds to the pleasant nature from Mercury conjunct Venus. Porrima gives “a courteous, refined and lovable character with prophetic instincts.” However, with Mars, Robson also says “trouble with opposite sex, marriage partner and public” [1]. This is important be these are difficulties associated with Sun square Saturn. Now there are two indicators in the chart for problems in the area of relationships with men, authority, and the public in general. This is likely to take the form of delays, periods of separation, and also criticism.

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.153, 158.

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  1. Jane: This kind of destiny is known and yes it is powerful.
    Kate was a mistress of a previous King (today Prince William). Her mother Carole was married to the King. Kate was married to the man who is her father today (Michael).

    Fascinating – what’s your source?
    Westminster abbey is an extraordinary place. Likewise Notre Dame and the other great Cathedrals. i wonder where else you’ll spot Julia Gillard in time to come!

    • I’m the source, and the historical evidence confirms the claim I make. The answer here is in plain sight.

      Julia Gillard is connected with Catherine and William, hence why I became aware of who she was on their wedding day.

      I have an ability to sometimes ‘know’ who a person was in the past, though it’s not something I do deliberately. (Perhaps my natal sun being in direct opposition to the galactic centre has something to do with this).

      Westminster is an extraordinary place …. I knew before any announcement that their wedding service would be held here.
      I have a ‘small’ connection with Westminster too, and I’m being modest here. I’d like to revisit it one day.

      By the way, Henry IV of France has reincarnated as a woman today.

      • Fascinating! My eldest daughter has an ancestor on her Father’s side buried in Westminster Abbey too!

  2. UQW

    uberqueenofwands: Have you given this any thought Rob, of all the places in the world where 0 degrees could have been taken, (23 different countries represented when the decision was made) Greenwich, England was chosen. This is about 1 degree east of Stonehenge which makes me wonder, since Wiltshire is the centre for most crop circles, does Stonehenge mark an ancient time centre which has subtly moved one degree some where in the past? As I said, the Rider Waite Tarot symbol for Judgement show the Cardinal cross of St George. One of the grid maps in Anti gravity and the World Map shows Avebury as the Earth’s Heart Chakra.

    I have no doubt that the position of the GM was established well before 1851, having been used for naval navigation since at least the late C16, but, that it was located where it is in relation to the gravitational vortices of the Wiltshire Plains may be an anomoly ‘designed to distract’ – what is interesting is that George Airy, who was largely responsible for confirmation of the Greenwich Meridian at its current position, was well aware of the existence of gravity waves, having studied them, using liquids, while Astronomer Royal – incidentally, he was also able to postulate the existance of Neptune before its discovery through study of planetary orbits, but, what we do not get from the official history is the connection between his studies of light, lunar orbits and gravitational fields – he was primarily a mathematician, but, his esoteric understanding of the connections must have been profound – he also calculated the mean density of the earth using pendulums at different depths within the earth (mines) and I would say that he was party to the geomantics – it may suit protection of the arcane knowledge all the better to have the international date time located >< one degree East.

    What I have observed at Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury are geomantic nodes with differing qualities, frequencies and densities that allow differing dimensional access – these fall on well known dragon paths (cf the flag and St George), each with a different quality and frequency – its the intersections that make the difference – StoneHenge has 14 intersecting at its center – one of these comes from St Pauls (which is built on a temple of Venus) which has a similar frequency to Glastonbury – one thing about dragon lines is that although they connect places in straight lines on a map, in reality they meander – Glastonbury, as I am sure you know, is on the so called Michael and Mary ley line which comprises two meandering dragon paths that intersect along the mean line (ley), amongst other places at Glastonbury – these two paths have very distinct qualities that, when combined, resonate at a wavelength that varies in resonance, depending where it is on the (ley), but not in frequency – at Glastonbury the resonance matches the Earths Core crystal EM frequency and is musically equivalent to F?, that is until fairly recently – the pitch has now raised to G – what makes this interesting is that this is the frequency of incarnation through the heart, the portal for earth-life on the EM spectrum ( the heart is also the first and major organ to form in the embryo)

    I lived at the intersection of two major lines, Apollo/Athena, in central Italy for a while – the energetics of the place was very similar to Glastonbury but does not have the same function within the culture – this one tied in more to Stonehenge's astral frequency – the connections are much more off planet, stellar infact, than Glastonbury, which is essentially terrestrial – I have always felt Stonehenge to have a connection with the galactic center through the Sun and rather than anchoring at the earth plane provides a portal beyond time and space – put another way, IMHO it sits on a worm hole…..
    curiously, I played there in 1976 with my band Phoenix, but, thats another time, another life….. 😉

    • Excellent work Rob, as ever! Wormhole sounds about right. Stonehenge also shows the same 56 points as this dense plasma focus. Wal Thornhill (Thunderbolts) reckons this is the key to Stonehenge. As you know, the area we speak about is weird in the extreme! And I’ll be back there soon!

    • They certainly have their own homeopaths and astronomer – Sir Martin Rees. I think he’s the reincarnation of Doctor John Dee who was Elizabeth 1’s astrologer/astronomer/philosopher/maths teacher etc his biography is brilliant and puts a very different slant on her and what she learned. He taught her the Monarch’s touch which was a healing touch for her subject when she walked out in public. he of course did extensive work with scrying and angels. Brilliant stuff! If you’re ever in London, check out a wonderous little bookshop called Treadwell’s /www.treadwells-london.com/ who sometimes have organised tour walks on the hstory of witchcraft etc in the Royal histories. They;re very good.

      • John Dee and I have exactly the same MC/IC, Asc/DC as well as some other stuff……even more curiously, seems I’ve visited/lived in a lot of the places he did…..I’m hoping for the reverse of his fate

  3. uberqueenofwands: They certainly have their own homeopaths and astronomer – Sir Martin Rees. I think he’s the reincarnation of Doctor John Dee who was Elizabeth 1?s astrologer/astronomer/philosopher/maths teacher etc his biography is brilliant and puts a very different slant on her and what she learned. He taught her the Monarch’s touch which was a healing touch for her subject when she walked out in public. he of course did extensive work with scrying and angels. Brilliant stuff! If you’re ever in London, check out a wonderous little bookshop called Treadwell’s /www.treadwells-london.com/ who sometimes have organised tour walks on the hstory of witchcraft etc in the Royal histories. They;re very good.

    I think Elizabeth I was more interested in controlling her subjects than healing them.
    I too believe Martin Rees is the reincarnation of John Dee.
    The occupational similarities are obvious. Martin’s middle name is John and his surname Rees is a play on the name Dee.
    Martin was born on the 23rd June – 173rd day of the year. John Dee was born on the 13th July – 13. 7 – which is somewhat a reflection of 173.
    The name JOHN numerically totals 47. The name REES numerically totals 47. John Dees birth date (13. 7. 1527) totalled like this – 13 + 7 + ’27 = 47
    MARTIN JOHN REES totalled numerically gives 169. It is speculated that John Dee died in either 1608 or early 1609 (169).

    • here is the man himself ; you may not agree with Sir Martin’s physics but he has great humour and energy :


      can you provide a birth time for Sir Martin?….I’ll bet he has an Algol connection….

      Elizabeth was no innocent when it came to use of resources, especially the combination of material and esoteric, and, perhaps as a result of Dee’s tuition, gained great confidence at a time when the country was going to pot….John Dee used astrology to aid Elizabeth in defeating the Armada and was without a doubt a weather worker in this – he is also the originator of the notion of the British Empire – quite a lasting effect this guy provided us with! Some karma….

      • Martin Rees born 23 June 1942 is Baron Rees of Ludlow! I don’t agree with his physics but he’s one very charismatic man! He recently won the Templeton Prize.

        Lord Rees, a churchgoer who neither believes in God nor subscribes to any religious dogma, said he attends chapel on a regular basis as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, as part of a “traditional ritual”. He also cites the choir – rated fifth in the world by Gramophone magazine – as a reason for his attendance.

        “Doing science made me realise that even the simplest things are hard to understand and that makes me suspicious of people who believe they’ve got anything more than an incomplete and metaphorical understanding of any deep aspect of reality,” he told the Guardian. “I participate in occasional religious services which are the customs of the society I grew up in. I’m not allergic to religion.”

        On the other hand, John Dee may be reincarnated in Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize winner Physics 1973…
        Josephson also directs the Mind–Matter Unification Project in the TCM (Theory of Condensed Matter) Group. He currently sits on the Advisory and Editorial Board of NeuroQuantology: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.

        /www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~bdj10/ This is his website – Just scroll down the first page Rob and you’ll be hooked! He has a parapsycholgy page and the link to Dan Drasin’s essay on debunking is excellent! He’s more in the spirit of Dr Dee for sure but Rees has the look!

        Will check out Rees for Algol! And Davidson for other things.

      • BTW – I think Dr Dee is one of the most undersung heroes of English history! A real magus! I used to live in Barnes, half a mile from where he lived in Mortlake, SW London. I think there’s a brewery on the site where his house was. Sacrilege!

      • Algol seems to be on Venus!!! Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, Lilith, Sun Jupiter all in a tight row mostly Gemini.
        Aldebaran and Antares in balance of course – “Aldebaran is said to be a portal to the mysteries of the mind and when balanced with the fixed star Antares, a portal to the mysteries of the heart, this creates a powerful stargate axis that is illuminated bi-annally when the Sun passes by Aldebaran at the first of June and then Antares about six months later.” – His natal Saturn is at 5. I know this is considered too wide an orb for a fixed star conjunction but given the closeness of the stelliium and how it manifests…

        • If you are talking about Sir Martin re Venus on Algol then my instincts were right – just from catching his energy, focus and disposition towards his subject, but, then, without wishing to put myself in the same league as the good fellow, it does take one to know one – but, do we have a birth time as well as a date/place?

          I don’t go with the theory or supposition that a person of former high rank is likely to be found in similarly high position in their subsequent incarnation – it depends more on how they play out their karmic footprint than what they were into and how far they developed it – as the old song has it “it ain’t what you do, its the way that you do it”!

          I do agree about John Dee’s role in the UK’s history tho – his chart is extra-ordinary (apologies for the image quality)

  4. I asked it because all astrologers in my country ask the same…because their wedding aspects are very bad…um…

    • Where are you from Ivana? I’m guessing eastern europe somewhere? The first time I was exposed to the theory of fixed stars in a horoscope was through a lady from Eastern Europe – sorry I can’t remember where! I’d love to know your thoughts on the wedding aspects.
      I think people born on eclipses also have their personal lives very much obscured and become pawns of fate.

      • so, what do you think will Prince William will have a baby? He has venus in 5 in opposit.with uran in 11? And when? Thanks

  5. I am from Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), and all of our astrologers are not opthimistic. Now I will introduce one of the opinions of our astrologers:
    Date of marriage good for William, but not for her.
    Wedding of Prince William and Kate Midlton being organized with filigree precision and every minute ceremony will be planned in great detail in order to avoid any unpleasant incident. However, astrological analysis and class royal wedding reveals many unpleasant challenges that will be exposed to future spouses, but also offers a useful lesson about choosing a favorable time for marriage.

    Of course the most precise chosen wedding date itself will not make a happy marriage between two incompatible people, but choosing the best time will certainly help to many differences and rough edges in the character of the two personalities fine and harmoniously united in marriage mosaic.

    Horoscope royal wedding of Prince William and Kate set a future princess April 29th to 2011th at 11 h after the London summer time and the right one can ask whether this date and time fit into the harmonious elekcioni horoscope. There is no doubt that the wedding date and time chosen by the royal astrologer, because in addition to the many bad aspects of that day, he was nevertheless chosen to be good for Prince William, but not for Kate.
    The horoscope wedding of Prince William presents the Sun in Taurus, not only is it generally represents the husband’s horoscope weddings, but also because the rule is that the ruler of the horoscope and fields, ie the ascendant, a husband, but in this case, this field starts in Leo , where the sun is the government. The Sun at the time of marriage is strongly placed at the top of the sky in the X field, so that William will be favored in their marriage and his word will be a command. Sun is also a fixed sign of Taurus, so he will want to stay in the marriage and will stubbornly insist on its position. Sun is the star of stagnant malefic Hamal, who brings violence, danger and head injury.
    Kate was presented to Venus, a woman in a married relationship, and Saturn, as ruler of the VII field spouses. The wedding horoscope Venus is badly placed under the sign of his fall in Aries, in opposition with Saturn exalted in Libra. Venus is in the X field, the horoscope, so Kate will be too exposed to public criticism, and Saturn in the fourth field, field completion, indicating that the marriage will end prematurely. As Saturn is also the ruler VIII field, the field of suffering, there is a possibility for premature termination of marriage, and this may be a tragedy that need not necessarily be negative from the perspective of the royal family.
    From wedding horoscopes and fate of marriage of Prince William and Kate Midlton should learn a few things to avoid when choosing a wedding date and time.
    1) Avoid Month at idle, especially when they decline, because of course you want your marriage to be happy, meaningful, interesting and without insulation. Avoid the position of the moon in the zodiac kadentnom field (these are 3,6,8,9 and 12 field horoscopes), because there is no need to borrow an accident.
    2) Choose the planets symbolize man and woman to be strong. If you want a harmonious and long marriage in which neither side can not stand, the Sun and Venus, and the rulers and the VII field should be set in harmony, because both equally deserve to be happy.
    3) Avoid, as far as possible, the bad and malicious planets such as Mars and Saturn dominate the horoscope wedding.
    Empty the moon walk, no single aspect with other planets, further complicating the matter, especially when it is in the decadent IX field in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Since Mesco points on the course of events in marriage, and as a ruler XII fields, field barriers and isolation, suggests that nothing important and good will happen in this marriage. Moon is weak because of the pale, declining in the last quarter, is in thermal Mars, which is a wicked place for him. All this suggests the futility of hopes, and return to the starting position because of obstacles on the path towards a given goal. Moon in Pisces is the isolation, lack of genuine connection and lack of happiness in marriage.
    Particularly critical period in the future marriage will 2013th and 2014. when Uranus will progress through the sign of Aries, and Pluto through Capricorn, making such a negative aspect to their natal positions of Mars and Saturn in Libra. Extremely important dates during this period, when to be especially careful, as the moon eclipses the sun, or because they are both future spouses born at the time of eclipses. In fact, William was born at the time of eclipse in 21st June 1982nd, and Kate was born during the ninth lunar eclipse January 1982., which further complicates their fate.

  6. rob: I don’t go with the theory or supposition that a person of former high rank is likely to be found in similarly high position in their subsequent incarnation – it depends more on how they play out their karmic footprint than what they were into and how far they developed it – as the old song has it “it ain’t what you do, its the way that you do it

    Agree – there is no likely … but in some cases – a number I’ve seen – the karmic footprint is best progressed in a ‘similar’ position.

  7. the wedding began at the 11th hour on an 11 day (2+9) in the year 2011 which is interesting. but the main concern i have is the day they got married was ruled by the 5 of clubs and the Ace of Spades. UGH! 5 of clubs=wandering, restless minds,things full of changes. and the Ace of Spades is all about death, profound change, secretiveness, and life transitions. I really like this couple and I hope they have a live of love. The Prince’s mother got married on a day ruled by the queen of Hearts. She was much beloved by the public.

    • whole press in the world is occupied with the article from in touch weakly that Kate can not get pregnant,,,so mean…

  8. I don’t like Kate Middleton. Her decade or more worth of drunk photos,crotch shots {in the back of cars on nights out and drunk and uncoordinated}, and more {like when she brilliantly went without panties in Calgary and a wind blew her dress up…}, seems very much a bimbo and has done nothing with her life. Has a college degree did nothing with it.
    Kate is a big vacuum of nothingness. William chose a woman totally opposite of his mother. I looked at his 2013 and 2014 solar chart {I think I chose London as residence not sure if that was a good choice but it regards a few years from now so I tried to guess }, and in 2014 he has Uranus in the 7th house with hard aspects to it…I can only hope it means divorce. As Kate continues the exhibitionism that has run through her life maybe William will wake up and see what she is {or maybe not}. But look at what his 2014 solar chart might look like…see if you think it looks bad for a marriage. I think it does. I have read too that his 7th house cusp , Gemini, indicates more than one marriage.

    • I need your e mail adress. I want to send some detail about my 21 year old daughter. We are in USA but I am from India and two people gave me totally different but very scary stuff.

      Please let me know your e mail adress and give me little info on her.

      • I’m not sure what you are talking about –
        Scary stuff about your daughter ?
        I’m not a professional astrologer.
        If you need advice about astrology maybe ask the two people who run this site ?,they could probably advise you.

    • If the more cunning and vivacious Pippa, Kate’s sister had not stepped in with support and advice, Kate would have lost him in the courtship when he did loose interest; dangerously so. The power grab was made but not on her own compatability.There is 7th house cusp but without getting that subtle gemini is notoriously fickle in love and William is a double gemini ( sun@moon) When i looked up Harry’s chart- the indications were far more traditionally minded after sowing his wild oates.

  9. the same text was written and published in local newspaper in Serbia, Belgrade, on 2011th…Its good to inform the people about the different and known persons, but its even better to put the name of the Author…Boban Vujovic / astroshop Beograd /…

  10. Sorry but re-incarnationists always seem to get carried away with themselves!! There are slots in the collective unconscious that need to be filled; a soul may take on that mantle; as the ” uber-soul of humankind in general works out its incarnation/ deztiny. But really the theory of incarnation was a ruse invented by Bhudda to make single people more soulfull and creative and accountable in their one life-time. It is sheer ego-mania to believe souls are so impotant as toncarry a suitcase over life-times.Our collective unconscious is far vaster.

  11. Kate Middleton.

    Rectified birthtime 18h,54m59s0.
    Ascendant 19°,19’36,1 Leo.
    MC 04°,21’07,7 Taurus.

    Marriage rectifying progressive aspect.

    29-Apr-2011 009°,52’16 Scorpio Jup 120 mutual C-11

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