Fixed Star Mirzam

Mirzam is at 07°11′ Cancer with an orb of 1°00′

Fixed Star Mirzam Astrology

Fixed Star Mirzam [Stellarium]

Fixed star Mirzam is a blue-white star in the left fore-leg of Canis Major, the Greater Dog.
The Name Mirzam comes from the Arabic مرزم Al Murzim, (The Herald), because Mirzam “announced the immediate rising of the still brighter Sirius. Anne Wright found that the fixed star Mirzam was prominent in the horoscopes of “Many radio and TV announcers”. [2]

In Chinese, this star is called 軍市一 Jūn Shì yī (A Military City) [3], or Keun She, (The Soldiers Market)  [1].


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