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Here is some free astrology software I have found very useful. The first one I only just stumbled upon today and I just love it as a research tool for finding aspects and configuration through history.

Free Astrology Software Online

The site is Configuration Hunter and I used it to hunt down a configuration we are beginning to experience right now. Jupiter conjunct Uranus, both opposite Saturn. This free software worked out that the last time this configuration occured was in June and July of 1692. A quick links this configuration to the Salem Witch Trials and hangings, a Mexico City famine and riot, and an earthquake and tsunami in Jamaica.

Serennu Astrology has many great features and is especially useful for finding over 1000 asteroids and other points in your chart. You can also find information on lunations from 1201 – 2399.

Astrodienst ( is the best free online astrology site. You can store up to 100 charts on their free horoscope maker. They also have a massive free horoscope database at astro databank. The disadvantage of the charts at is that you can’t enter specific co-ordinates for a location like you can at Serrenu Astrology.

Noend Press has an Arabic Parts Calculator and an individual Midpoint Calculator, but will list all your midpoints for you, as well as aspects. All free astrology software, and nothing to download – enjoy.

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  1. It is fun, once you type in one aspect, you can press “add another selection” and keep doing that to find complex configurations, Yods, grand crosses, etc.

    • I love planetwatcher! It’s very user friendly. I’m looking for software similar to PW for natal transits. Any good suggestions?

  2. Hi! I just wanted to let you and your readers know that on my website: I have links to 22 free astrology programs, free demos of all of the major commercial programs, over 100 free tutorials in astrology (Western & Vedic), all of my published reviews of astrology programs, and free astrology software tutorials. Also, The Optimal Use of Astrology Software, which you can read to find out how to test your software’s calculations and atlas, etc.

  3. @Hank Friedman
    Great website you have there Hank, thanks for putting all that together and sharing. Now I have to investigate these chocolate recipies! 🙂

  4. Noendpress page is defunct, sadly. Please edit above to reflect this. The midpoint calc on the configuration hunter page is not useful. Please someone just build another midpoint calc page!

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