Jupiter Square Jupiter Transit

Jupiter Square Jupiter TransitJupiter square Jupiter transit gives a tendency toward excess that can make it extremely hard to keep up with things and stop them from getting out of control. Take extra care with your finances because you may assume you have plenty of money and resources to back you up. You may not notice shortages immediately, but if you spend foolishly, you will feel the repercussions soon after this transit.

Avoid over-committing yourself at work and on other personal projects. You will likely overestimate your resources, time, and energy reserves. Your increased confidence and optimism can produce good results if you stick to one thing at a time. Avoid arrogance and inflated pride because this could lead to delusions of grandeur and ego conflicts.

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  1. This transit is 2 degrees short of exact for me. My natal Jupiter is retrograde. Jamie, what is the effect of this retrograde, please?

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