Mercury Square Sun Transit

Mercury Square SunMercury square Sun transit increases mental activity and communications but also adds friction and tension to these areas. Thinking can be nervous or rushed, which may lead to slip up’s in conversations, not saying exactly what you mean. This in turn can lead to other people getting the wrong idea, an increased chance of arguments, or simply not having matters resolved.

Not the best time to ask for a raise from the boss, or to make important decisions. Avoid stirring up trouble or trying to humor people as you may offend. Still you may have to deal with more phone calls and correspondence than usual which could be annoying, and routine trips around town could cause some irritation.

6 thoughts on “Mercury Square Sun Transit

  1. Thank you so much for this enlightenment it makes my life bearer for me to bear lolz..I celebrate you

  2. Hmm, just been mask free shopping and was set upon in public ( sun rules my tenth ) by a bloke wearing his dirty germ ridden face nappy.

  3. watching my favorite pitcher today who is just great. however he had this going on and he just had the most terrible game in his 5 years of baseball. mercury retrograde square his sun.

  4. I just started a new job that requires intense concentration in a fast paced office. Now I know what I’m up against and, needless to say, I’m not looking forward to this upcoming week.

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