Moon Conjunct Sun Transit

Moon Conjunct Sun TransitMoon conjunct Sun transit is one of the most important of all transits. It represents a monthly resetting of your relationship goals. It also gives a balanced and emotional perspective to your personal and professional goals.

Intimate relationships come into sharp focus. This is a good time to start a new relationship or energize an existing one. The reasons for any recent relationships tension will be plain to see.

You can intuitively sense of how your personal ambitions, wants and needs affect the feelings of your partner. Your balanced approach to problem solving makes this an excellent time to clear the decks and make a fresh start.

Inner calm and balance gives you confidence to break the ice and make new friends. You can be comfortable showing your true inner personality. Others will find your openness appealing and your internal harmony puts them at ease.

Your lack of pretence and good will makes this the ideal time for meeting important people. You should be less shy or anxious about public speaking and can take the lead in meetings and group activities.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Sun transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon conjunct Sun.

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