Moon Opposite Moon Transit

Moon Opposite Moon TransitMoon opposite Moon transit makes your moods more profound and more powerful. You should quickly become aware of how strongly your emotional state affects others. While this will raise your level of conscious awareness, it can cause problems in your relationships, especially those of an intimate nature.

You may have a tendency only to see your point of view. Emotional conflict will arise if you start blaming others for disagreements arising from your subjectivity or emotional bias.

Likely, your interests will also be at odds with your family, social group, or the public. Detaching yourself emotionally during any disagreement is difficult, but avoiding the emotional dramas associated with Moon opposite natal Moon transit is one way. It will also give you a more balanced view of the situation to help raise your self-awareness.

The more you are in touch and in tune with your emotions, the easier this transit or moon phase will be. If you are used to freely sharing your feelings, this could be an emotionally enriching time. If you are shy and struggle with your emotions, you will be challenged by your stronger feelings. You must work harder to keep your intimate relationships on track and find peace and harmony.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Moon transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full Moon opposite Moon.

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