Moon Opposite Sun Transit

Moon Opposite Sun TransitMoon opposite Sun transit increases your desire to accomplish great things and succeed. But different areas of your life may not work in the same direction. Perhaps there is a lack of harmony between your personal and professional life, or one of your loved ones is fighting against another, and both want you to pick sides. If you are going to make advances in any area of life, all these competing factors in your life must work together, or at least be putting up with each other.

Your mood is greatly affected by others, and your mood will substantially impact your most intimate relationships. If you are struggling with your emotions, this will play out in your relationship with your partner.

Another possible manifestation of a full moon or lunar eclipse opposite your Sun is an interest in something or someone new. If so, they would be like your opposite or the opposite of your current partner. An affair or even a platonic friendship will get you out of a rut and relieve boredom, but it would destabilize your whole life.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Sun transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon opposite Sun.

4 thoughts on “Moon Opposite Sun Transit

  1. Full Moon June 3, Transit Great Attractor.

    The full moon axis lands on house 5 Sun, house 11Moon

    EST, asteroid 40 Harmonia semi-square Descendant/Part of Fortune. Asteroid 40 discovered March 31, 1856. Used to initiate a Peace Accord during the Crimean War.

    everywhere else, Venus semi-square Sun(45°), and sesqui-square Moon(135°).

    Therefore Venus gets triggered, the Great Attractor.. and Harmonia EST triggered, Toynbee study of rhythym.

  2. Full Moon June 3, synastry Nation chart: Canada

    We live in hedonic respite times. There is a global shift to test brainwash obedience with sanctions. The gift and sparse feedback of the Artwork is hidden by deep dark Nadir, Norma 555 transit. Trade discussions are cool and muted, while deft spelling bees make golden honey. Full blown inflation has Europe off-gassing. For the first time after sixteen decades, Canada is grappling with its own perfidious albion.

    excerpt “The Four Pillars of Darwin and Nordstream, 2023”

  3. This year’s episode of Avatar Mystery Theatre, Sagittarius Full Moon, May 23, 2024

    Selected transit, M87 the Super Galactic Center.

    We see a hedonic influence again, with a way out there energy source. And the same old complaints, driven undoubtedly by Uranus, however Mars appears more agitated this year in the Canada Synastry.

  4. ” Mars appears more agitated this year in the Canada Synastry. ”

    19° Aries considered the exalted degree for the Sun. With Mars on Canada’s ascendant, it’s a set up for artificial intelligence executives, mid to late 30’s, to bring out their first borns, perhaps wait until Sagittarius Moon, Thursday and Friday.

    Mars at 22 May, 4:00 pm est. 16°Ari58
    Asc Canada, 16°Ari54


    Pretty important they do something like this after the Turing Test Affair. gotta earn the cred to keep looting. Any AI person should have this covered or get out if the business.

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