Neptune Square Neptune Transit

Neptune Square Neptune TransitNeptune square Neptune transit is a generational mid-life crisis transit that happens to everyone about age 42. It lasts about 9 to 12 months depending on Neptune retrograde. You will start to question your goals and how much you have lived up to your ideals, dreams, and expectations. You may want to make some changes but take care not to set unrealistic goals. You can analyze yourself but making big changes is not a good idea yet.

There is probably some confusion in your life that you cannot put your finger on. Too much change now will only make it more difficult to see the truth. Give yourself time and try to avoid making important commitments. Making the wrong decisions now would have lasting consequences.

It is normal during this transit to feel discouraged and defeated if your dreams seem unattainable. Just remember that pessimism and poor self-esteem will most likely be influencing your perspective. Do not place too much importance on your dreams or psychic impressions. Your intuition may be correct but it is just as likely to be wrong.

Neptune square Neptune transit is not a good time to play around with Ouija boards or get involved in psychological mind games. Keep your mind, body, and spirit as pure and healthy as you can. You are too sensitive at the moment to many things like deception, fraud, infection, and psychic attacks.

You may begin to question your religious faith or spiritual belief system. However, you may also find comfort in meditation, prayer, and attending church. Strange experiences are possible and just how you experience this transit varies greatly depending on your level of spiritual development and the conditions of your life. Avoid falling victim to con artists, pushy salespeople, get rich quick schemes, cults, and conspiracy theories.

17 thoughts on “Neptune Square Neptune Transit

  1. What does Neptune square partners Neptune transit mean? I will have this transit soon with my partner and your interpretation above scares me jamie.

  2. When having it, how does Neptune retro plays out in that year? ( Im about to hit 42 now)
    Thanks, Jamie superbe report as always

  3. About to go through this phase. Neptune mostly rules the “other” in my chart so I’ve projected it onto partners thus far (heavy drinkers/artists/Pisceans) but lately my sober/drug-free self has been curious about altered states of consciousness. So…fair warning.

  4. I have natal Sun OPP Neptune and Neptune transit has been squaring my Sun and completing its passes by beginning of next year. However, this particular transit is just going to start in 2019 and lasts for 2 years plus.

    Sun rules my 12th of illnesses and Neptune rules my Descendent …… so health wise and goals for my vocation may get all “fogged” up?

  5. Ok, enough already. My Neptune exact Square natal Neptune transit. 1997. Natal in the 12th house. Libra. Square in Capricorn transit on my doomed life chart, no wonder people gets so depressed about everything!!!! I did not do astrology then but that year I made up my mind to have one year entering every competition there was.( my circumstances were dire then) Every single week in 1997 I entered 50 competitions by post, the man in the Post office thought I was loony and so did I. !!!! Got to October with Sun square my Sun and Won 5K, then win after win after win. Its not been a happy life but when looking at transits to your natal chart please do not concentrate on the shit aspects, choose to accept them and that is hard, but the transits often throw up massive surprises which are long lasting and totally contrary to what astrologers say (Sorry Jamie). The problem with dogma (ie religion) is that its often so negative and I don’t need reminding my life was doomed before I even was born and neither do you. Also, have the “Good” aspects worked for you? I bet not so that should tell you something eh.? Neptune is about music and dreams, try playing music, only Neptune can make music!!!!! Ps. My transits now are Neptune over Mars in 4th! Pluto opp Sun, opposite Mercury, Progressed Sun trine Pluto, Progressed moon opposite Mercury the progressed Moon opposite Sun to come marvellous eh. Saturn also opposite Mercury soon followed by Saturn and Pluto opposite Sun, Nodes in Cancer on my Sun opposed by Saturn and Pluto. There should be a card game called my natal chart is worse than yours. LOL. Have a nice day you all.

  6. LOL. the Sun in the delightful sign of Capricorn is conjunct Pluto today, 1 degree opposition my Sun, no wonder I felt compelled to write the above. Fed up of feeling depressed about stuff I cannot and never could have changed., so I choose to be happy and it would be nice if you all could too.

    • mucho ,mucho ánimo y mucha fuerza con todo,Lynne Walker.

      Un saludo de una chica Sagitario-Piscis.

  7. I’m going thru this transit right now, Neptune in Pisces squaring my natal Neptune in Sagittarius. Awful,draining,depressing,just want be left completely alone.

    • If I have natal Neptune in the first house , how would a Neptune square Neptune play out ? Increase confusion, sensitivity, more psychic , more susceptible, more boundless.

  8. So sorry to hear. : (. Someone I wanted to date is going through this, he doesn’t seem interested. 🙄

  9. If I have natal Neptune in the first house , how would a Neptune square Neptune play out ? Increase confusion, sensitivity, more psychic , more susceptible, more boundless.

  10. Lol I have this aspect going on right now as the disappointment isn’t shocking me with so many people saying money over logic. Even I see how that crap works as I grow colder and more disconnected and distant from others becoming a total misanthrope against all types of people remaining broke and lazy by choice having no respect for the value of money right now seeing it as a tool to expose and get rid of people from my life seeing them as a blight and what I thought they truly were in the first place being money driven losers.

  11. I am experiencing this transit and Neptune is going retrograde so it will last. My natal Neptune is in 29 Sagittarius in 5th house. I feel so disappointed with how life is right now, not interested in anything, I want to be left alone but everyone around me wants me to take action on things I don’t like. It feels like hope dissipates..
    At the same time I have Pluto square Pluto and Saturn and the eclipses on my personal planets with the nodes in Taurus/Scorpio axis.
    It’s a big psychological and emotional test. If I weren’t a Taurus sun and Scorpio moon I would need medical assistance..

    • I feel for you. I hope things are going well. If the eclipses aren’t helping your emotional state maybe the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus will.

  12. I’m feeling something similar during my Neptune inconjunct Neptune transit at age 68. Jamie hasn’t done this one yet, but I’m familiar with the aspect. For me it seems the deception is coming from outside myself. I might be expecting a certain response based on past experiences, but instead an entirely different energy comes my way! I’ve been juggling with this for about a year. My attitude has been to go back to basic growth principles, if it worked for me before it will still work. I ignore the crazy rambling and carry on.

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