Neptune Square Neptune Transit

Neptune Square Neptune TransitNeptune square Neptune transit is a generational mid life crisis transit that happens to everyone about age 42. It lasts about 9 to 12 months depending on Neptune retrograde. You will start to question your goals and how much you have lived up to your ideals, dreams and expectations. You may want to make some changes but take care not to set unrealistic goals. You can analyse yourself but making big changes is not a good idea yet.

There is probably some confusion in your life that you cannot put your finger one. Too much change now will only make it more difficult to see the truth. Give yourself time and try to avoid making important commitments. Making the wrong decisions now would have lasting consequences.

It is normal during this transit is feel discouraged and defeated if your dreams seem unattainable. Just remember that pessimism and poor self-esteem will most likely be influencing your perspective. Do not place too much important on your dreams or psychic impressions. You intuition may be correct but it is just as likely to be wrong.

Neptune square Neptune transit is not a good time to play around with Ouija boards or get involved in psychological mind games. Keep your mind, body and spirit as pure and healthy as you can. You are too sensitive at the moment to many things like deception, fraud, infection and psychic attack.

You may begin to question your religious faith or spiritual belief system. However, you may also find comfort in mediation, prayer and attending church. Strange experiences are possible and just how you experience this transit varies greatly depending on your level of spiritual development and the conditions of your life. Avoid falling victim to con artists, pushy salespeople, get rich quick schemes, cults and conspiracy theories.

4 thoughts on “Neptune Square Neptune Transit

  1. What does Neptune square partners Neptune transit mean? I will have this transit soon with my partner and your interpretation above scares me jamie.

  2. When having it, how does Neptune retro plays out in that year? ( Im about to hit 42 now)
    Thanks, Jamie superbe report as always

  3. About to go through this phase. Neptune mostly rules the “other” in my chart so I’ve projected it onto partners thus far (heavy drinkers/artists/Pisceans) but lately my sober/drug-free self has been curious about altered states of consciousness. So…fair warning.

  4. I have natal Sun OPP Neptune and Neptune transit has been squaring my Sun and completing its passes by beginning of next year. However, this particular transit is just going to start in 2019 and lasts for 2 years plus.

    Sun rules my 12th of illnesses and Neptune rules my Descendent …… so health wise and goals for my vocation may get all “fogged” up?

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