Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit

Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit Pluto conjunct Moon transit brings major life changing experiences and these changes are deeply felt at the emotional level. Pluto conjunct the Moon will bring up intense psychological issues from deep in the soul, which will lead to a complete transformation of the emotional life. This transformation may start with a stripping away of the emotional security blanket, and you and other people have to adjust to this raw you.

The Moon also represent family and all other close emotional bonds, so these relationships can undergo changes. These relationships will become very important and this could range from greater emotional support and bonding, to separations. All things related to home and family are up for possible changes, including moving home, starting a family, becoming a grandparent, or children leaving home. The Moon can also represent the public, so this during this transforming journey over a couple of years, you may find that your most personal dramas are open to the world but this sharing can be a healing experience.

The ruthless nature of Pluto can have an effect whereby you experience others trying to overpower you or manipulate you. If this is the case you may learn to become ruthless yourself if that has not been in your nature. If you have been the dominant type, then you might find this transit mellows that out a bit. Going to extremes and finally finding a balance could be a theme over these couple of years.

In 1978, George W. Bush had Pluto conjunct his Moon This coincided with his first attempt at public office. It was the 19th Texas Congressional election which he lost by 6%. George ran a nice-guy campaign, his advisers wanted to him attack his opponent but he didn’t. George told his advisers that his opponent was also running the nice-guy campaign. 10 days before the election, George went head to head in a live radio debate with Hance and got totally hammered. For the following 10 days Hance kept up the attack. George learnt from this Pluto transit how to be ruthless.

In 2006, Charlie Sheen went through a bitter divorce during this transit. There was a very public and ruthless custody battle over the children, where his wife blamed Charlie’s addictions and threats of abuse for the marriage breakdown. In 2010, Michael Douglas experienced Pluto on his Moon by suffering life-threatening throat cancer, and by the power of Pluto he beat it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been going through this transit the last year, recently finished his final term as governor of California and now reading movie scripts. A re-birthing, total transformation.

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  1. My daughter turns 36 today (6/9/82 Las Vegas NV 7;53 am) and just a few days ago found out her breast cancer 7/17/17 is now in her spine and liver and breast again. 3-6 months to live. Of course I want to figure this out…I know I cant…I see that transiting Pluto is at the cusp of her 7th house and conjunct her natal moon there. I imagine the transformation is death. Any thoughts?

    • I pray for the best Randy. The Moon rules the breasts and fluid in the body generally. I have transiting Pluto on my Ascendant this year and have surgery tomorrow to remove a lung cancer. But my prognosis is not that bad so I really feel for you and your family.

    • Oh I see she also has Moon conjunct Descendant so the Pluto transit is much stronger. And also transiting Saturn square her Midheaven this year, same as me. Obviously not a good combination. Your daughters has is the same AC as my DC, and her MC is the same degree as my IC.

      Pluto was square her MC in 2011. I wonder if something started affected her health then. I had a colon cancer removed during that transit.

  2. I’ve got transiting Pluto conjunct my natal moon (3rd house) opposite today’s eclipse new moon (9th house). Thoughts?

    • The Moon in the third is said to be in its Joy. The Sun in the ninth is its position of Joy.

  3. I have Solar return Pluto conjunct my natal moon in the 4th house (for next SR year) and transiting Pluto also going to be conjunct my natal moon at the same time, now is approaching. What can I expect?

  4. I have a first house Aquarius moon. I am currently surviving Pluto conjunct my Ascendant 21 Capricorn. Like — is there any hope of my Pluto moon transit going kinder? Like at all maybe? Perhaps? Because I can’t take much more of this transit. I survived the decade and I need my rebirth. But I’m scared of Pluto – I feel no power especially over my emotions. I was just hoping this transit would perhaps suggest finding love and having a kid maybe.

  5. Shew. Pluto is about to conjunct my moon in Capricorn 5th house. With the stellium of transiting Saturn and Jupiter. Natal Moon, Uranus, and Neptune in the 5th along with my vertex. One would think these would be such beautiful, creative, loving/self loving transits, but it has been so hard… I started looking to my 5th house stellium 4 years ago. Granted some of the first pinnacle moments of my life have happened, but so many obstacles and tragedies. Doing my best to grow and quietly understand them all.

  6. Настойка на раках ( 1кг.на 3 литра банка) – лечит множество видов рака даже 4 стадии. Пусть дочка пьет по 30г. три раза в день перед едой эту настойку ( лучше на водке, спирт менее пригоден ) Вещество хитозан извлекается из панциря краба , раков в течении 14 дней – настойка готова. Есть много излечившихся от онкологии принимавшие ее от 2 месяцев до года.

  7. I also have an 0° Aquarius moon. Pluto has been brutal on me with my late degree cardinal placements. I am so scared of 2023 it’s not even funny. I hope it will be good to us

    • Hi, I also have an 0° Aquarius moon in 6th house. Write to my to ma fb fanpage to share experiences. I hope all will be ok finally.

  8. It’s during a pluto conjunct moon transit that my mom divorced my dad. I was 15 then. A few months later, I left her house to live only with him.

  9. Algo in thr team 0° Aquarius moon ( in the 8 house) waiting 2023. Let’s see…

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