Pluto Conjunct Neptune Transit

Pluto Conjunct Neptune Transit

Pluto conjunct Neptune transit brings a year or two of profound spiritual transformation. Dramatic events and intense relationships may leave you questioning your belief system, testing your faith. It is common with this transit to embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery to find deeper meaning in life.

A health issue may prompt your search for spiritual answers or result in a period of low energy due to poor health. Any rapid evolution in the soul’s spiritual development will often cause a health imbalance as your physical body struggles to catch up.

You may delve very deeply into one particular area of research or become fascinated with strange or mysterious topics like astrology or conspiracy theories. However, it is essential not to become overly obsessed with a particular belief system or guru, as you can be more susceptible to brainwashing.

This is a generational transit so you may feel a strong sense of togetherness with people your age. You will all be experiencing a sense of spiritual confusion and find similar ways to cope. Drug use among your peer group may initially bring a euphoric feeling of oneness but would eventually stunt any further individual soul growth.

Your dreams and hopes for the future will likely undergo a significant transformation. You may realize that some things you were working towards are out of reach or don’t interest you anymore.

While disappointment and dissolution are possible as some of your dreams are shattered, you will soon dream up a new path forward more suited to your new ideals and beliefs. As you emerge from this long transit, you have a renewed determination and conviction to turn your new dreams into reality.

Pluto Conjunct Neptune Transit Dates

Pluto conjunct Neptune transit lasts for between 1 year and 18 months. The age at which it happens varies depending on your birth year. The table below gives a rough guide to when you can expect this transit.

Birth YearAge

24 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct Neptune Transit

  1. I don’t understand this one, is this a current transit applying to everyone or else how do I work out when the transit would happen for me?

    • The table at the bottom of the post shows at what age you have this transit depending on the year you were born.

  2. Yes, and also, when does this Pluto conjunct Neptune transit happens? I also do not understand the Birth Year / Age table.

    • I have changes table to “Age That Transit Happens”.

      For most of us it happens bewteen age 24 to 27.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for this enlighting post. I can perfectly remember this transit. It was awful! My heart was broken into small pieces and it opened a period of deep dreams and my intuition increased to a level that was painful. At the same time I had big changes on the career side. I guess that this was due to the activation of the trine Neptune MC North Node. Would the actual conjunction of Saturn to natal Neptune trigger the effect of this past Pluto Neptune transit? Could this transit bring also changes but not so extreme?

    As an aside could a transit of Pluto to natal Venus (opposition but still 2degrees for exact opposition ) be linked wI th the death of a grandmother? My IC is ruled by Venus and Jupiter in transit is very close to my MC and Uranus to MC. Thanks!

  4. It holds true for me as I fell in love for the very first time and till date I am in love with the same man… It has brought profound changes to my perception of my own being… Love transforms…

  5. Pluto at 5 Virgo opposite Chiron at 5 Pisces, Pluto inconjunct IC at 5 Aquarius, Chiron inconjunct MC at 5Leo, Neptune at 8Scorpioo trine Mercury in Cancer with a 3′ wide trine to Chiron forming a grand water trine…its been nothing short of the illusion of a living hell for most of my life, fortunately as revoltingly repulsive the healing of the etheric and emotional waters through the sludge of the underworld has been, eventually it is always time to wake up and grow up, which hopefully is in in reach now that I am coming of age potentially to be an elder at my 2nd Saturn return @ 29Cap….hopefully having earned the trust and respect, by having found the courage and fortitude to become all for loving and all for-giving that it be what I am attracting in life frome here on in, the proof as they say, no matter how good it looks to me or others, is all in the eating, heres hoping it is in and of good taste now, everyone enjoys desserts that are just, right?

    • Oh and I also have Jupiter conjuct my IC, so hell has always veen larger than life and yet it also brings with it the utmost faith in the power and spport of the ancients who came before, very much dammed if you do, dammed if you dont, not dammed any more and hopefully that is to the benefit of all, at least that Is my heart felt hope, in the light of day.

  6. I have heard that in 2017 Saturn wl be rolling down in a fallen position which is a very rare situation( though I don’t understand it )….and also it is said that life wl become topsy turvy during this motion of Saturn….my DOB is 09th Dec, 1972, 11.30am, India…. also this year Saturn wl move to Sagittarius from Scorpio…pls tell me my position this year….which is already not good.

  7. I am just beginning this transit now. I have Uranus and Neptune and vesta at 19 degrees Cap within 07 seconds actually since I was born February 8th 1993. My ascendant is 26 degrees Sag (exactly conjunct the galactic center) so Uranus, Neptune, and Vesta are in the middle of my first house. This conjunction is the apex of one of my Yod’s. Saturn just reached my ascendant and is moving back into the 12th, later to return to asc. So I have a lot of intense energy going on!

    I am very connected, spiritually, (or at least really try to learn from the this strange divine dream we live in), sometimes too much at the expense of lacking on the physical plane. Since Pluto entered my first house 9 years ago when I was 15, my beliefs and philosophy has changed drastically in a very deep way. I began developing clairvoyance and clairaudience. I was very confused when it first began and now, I am much more comfortable but still have a lot of trouble with the amount of energy I am aware of. I seem to feel others’ feelings, even at a distance. I see auras, colors everywhere and around everything. Everything is moving to me, almost like molecules moving around which clearly reflects that there is no separation between anything, validated by modern physics and quantum mechanics. I still have a lot to learn though and I’ve found that the more I learn, the less I really can claim that “I Know”.

    I feel very grateful for these transits and think it’s very important to keep in mind that the planets aren’t doing anything to you. It’s more like the weather, isnt it? A planet doesn’t decide that you are to have a “shitty life” for a few years any more than a sunny summer day doesn’t guarantee a “good day”. You decide how you perceive everything. If we are to understand these transits and how they effect us on a more specific and personal way then it is essential to change our perspective when we read about planetary transits. We must give up the idea that we are powerless and that “something or someone is doing something to me”.

    This has been the main lesson from Pluto transiting these two deeply spiritual outer planets. Reclaim your power! Too much power is given outside of ourselves!

    I have also noticed an effect on my friendships the last 3 years, in the fact that I have barely any friends anymore. Many of my old friends rejected me in a rather strange and painful way. Weird and bizarre rumors were spread. I attribute this to the opposition with my descendant (open enemies) and also that I need to learn how to forgive these people and find compassion within myself for them. Eventually I am sure I will develop more friends who have evolved more to my wavelength and vise versa. I will admit it was very discouraging when it first began as I couldnt understand why people I considered my best friends suddenly could change in such a backwards was and also desire to hurt me. It has proven to be a very difficult and illuminating lesson.

    Even with this transit in the beginning of the conjunction, I have realized more and more what my purpose is, I have experienced a beautiful love with my partner which is very harmonious. It’s funny you mentioned drugs because I began using heroin very hard last year after 9 months of sobriety. I am clean now and it took a long time to get there however I wouldn’t take it back. I have found that I needed to relapse and strip my self down to the barest bones, to really accept myself as an addict and “scum of society” as I’ve been told before. I still judged myself for being an addict, a junkie, an alcoholic… Classic Pluto transformations.

    It’s funny how “bad things” really aren’t negative if you can just change your perspective and be open to possibly being wrong! I hope that this may help others who may be going through similar experiences and have lost hope. I’m very interested to see if others have had or are having the same sort of themes and lessons in their life playing out!


    • I am now rereading that I apologize if it sounds boastful. I don’t really get to speak about these sorts of things.

      Just for the record: I think this transit and generational natal conjunction can make the natives so eccentric and nonpersonal, that we completely miss simple social constructions and other obvious views from other generations. We have difficulty doing very basic tasks that are very monotonous, crave feedback and open communication, have a difficult time in a more “traditional” workspace, and are insanely stubborn, very sensitive, and spaced out. I think this comes from the eccentric and stubborn nature of Uranus with the illuminating but also illusive and native drawbacks of being less grounded on the physical plane. They often have spouts of very clear insight with equally frequent confusing bouts of instability, and if the conjunction is in the cardinal houses, shows addiction of some sort. We do have a massive opiate epidemic which is dominating that generation which has its strongest effect 1990-1996. We do have different insight from other generations but are definitely lacking in other areas.

      This is at least what I’ve noticed but would like to hear more of others observations, especially from older individuals who we still need to learn their strengths from so we can move beyond our more obnoxious, ignorant qualities.

  8. The dates aren’t corerect. I am born in 1991, and am 26 now and have this transit at the moment

  9. Hey there. I hope someone read this.
    Six months ago, I left my job, my home, my school, my friends, my social network. I return back to the my family, my hometown, the city i was born in. I was in tears, got depression, anxiety over people and society. On that month I was humiliated by every people I know. I looked for freelance jobs, trying to find education and online classes. Life is all about coincidence. Well if you are still reading this, believe this transformation is gonna be pure real but it’s a mental process. I have met just one person randomly and it happened in my home town. With that luck I am dragged in astrology. In six months I have learned the basics. Exact conjunction started last month (March); so that’s why I am here. Transit Pluto conjunction Nept. On my 2nd House in Capricorn. I feel like I am obsessed with astrology already. And it’s gonna be my full time job. I will write later in the future.

  10. As Neptune Sagittarius Generation born in the late 70’s, I’ve noticed Pluto Sagittarius Generation rocked my world since they’ve come of age. Particularly those who are 17-18 younger than me

  11. I have this right now in the 2nd house, Neptune 29 degree. What does this do in the 2nd house?

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