Pluto Conjunct Sun Transit

Pluto Conjunct Sun Transit

Pluto conjunct Sun transit heralds significant life-changing experiences with deep and lasting change in the direction of your life. Pluto is known for stripping things to the bare bones to facilitate soul evolution. However, this does not have to be the case with this conjunction. Some events may result in loss or separation, but only if those things are standing in the way of being true to yourself.

You will notice you are more driven, ambitious, and determined to achieve success, and you may even become quite ruthless if anyone stands in your way. You may become obsessive and compulsive about changing certain things about yourself and others.

If you can safely harness this intense increase in energy, you can gain tremendous power and influence over your life and the people around you. You can be a positive force for change and regeneration. But it is critically important that you take a spiritually enlightened approach this year.

If you try to control others for your selfish benefit or attempt to eliminate things in your life that still have value, powerful forces will rise against you. Only outdated people, attitudes, and beliefs will be easy to eliminate and replace. You will soon know if you are on the wrong path for your soul’s evolution if you face resistance, especially if it becomes intense or violent.

So don’t worry about what others are doing, especially the competition. Focus on your own needs and wants with an eye to self-improvement. Think about what changes you can make that will make you a better person and make the world better. A good measure of success is to see if you are expressing your identity in its purest form, not if you are creating the most money or accumulating the most expensive possessions.

Pluto Conjunct Sun Transit Celebrities

Leonardo DiCaprio experienced Pluto conjunct Sun transit from late 1990 to the end of 1991. He was just sixteen years old then and already had some experience in TV commercials. But it was Pluto that brought the big breakthrough in a few appearances on TV shows in 1990 just as Pluto was approaching his Sun. Then, in 1991, with Pluto right on his Sun, Leonardo got his break on the big screen with Critters 3, and then also that year, he landed a starring role on the high-rating TV show Growing Pains.

Prince Charles had Pluto conjunct Sun transit from late 1992 to the end of 1993. This marked a significant turning point in the Prince’s life. He had not been living true to his soul’s desire, and in December 1992, parliament formally announced that he had separated from his wife, Princess Diana. In 1993, Pluto revealed his secrets with the media release of private phone calls between the Prince and his true love, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Jodie Foster had Pluto conjunct her Sun all of 1994. She starred in two successful films that year, Maverick and Nell, winning her critical acclaim and three gongs for the trophy cabinet. Jodie also produced Nell.

Brad Pitt had the Pluto conjunct Sun transit all of 2006, a very intense and life-changing year for him. Professionally, he starred in the critically acclaimed film Babel, which he stated was “one of the best decisions of my film career.” In his personal life, January 2006 saw Brad legally adopt Angelina’s adopted two kids, and their surnames were changed to “Jolie-Pitt.” January was also the first time their relationship was publicly confirmed. On 27 May 2006, just 14 days after the second conjunction of Pluto to his Sun, Angelina gave birth to their daughter Shiloh Nouvel. They made $10 million from selling images of their baby and gave it all to charity.

Pluto Conjunct Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Capricorn Decan 2January 2013December 2018
Capricorn Decan 3February 2018November 2024
Aquarius Decan 1March 2023November 2030
Aquarius Decan 2March 2029September 2037
Aquarius Decan 3February 2036January 2044
Pisces Decan 1March 2043December 2051
Pisces Decan 2April 2050January 2060
Pisces Decan 3April 2058February 2068

86 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct Sun Transit

  1. I won’t experience Pluto conjunct Sun, but I’m currently getting Pluto opposite, having the Sun at 3-4 Cancer. Just as profound – layers being stripped away and finding my power beneath like a gold nugget buried in the earth. Losing a parent doesn’t happen to everyone during a major Pluto/Sun transit but it happened to me, and everytime I think I’m “over it” I find a new layer underneath.

  2. I had a memorable Pluto/Sun transit experience.

    In late August 2005, hurricane Katrina hit and within a few hours was blasting my house with 70 mph winds.

    At that time, transiting Pluto was conj my Sag Sun 8th House Sage cusp; transiting Sun was conj my Virgo Pluto/NN conj in 5th House Virgo cusp.

    We were fine except for electricity loss for some days. When the office reopened, I had the…opportunity?…assignment?…responsibility?…to do some extraordinary public assistance.

    I was working for Internal Revenue Service at the time (that’s the US Federal tax collection agency – 8th House!)Due to the nature of my work I can’t describe further but I was proud of myself. 🙂

    I’m am profoundly grateful that I will never have that configuration in my chart again in my lifetime. I am profoundly grateful that I can now look back and see what the true significance of the whole event was: an exercise in North Node and natal Sun “service to mankind” fulfillment through a massive Pluto purge.

    I guess I’ve known all my life that I am here on this earth to help – I live to serve, to steal from Dune. That transit confirmed that I had the balls to do it during the worst hurricane disaster in modern times.

    Now I gotta effin’ get well so I can get back to serving. Maybe not at IRS but somewhere!

    • Love to hear the stories. Thank you for sharing. Pluto will transit conjunct my sun five times in the next three years. I’m holding on tight but I know that it’s going to ask me to let go of everything.

  3. Jamie,

    Great post, very clear examples. I won’t get Pluto conjunct my Sun, but I will get Pluto square my Sun in the year 2020 (at the ripe age of 52). It will be the last of the Pluto squares, which began with Chiron (0d Aries), followed by Venus, Mercury, Eris, Saturn, and my North Node. Fun times ahead!


  4. hi Jamie, I’m Sag and had experienced Pluto conj Sun when Pluto was in Sag. Well, it was hard during that time, but thanks for the transit, otherwise, I won’t become an astrologer! It really changed my whole life direction!

  5. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. This is one transit which people really do worry about when they see it coming up. Now people seraching for information will be able to see your personal stories which is so much more valuable than reading any interpretation on a website or in a book.

    I do plan to continue on with Pluto transits as we go through the natal aspects. The first thing I look at when doing client readings is transitng Pluto, whether it’s a natal, synastry or forecast reading. I have noticed that a high perecentage of people coming for readings do have a hard Pluto transit effecting them, usually to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant.

    • I just want to reassure people not to worry about it. It’s transformational, without a doubt, but you won’t wish to go back to where you were before. That’s a tough thing to say when you’ve lost a parent, it’s tempting to say you want everything back as it was. But I don’t. Dad was struggling and suffering and it was his time to leave us. And losing him has taught me that I do need to start parenting myself, particularly in money terms (very Pluto) and in acknowledging my own power. Thanks Jamie for putting this one up, and hope to see others’ experiences shared here too.

      • Loosing your dad can easily be seen as a manifestation of this transit, as Pluto is death and the Sun is the father, though of course this transit does not on it’s own mean that. So much more has to be taken into consideration. But for you that painful event was a major part of the main Pluto theme here of transformation, gaining your own power and leaning how to handle it following a journey to the underworld.

        I’ll chat about my experience with Pluto squaring my Sun a couple of years ago when I write up that transit next year. I did learn how to be ruthless regardiing other people trying to take my power away from me.

  6. My experience with transiting Pluto joining my natal Sun is probably a little different than some, since I have a stellium of planets (as well as the North Node) connected to my 2nd house Libra Sun on either side; and my natal Sun is exactly opposite my 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna.

    Just prior to Pluto’s conjunction, I’d undergone a major spiritual crisis which had caused me to quit my job in the insurance industry and join up briefly with a so-called religious organization. I quickly realized they were not at all what they seemed, and after leaving, I floundered around for a while, flitting from job to job, not knowing where I belonged. At the time of transiting Pluto’s first exact hit to my Sun, I realized I wanted to be of service in a practical way, and despite my lack of the typical credentials, convinced the owner of a well-established employment agency to give me a shot as a job counselor. As it turned out, I had a natural talent for recognizing people’s strengths, as well as a gift for working with potential employers in helping them to identify their specific needs. People on both ends trusted me to have their best interests at heart and to act with integrity.

    Unfortunately, my personal life didn’t fare quite as well. I began an intensely passionate, on-again, off-again relationship with someone who was not at all good for me. We were both like moths to flame, seemingly unable to stop ourselves, which of course in retrospect, was not at all true. But back then, I felt powerless to stop it which gave it a very addictive quality. Too bad I wasn’t a bit older (and a bit wiser) during Pluto’s transit, which because of its retrograde cycle lasted several long years. It took me several more years to really begin to apply (and understand) how important my values were in all areas of my life.

    Coincidentally, Pluto – through Solar Arc progression – is conjunct my natal Sun right now. I’d say there’s been a similar theme, only more profound but with less personal drama.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I’m learning so much and starting to understand the themes that may result during the next few years as Pluto connects my sun five times. I truly hope that I “get” the lesson the first pass. 😳

  7. In 2006-2007, I had Pluto conjunct Natal Sun.
    Basically I change my ideals and later my career, moved abroad, and met my current partner. It takes time but it’s a “Wow”.

  8. Ed Milliband seized power by becoming elected leader of the Labour Party in the UK in September with transiting Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun.

    His victory was a surprising and controversial, not least because his brother David was also in the runnin and was the favourite to win.

    Just goes to show…

  9. Hi everyone,

    When Pluto transited my 5th house Sun in Sag, I became a grandmother for the first time, and that certainly was transforming for myself and my daughter. Pluto does represent rebirth!!! I do have a happy pluto natally, as it trines my sun. Perhaps that protected me during that transit…… We must keep shining, we are all stars! Stay in the light…

    • Very interesting Bonnie because I have read that Pluto is associated with grandparents. In particular, having Pluto conjunct Ascendant can mean that there is an issue with strong attachment to one of the grandmothers which causes animosity within the families.

  10. my sun is @ 7°50 cap…i wonder what else can happen as about 5 years ago pluto passed my mc, i’ve changed professions, moved countries 3 times, just came back home two weeks ago… natally my pluto is in house 7, squaring my sun in the 10th. i dont know if i feel the transit already but having a pisces ascendant i have never been one to loudly stand up for myself and recently i have noticed that i have started to tell people quite directly when they’ve crossed a line. sometimes i worry because people around me are not used to hearing what i really think and now it just comes out and i am equally surprised. yet still 4 degrees away… i am very curious how it will all unfold. not really scared, but humbled…so much has changed and passed away lately. enriching pluto days to all!

    • Pluto got as far as 5°25′ Capricorn back in April 2010, so I guess you would be feeling it coming up. It will be further on than that by early January 2011.

      It will be normal to feel a bit worried what others think of these changes in how forcefully you stand up for your rights. Most especially if you have been the more submissive in any relationships, friends, family, lovers, professionally. As you change and stand up more for yourself, the energy dynamic in all of these relationships is going to change, these other people are going to react. They will have to accept the new you or get out of the road, because Pluto is relentless.

      • my sun is 7 cap in the 1st house and i have definately been standing up to people that i tried to stay out of fights with. And working on my physical appearence. lots of transformation and i still got a while to go with all the retros of pluto right on my sun.

  11. OMG! my Sun is 5 degrees cap and pluto is on it right now!!! my sun is in the fourth house and squares my natal pluto in the first. So transiting pluto is also squaring my natal pluto!!! I feel i am unraveling. i have a Scorpio partner with a cap descendant so pluto is on his decendant as is my sun. i am sooooo suspicious of him and i feel uneasy. I replay scenarios in my head of myself breaking up with him. I imagine he is having sex with others and then i feel ragefully jealous because i am not doing the same. he is really into himself and his own metamorphisis right now and i am so sexually frustrated. we are together a few times a week but this is not enough for me. i’ve had to keep myself from making booty calls, lol. i have always had a peculiar relationship to my sexuality, masturbating at a very young age and bringing myself to orgasm!!! my parents fiercely kept me away from boys and i totally got the message that this part of myself was shameful. i have always been for the most part modest, loyal and faithful in relationships.Am i being pushed to own my own power over my own body and fully accept and be in charge of getting my desires fullfilled? or am i being urged to be patient? i have a sag north node conjunct mars and neptune in the 3rd house. makes me wanna hold myself to high standards of “the high road” and higher conscioussness. My moon is conjunct my southnodein gemini and i believe the culprit for much of my anxiety and over analyzing, second guessing. i’m having to just trust and believe in myself. Nothing i rely on is in place. no security. i can certainly see why people consider suicide during pluto transits, wheww. but i’m mostly being still because i noticed that my most turmultuous times are when i have done something and am directly responsible for some horrible outcome. My ego is superfragile dare i say roaring right now. and my mate with his desires for freedom and such is stepping on it so much right now. uuuggghhh. i know that some of it is good humbling because i have been seeking to control him instead of focusing on controlling rather being myself, Hello!!!

    • HI there, that really is an intense set up in your chart and in synastry. You are both being hit hard by Pluto now, and this is about an 18 month transit for you both. With Pluto on his DC it is already a big strain on the relationship. And of course you are going through your own personal dramas, complete transormation of your whole identity and what you want out of your life.

      That feeling of wanting to own your power, your sexuality is definitely a manifestation of Pluto on your Sun. No point saying not to worry, this is a very tough time, draining, exhausting, stressful. I think you are on the right track with the realization that putting your energy into controlling him is wasted. The best option is to roll with the punches and work on being centered, feeling the power of Pluto and taking it deep inside, expressing your needs, fighting for your rights, being ruthless. What I can say is that through all the drama you will come out the other side so much more powerful, self confident and strong. I would recommend a book by Jeff Green called “Pluto, Volume I: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”.

  12. Thank you so much! and i have already reviewed the book and ordered on Amazon!

    I definately am on the road to creating a more whole and integrated self!
    I had an inspired thought (while browsing through the book referred)to especially offer my services (reiki, massage therapy, astrology, numerology, aromatherapy,hypnotherapy etc) to Men!!! especially since i am so drawn to them and they to me . and this is a higher way( north node in sag) of penetrating them and allowing them to share energy with me but with (mars in 3rd house conjunct neptune and node)the impermanence of the inevitible session end time!!!! it’s perfect!!!
    i’m considering offering this discretely (not advertising) and on a referral basis only ( i don’t want to hear what anyone else thinks of what i’m doing but myself and my clients)Pluto in the first in Libra- Way to recreate myself and embrace my natal Moon trine Pluto and Sun Square to Pluto!!! I am not a bad girl, nor should i feel ashamed or guilty. The traits that my parents, boyfriends and authority figures denounced(feared) and then that i attempted to discard are actually my friends, my assets and my hidden sources of power!! wish me well!!

    BTW- i am born in the Year of the Tiger!!!

    • Wow!
      I think your career choice is excellent and not in any way bad or shameful. I went for my Masters and PhD in San Francisco in Human Sexuality years back and one of the main courses was called SAR, Sexual Attitude Restructuring. Everything about that experience opened me up. It was right after Pluto went over my Ascendant (3x!) due to it’s Retrograde. It was like backing up and over a dead body! That was years ago Thank God. Now it is coming up to conjunct my Moon in the 3rd and eventually my Chiron so let’s just say l pray my old wounds will be healed, not reactivated! I would love to hear how your life panned out. I am glad you choose to use your amazing sexual energy to heal other people who really do need healing and that your flame drawing energy brought in good men and generous men who appreciated and needed your knowledge and healing touch. Good on you. I have Scorpio Rising and 4 planets in my 8th house in Gemini and my Moon is in Aquarius so l am very progressive and have always been way ahead of my time. Now l am going to read Pluto to my natal Moon to see what’s ahead and in store for me this upcoming Pluto Transit! Yikes! I am hoping it is great sex and deep profound love at the same time, the ultimate!

  13. my mother is going thru this one right now, too, steve. she is 57. i have been urging her to seek counselling for a while now. last week she wrecked her kitchen and finally admitted that she is having a ‘nervous breakdown.’ it hits everyone differently. i think it’s a great opportunity, in any case.

  14. My favorite sweetie has a natal (exalted) Mars in CAP which today is conjoined by Venus and Pluto (“Venus and Mars are alright tonight” -Paul McCartney: wouldn’t Pluto be particularly strong in CAP?) Today the Moon (exalted in Taurus) forms a grand trine with her natal Virgo Jupiter. An excellent opportunity for her to fall madly in love with me :)!

  15. I am being biten by the Pluto bug myself with it transiting my natal sun in the 4th house. I feel rather lost. The old me dying while I try so hard to fight for its life. Then there is a part of me that is tired, frustrated and rather bored with the old life and how I’ve been living. I am not sure what I want to do with my life any more. I feel like a child and I am learning how to walk, talk agin while finding out exactly who I am meant to be at this junction in my life. I am also tired of being single with Libra on my ascendant and Saturn making its way there. I’ve gotten to used to being solo and raising my son -who is now 13 -that I am not sure I know how to relate – intimate or even friendship. I am 46 years old and I feel lost when it comes to relationships because I am so tired the stream of destructions of the old ones that no longer serve my higher good. But the drama is so draining – I am exhausted and may have put up a inner red flag. On the other hand Uranus and Jupiter and transiting my 7th house where My Taurus Moon & Jupiter sits on the Aries cusp. OMG!! So much is happening, so much emotions surfacing that I wish I could be literally transported to a beautiful tropical island where a new life of peace and natural living awaits its inhalation through my breath!!!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing what you’re feeling inside Surya. very descriptive of a Pluto transit. I think we can all especially relate to “the drama is so draining – I am exhausted”.

      One the transit has passed though you do feel so much more powerful, empowered. That’s how I felt anyway with the square.

      • Thanks Jamie! That felt like a bit of a pat on my pluto back. hehehe!! WIth all the shaking up going on and the challenges to access my power from deep within and not respond to certain situations with fear… I am learning to put myself, my self needs, my fears, my confusion and my ego dance aside and connect with the voice, the nurturing needs and the requirements of my SOUL so that I can carry on its PURPOSE!! I have read a lot of feedbacks on the PLUTO 4th house transit and the experiences of others particularly the RELATIONSHIP with the nurturing parent – in my case my mother! We have had the most ugly relationship all my life and two holiday seasons ago we had a dramatic incident – once again- which made me decide that I needed to stay the hell away from her and the other family members that drain me. Of course as the patterns have always been in the past, she’ll call and act as though nothing happened, always sweeping the emotional garbage under the rug. I love her but I don’t like her at all. So now I did respond to one of her calls and she won’t stop calling me. I know the dance and do not want to dance it any more. So right now I am trying to be still to gain the power to do what my SOUL requires that I do in any given moment. HAIL to my SOUL!!! 🙂

  16. Pluto, pluto pluto! he transited my moon, mars, venus, mercury and neptune within the last 18 years. he’s getting ready in February to conjunct my sun in the 6th house. I’m curious what ways I might prepare for him. I’m familiar with his energy by now. I know it helps you to see an entire chart, but just wondering how I might be able to harness his energies better and be safe inside this transit. Most of the planets he touched were all in my 5th house. His transit to Mercury was really intense and challenging for me (big crisis) …lots of earlier drama crisis. Feel smarter about how to be with this powerful little bugger. I’m a new mama now however. I don’t feel I need or want the crisis path with him at this point. : )

    • The conjunction may not represent a crisis as much as the square or opposition I think, especially seeing you have gone through all those conjunctions already. I guess focusing on goals and putting that driven and compulsive energy into those would be a good use of the energy.

  17. I’m so glad I found this page and the comments of all of you going through this transit. I have Cap sun at 6 degrees in the 5th/6th house and Leo ascendent. My moon is in Aries at 3 dgrees so Pluto already passed over my moon before moving on to my sun. I think that maybe was worse because I have natal sun square moon. My natal pluto is in Libra so yes, there’s a square going on there as well. All I can say is lot’s of changes, new job in January 2011 which reqquired a move to a different city. Relationship power struggles, (boyfriend of 3 years now with pluto goping through his 12th house and squaring his natal pluto conjunt sun). But most of all feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of my emotions, angry outburtsts and feeling very tired and like I don’t even know who I am anymore at times. I can say that I’ve gotten much better at dealing with the energies because the transit started a while back. Let’s see what the rest of it brings. I definitely feel a lot stronger that when the trasnit started. Thank you all and good luck!

    • “I definitely feel a lot stronger that when the trasnit started.” This is one thing that seems to common with people who have been through these Pluto transits. It’s hard to see when you’re in the middle of it but it is true.

  18. It is very interesting to see that you cover this subject. I have recently finished a very hard and powerful saturn cycle. Renaissance alchimist talk about what I have been through as the first step. I already feel like I am a new man. But it does happen that I will reborn a few time again this year, having my natal sun conjunct to Facies at 7 of Capricorn. Recently I have met a astral being, that completely instantly submit me, by her lightness and strength of voice. She just said the word GEODE. It took me time to understand the meaning, but I do beleive it is an great alchemical symbol from nature. A volcanic dark stone becoming beautiful within from intense and powerful work of pressure from the Fire.

    It also happen to me that one task I put on Outlook changed date completely. This task was to make a talisman mask for the eclipse of Pluton on my natal Star Facies. It happen that this date has a great astrological meaning, check for yourself. it is the 27 september 2399. I put Montreal and noon as the hour, because I have no clue. And that bring up a beautiful eclipse of Mars in libra at the midsky, also conjunct to Hermes the asteroid and the arabic part of Death. Hermes gnosticism is the path I have begin since my apparation. it is also the only way Mars could be dignified in Libra and I guess it symbolised the warrior path for beauty, which obviously it is direct against what is bad of ourself.

    I feel that this event is a wonderful bulleye from the great far seeing Eye of Facies star. Interesting to know that it is the star of Tiger Woods also and many greatly focused person. In my case the Sun is in the 5th house and I do believe that I have a gift for prospective, far sight speculation. I will begin to study physics soon, as a new career path, and I also believe that this science will soon revolution the basis of energy and production. In itself it is a great Pluton in Capricorn effect. I also begin to be alot more creative, doing arts and sculpture (which is a marsian art, since we slash, cut and break the material) and feel that I am able of more love.

    My opinion from pluton transit is that it will create as much as it will destruct, because when you destroy bad habits and psychologic errors, you make room for consciousness and have new material for building a new. What I fear is that the new may be broken again with the retograde transit… then rebuild. I sound like it could hurt! But for now it is the most beautiful time of my life.

    • i had transiting pluto exact on my moon, which is also conjunct facies by 1’20, this past thursday. marina did a post on hitler, citing his moon on facies as well. in sabian astrology it’s the degree of “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of god.” researching facies comes up with a lot of negative stuff, but there are many aspects and manifestations with any influence/energy. it has been a most intense year for me, too : )

    • I must agree with Zachery my fellow Capricorn. It is a good time in my life too. I’m experiencing my own personal renaissance. Life is so good. I sometimes try to imagine how things will be once this transit ends. My goal is to be well established, healthy, strong-willed as well as a strong personality during this time, so I am prepared.

      Facies is our star for Capricorn. I haven’t given it much consideration in my chart, but since you’ve written an interesting comment on it, I will look further into it.

      Good luck with your love interest.

      Rising Capricorn
      Sun Capricorn
      Moon Aquarius
      Mercury Capricorn
      Venus Scorpio
      Mars Scorpio
      Jupiter Scorpio
      North Node Aquarius
      Midheaven Pisces
      Vertex Scorpio
      Death Taurus
      Beauty Taurus

  19. Pluto will conjunct with my natal Sun at exactly the same time Mercury stations Rx.

    If I survive this I might share the experience through a book or movie. See … there’s always a positive!

    If I don’t post a follow-up after 21st Jan then expect the worst!

    Pluto is indeed a difficult bugger that needs to be wrestled to the ground!

    • oops! Its the 23rd and NOT the 21st. Just as well I checked!!!

      Looking for a well stocked nuclear bunker.

  20. hi i don’t know much about the degrees and all but my birth date is 29/12/1989 and that means i’am a 1st decan Capricorn.I havea lot of things piling up ahead of me i have to undergo my job training on one hand and clear my exams on the other, huh i hope the Pluto conjunct sun helps me.

  21. I’am a decan 1 capri, and before reading your article, i was sort of
    contemplating all these things what you have written. Really I am impressed with your indepth informations. Thank you very much…

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  23. My boyfriend has been going through this transit the past year. (Right during his saturn return) Which you would imagine to be hell on earth, but he has been great. Granted, he’s had to make some difficult choices in regards to his career and lifestyle, but they have all been for the better and now that Pluto is beginning to move off he feels like the new and improved him is about to take center stage. He handled this transit like a trooper! Like everything else in this world, “This too shall pass” and you will be far happier with the new you!

    • Thanks for pointing that out Ray, Sun and Jupiter. I noticed the last solar eclipse was on her IC too.

  24. Sun~4 53 Cap IC
    Moon~1 50 Aries DC
    Uranus~2 54 Cancer MC
    Mars~0 18 ASC

    Pluto con Sun/Uranus con Moon has been invigorating to say the very least,but incredibly empowering and liberating.I had no problem deconstructing what didn’t work in my life and what was conditioned/pespected of/by the world.My perceptions of the old needing burial and transformation has been an impinging(love that word)motif to the madness of living with a G.Cross.The cross prepared me,by doing the homework,for this last 3yrs of Pluto on my Sun/IC.Fear had no place in it,or i may not be writing this post.Fear should only warn you to put on the brakes before you hit the wall,and reverse it.

    A key purpose to my life has been delineated with the my M-Lilith 28 13 Aries/OSC-27 37 Aries 8th,and it’s relationship trine my Sun/IC~sextile Uranus/MC,working through the dynamics of the Cross. A greater purpose for the unity of male/female essence/qualities and the transformation of Lilith issues was seeded in the Marriage of Christ/Magdalena (IMO),a new archetypal symbol to be formed that was suppressed by…..we wont go into all that.All this after the intense homework mapped out through my G.Cross,envisions a new paradigm that brings a close to the separation/duality of Man/Woman on Earth,for those ready,and the de-demonising of the Lilith factor for all.Institutions that have been impeding that will not be sticking around for long.We do have a few years to contemplate that.How we do may depend on how we visualize these transformations(Pluto/Uranus square)to manifest.

    I also went through my 2nd Saturn return as Pluto did it’s dance,so that dates me for sure.:)

  25. No wonder I am feeling so exhausted and socially withdrawn! Life’s been a roller coaster ride for the last couple of years, both financially, emotionally and professionally.

    Can anyone please share with me how I would be affected by Pluto transit?

    SUN – 9 CAPRICORN – in 9th House
    MERCURY – 15 CAPRICORN – in 9th House
    VENUS – 22 CAPRICORN – in 10th House

    CAPRICORN is ruled by SATURN, and my natal Saturn is 15 Cancer(R) in 3rd House.

    Still keeping my faith that things will work out for the better, and hope to see light at the tunnel soon 🙂

  26. 12/30
    cap in merc and midheaven,as well..
    not a nightmare-exactly and actually it’s attracting men-but i can relate to the the ups and downs financially…
    here is something i heard about pluto/sun from another astrologer:
    it is better to use the energy for moving aspects of your life(and other peoples’ lives)that are outdated-it’s good for progress in certain areas of your life other than the more worldly areas…

  27. I feel better about my life than I have felt in all my life since this transit. I stopped smoking in 2009, lost 90 lbs, and continuing to lose weight despite a few minor setbacks. I’m ending a 12 year relationship that fooled me into believing that I had something worthwhlie when actually I had absolutely nothing. I’m very confident and positive about my life. People love being around me and actually plan dates, gatherings and meetings around me. My religious/faith group have all of their meetings at my house and they travel far to come to my meetings. People enjoy the brightness and positivity I bring to the fore.

    Financially things are changing slowly, however I know prosperity is on it’s way soon. I have come up with an invention that will save many lives. I am so eager to launch my idea and do my duty for world peace.

    For the first time in my life I’m so happy. I know being a Capricorn (December 31) happiness is not something easily acquired. But for some strange reason I’m so hopeful of my life and it has never been this way. I even sweet talk myself and tell myself wonderful things everyday all day long constantly. I’m my biggest supporter and cheerleader! I’m more attractive, sophisticated and classy and I even have the reputation of being the ‘town beauty’. I work out at the gym, I walk 8-13 miles a day. I’m also in a belly dancing class which is so much fun. I’m acquainted with people of different cultures and is often invited to many events. I’m making jewelry again which has been an all time favorite. I’m back to my rituals and hold the earth as well as the univere and my ancestors in high regard. I’m so grateful and appreciative of the people in my life and how my life is going.

    When Pluto was in Sagittarius I was living in pure hell. Life for me was filled with dilemmas, trajedies and traumas. I suffered for 10 long years of anger, hopelessness and depression. Pluto in Virgo was transiting my Neptune in Sagittarius and the way I viewed things during that time was through delusion. There was a lot of deception going on too. It is probably safe to say that it the most unhappiest time of my entire life! I’m so glad it is over. Winter does turn into spring! Now life is just wonderful! It is a gift!

    I believe I’m up for a Cinderella transit. Transiting Chiron is conjuncting my natal North Node and transiting Neptune is also conjuncting my natal North Node both in the 9th House. Chiron is on his way to my 10th House where natal Pisces resides. Hmm, now I know why I have come up with an idea that will save lives.

    Natal Capricorn Sun is in my 7th House along with natal Capricorn Mercury with transiting Pluto conjuncting both and I am having so much fun right now; even though, I’ve experienced some frustrations with my current breakup with children’s father. Transiting Saturn is in Libra in my 5th House, transiting Sun and Venus in Gemini are in my 12th House where Psyche in Gemini resides, I wonder what is this about? Transiting Jupiter and Ceres in Taurus are also in my 12th House entering Gemini. Transiting Moon in Pisces in 10th House, transiting Moon conjuncts Midheaven, transiting Chiron also conjuncts natal Moon in Aquarius in 9th House. Transiting Mars in Virgo in 4th House where there is much domestic strife, but I’m making it.

    Wow, I did not know life could be so wonderful and I was even told it gets even better in my 50’s. I’m 41 and looking a good 32! For all Capricorns now is your time. It will get better. My advice to you is do not worry and do not ever get angry, literally. And always be kind, gentle and noble and do everything in moderation and do not talk too much and never meddle in other people’s affairs and never, never allow anyone to run your affairs. Do not waste your time with something that does not make you happy or is not profitable! Put you heart, mind and soul in all that you do and do not do too many things at one time! For everything good in the universe is attracted to you! Remember this. That is my advice to all Capricorns at this time. Be well and prosper!

    Rising Gemini
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius
    Mercury Capricorn
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Scorpio
    North Node Aquarius
    Midheaven Pisces
    Vertex Scorpio

    • Hi Oracle

      Thanks for this positive post..i’m also capricorn 7 deg sun and have ascending gemini..I understand exactly what you mean…I am determined now more than ever to be sincere to the self and be positive and sincere to those around. The biggest challenge I’m finding is that being sincere in my own home with others where i’m tested. Now i have to make the decision to be self in the home or move out…not clear on that yet on how to tackle this but hopefully the divine will show me the way soon. It’s easy to step aside from those that are friends and colleagues but with certain family members i find it a challenge…hmmm. I noticed I blew up yesterday which is unlike myself to do but i know that was a sign that i am allowing things to be as they are rather than making the decision which is important for the self. This is the year to totally transform. Any advice on dealing with family members?

    • ps…we have a wedding to go out of town which i was looking forward to and found out the 2 people who have been my biggest challenge are attending from my house now too. I just don’t want to be in there presence as they would be living at same place…so much resistance to be around them…tickets bought but now i just don’t want to be around them but its my closest cousins wedding. I am so challenged to the point I could let the ticket slide and remain home and be in peace. How would you handle such a situation? Feeling like another dilemma instead of a do i break free?

  28. So I am a Capricorn, born on the 22 of Dec and my sun is in Capricorn, but only 0.21 degrees. What pattern should I look at – the capricorn or the Sagittarius? Thank you for the help!

  29. I dont want to bring a black shadow over the subject, but something must be said. Pluto´s transit over personal planets may bring losses through death. I could see that at my mother´s birth chart – while Pluto transited her eigth house and conjuncted her sun, she lost her mother, a dear uncle, a dear cousin and a dear aunt within a short period of time. Also a friend of mine, while Pluto transited his 2th house, conjuncting his moon and then his sun, and squaring his natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction, lost his wife (car crash), then his father, finally his mother.

    • It is OK to bring this up because it does happen as you have shown. Many of us have experience of loss coinciding with difficult Pluto transits.

      • Thanks, Liege and Jaime, for bringing up the most taboo subject in the world, death. When Pluto was conjunct my natal 3rd deacon SAG ASC, I lost three family members, two within two weeks of each other, suddenly. At the time of the first two sudden deaths,transiting Saturn in Cancer was conjunct my natal 3rd deacon Cancer sun. Uranus in Pisces was transiting my fourth house.


  30. Pluto has been retrograding back and forth over my 9th house Mercury (4º Cap). On my good days I try to stay optimistic and look at this as emotional purging in preparation for the ‘big show’ when Pluto conjuncts my sun at 17º Cap. This journey has been 2 years in the making, and its too soon to say “Are we there yet?” but I refer back to this post periodically to remind myself that my ‘Happy’ is coming, if I stay strong and work through the emotional baggage that will prevent me from being able to truly accept what’s to come.

    P.S: Enjoy your gathering coming up this week! Have a drink for a Canadian fan who would love to be there.

    • when pluto was on my mercury in 2008 (11th house 0′ capricorn) I was obsessive about learning astrology. Saturn had also just entered virgo. I learned ridiculous amounts of information in too short of a time period and my brain eventually fried when saturn return hit in 8th(squaring my mercury as well).

    • By the way, try to recollect what happened to you last year by this time, and the other before… It will be interesting! it also depends on the other aspects of your birth map, natal and transits.

      • oh great thanks Liege. This time of year always seems a turning point for me in general. racking my brains now to remember what! x

  31. Hi Kaz!
    Sun will be conjunct your Pluto once a year, as it happens to everyone. So, the effects are similar, but not so strong or definitive as with Pluto conjunct Sun. Most people will never experience Pluto conjunct Sun, since Pluto´s movement around the zodiac exceeds the time of an average life span…

  32. I’m so sorry to hear of the bloggers who lost loved ones during a plutonian transit to their personal planets. Losing a loved one cannot at all be easy. I never looked at it that way, that Plutonian transits can mean death, literally. I’m so sorry. But death can also mean different things depending on perspective. I just ended an eleven year relationship with my children’s father. Our relationship died never to be reborn again. It is a really, really good thing though. I’m super happy, because now I can continue to transform my life. I’m open to all possibilities and have learned from my mistakes. My Sun, Mercury, Nymphe, Isis, Osiris and Achilles all conjunct and reside in my 7th house that is being transiting by Pluto at this time. My 7th House of Marriage, Relationships and Open Enemies is ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter.

    To the bloggers that had questions about moving on with their lives and attending close relatives weddings, I say to them do not let anyone steal your joy. You don’t want to later regret and say: should of, could of, would of. Go to the wedding and enjoy yourself. Be happy for your loved ones tieing the knot and hope they won’t end in divorce!

    As for the blogger who didn’t know if they should leave or not? If your current situation is causing any stress to your life, I would say leave and start over. As a Capricorn, getting angry is not a good thing for us. It blocks us from getting what we want. Family members can sometimes be a real drag. You have to get away from them sometime. But the decision is yours and you know best.

    For the Capricorn born on December 22nd, yes you are a Capricorn. Isn’t that wonderful? I bet you have some Sagittarius in your personality.:)

    I hope that Capricorns during this transit will experience much happiness, good health and prosperity. Because that is exactly what I intend to do!

  33. My natal chart:
    11 Sun Capricorn, 12th house
    16 Moon Aquarius, 1st house
    5 Mercury Capricorn, 12th house
    5 Neptune Capricorn, 12th house
    21 Ascendant Capricorn

    The past couple years have been a roller coaster for me and yet, I’ve had some of the most insightful experiences I’ve had to date. But after all of that, April 3, 2013 is when Pluto hits my natal sun and I’m about ready to go into hibernation until after Pluto hits my Ascendant at 21 degrees in Capricorn.

    Personally for me, 2012 has been super intense with Neptune moving from Aquarius into Pisces in my 1st house. It was like the framework in which I viewed the world for so many years all came crashing down at once. It was all worth it though, I’ve learned so much.

    I suppose the most valuable lesson I have learned from all of this is that life is more about investing in the process, not the outcome and to enjoy the ride while you’re here. As cliche as all of that sounds, I finally “get it.”

  34. I experienced a very intense, encompassing, cosmically “right” (which then became heartbreaking, soul-shaking, and life changing) event during this transition (just over 3 months ago) , and I hope with every cell in my body that that was the worst of it, and from here on it it is just going to be about positive transformations and learning to become a better person. I wish all of you positive changes during this time. If you also happen to experience struggle, my heart is with you.

  35. So, I was born on 25 December, 1993 at 8 am, how strong is the effect, this october?

  36. I want to look at charts of people that have sun in 12th like mine, or ruler of 7th…how do I search for these? I think Jodie’s is in her 11 and rules her 8th?

    • Solar Fire does chart searches for planet in house. We are going to do up some pages with planets in houses but I think Marina is starting with Pluto at the moment.

      • I took a peek at the celebrities you listed…so far the ‘closest’ to my chart is heidi fleiss lol…(as far as sun rulership of 7th) Her sun is in 11th though…
        A quick look at her life at the moment I didn’t find much, other than an article from 2011. I find her gross. lol
        I guess I am just curious to find info on pluto moving in on the sun being the 7th ruler.
        Pluto transit over my neptune and then merc were very intense, and transits to my sun have traditionally not been very awesome. There is jupiter trine (which is ruler of MC so that seems good…) but also the moon opposition.

  37. Pluto is transitting my sun/south node conjunction and progressed MC, I am trying to google some inspiration about the changes I am confronting ( meanwhile prgressed sun shifts to pisces) I feel new energy and awareness, Finishing a 19 year period as full time artist off and getting 49 (7×7 real soon now) with One euro left on my account i wonder how to focus my energy: Just Ambitious for all my heart wishes against all fears and current crisis? I feel like with drawing ( pluto transitting 12th house so here I am, swinging in my hammock visiting darkstar astrology from a city attick, thanks for this space! Jane

    • Jane, that sounds like a wonderful transition.Do you ever play with the cards–tarot? you might explore pulling some cards for inspiration too. To clarify what the progression is bringing your way. You could look at opportunities, obstacles, blocks to growth/shadow and transformation.

      I’m intrigued by a sun conjunct south node in cap. I’m a sun in cap conjunct jupiter (trailing close behind north node almost conjunction). Pluto’s transiting me too.

      Reading your post made me think of my own transitions w/ pluto and for some reason, made me consider the tarot (which i work with) as a way to explore the transits. Perhaps give it a try?


    • Hi Jane

      My heart goes to you. That’s exciting to hear you are feeling the new energy and awareness :-). Just remember no matter what astrological alignment you are facing the idea is to have trust and faith that abundance is your true nature. All will fall in place no matter what your mind thinks you have right now. It’s all about letting go of the past preconceptions and believing in who you truly are from your heart and soul. It means you don’t need to chase your hearts desires or be ambitious about it…it’s all already there. Believe it, deserve it, embrace it…it’s all there :-). Much blessings to you.

  38. i am going through this transit so,yeah,it’s pretty much intense although i am only 16 now,lol. My sun is in 12th house capricorn.

    • At least you get this out of the way early, one way to look at it. My 11 year old girl had Pluto opposite her Sun for age 9 and 10, very tough for her. But as I kept telling her, it get’s better from here!

      • Tell her it is lucky to have pluto opposition in early age as she will not face that anymore in her life.

  39. Jamie, could you resurrect this one in the New Year as Pluto gears up to cross into the 3rd decan of Capricorn? Im mostly interested in how it may play out for JeffBezos.

  40. How do you see Pluto/Saturn conjunction at 12 January 2020?
    In my personal chart Pluto/Saturn transit will conjunct my Sun at 21.55 degree and Mercury 23.53 degree.
    Capricorn Sun rules my 4th house and is at cups of my 9th house.
    Pluto rules intercepted 6th house and is in my 5th house. Saturn rules 8 and 9th house. My ascendant is Gemini.
    I am planing to relocate to far away country for work but I have some health issues and I am a bit worried if this transit should be considered as positive or..?

  41. After forty years of the wrathful dismemberment completed, and with a natal pluto on my midheaven (that has saved me from death quite a few times), Pluto is 5 degrees from my 3rd house Aquarian Sun (3 degrees); and Neptune/Jupiter on my Pisces Moon (exact) today (I have a natal Jupiter/Neptune/North Node in the 12th in Scorpio). I am finally free, and in the state of what the Buddhist’s term: Liberation. After dissolving three past lifetimes of karma, I feel wonderful for the first time in my entire life.

    • Excellent!

      Seems to be the year of gaining momentum.

      Second set of court papers delivered this morning(unexpected).

      Have reached a point where i simply don’t care what’s thrown at me.

      Can’t break my spirit.

      I have no control on what’s unfolding.

      Emotionally numb and *non reactive.

      The point i had to reach.

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