Pluto Conjunct Uranus Transit

Pluto Conjunct Uranus Transit

Pluto conjunct Uranus transit only affects people born after 1966. For most of us, this rebellious influence occurred early in life and would have had rather dramatic effects. You will have had little awareness of this influence for those over forty years of age. There may have been some surprising changes in your family or environment that changed the direction of your life.

School-age children would have had the most trouble dealing with this tumultuous energy. Conforming to the rules and regulations imposed by parents and teachers would have been challenging. You would have felt an overpowering urge to be different and express your individuality. However, the more you tried to do your own thing, the more conflict you would have experienced.

Lack of self-discipline, impatience, and impulsiveness could have caused a lot of trouble for you and your parents. You would have been highly self-aware that you were somehow different and did not fit into the monotonous routine imposed by authority figures.

There is a tendency with this transit to feel that you already know everything or that you are superior or unique compared to the average person. You probably have above-average insight and wisdom, but others would not like hearing about it.

The older you are when this transit occurs, the more you can make it work. The increased self-awareness is a great asset as it allows you to seek the freedom you need without causing so much disruption in your life.

You will likely receive profound insights that increase your understanding of human nature and life. You can investigate and deeply understand occult subjects such as astrology. This deep curiosity about the unfamiliar or peculiar will also extend to discoveries.

You can find inventive new ways to transform your life so that you do not need to drop out of society to be different. Excitement and change can be seen through relationships with people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds, travel, and technology. You may become fascinated or obsessed with technological breakthroughs and how they can improve your life.

Pluto Conjunct Uranus Transit Dates

Uranus conjunct Pluto last occurred in 1966, so only those born after that date experience this transit in their lifetime. As shown in the table below, most of us had this transit while still young. Only people born into the 2020s will experience Pluto conjunct Uranus transit but at a much older age.

Birth YearAge

30 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct Uranus Transit

  1. I have this aspect in my natal chart. I was born in 1967. Does everyone born since 1966 have it?

    • No, only your generation Kim, but everyone born since then will have the transit Pluto conjunct Uranus.

      • Hi Jamie, I was born 17/12/1962 at 4.23pm Sydney, NSW. I also have Uranus conjunct Pluto and also the moon conjunction them both in-between in virgo in my 4th house. I have read this conjunction began in 1962 to 1968, you say in your blog that it only effects people born after 1966?

      • I have that same Pluto conjunct Uranus aspect in my chart and I was born in December 1962 and I can very much relate to what you were saying about the childhood, lack of conformity and sense of being separate etc…I think there were a few times before 1966 when the conjunction happened but it is closest in the years around 1966

      • jamie what do you think about upcoming pluto transit to 24 to 25 degree of capricorn of fixed star teriblum Terebellum for those who have uranus of this fixed star how will pluto react to this increase in power or decrease in power as uranus on Terebellum means sudden promotion and fall how do you see pluto conjunct uranus and activating this star in people chart

    • Same here. Confused. According to this site, transits are occurring every 10 years … according to the 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020 chart. Therefore, if we go earlier, it was 1960, or 10 years before 1970. But I’m 1967 and have it. Confused?

      • Yours is a 3 degree orb, but I’m not sure what’s being implied in this chart. If you’re born in 1970, then at 4 years old you have the Uranus conjunct Pluto…that would be false, because that implies that in 1974 Uranus conjunct Pluto, and it doesn’t. Uranus was 5 degrees conjunct Pluto at the end of 1967, but just gets wider after that.

        Uranus won’t conjunct Pluto again until after 2100, so I don’t really get the chart at all.

      • Hi Lynna. The transits listed are for what year you were born, for transiting Pluto conjunct natal Uranus. This is different to Uranus conjunct Pluto which I have not written about yet. Will do it soon.

    • have it in my chart I was born 10.17.1966 within Uranus conjunct pluto 3degree orb… I am fairly new to all of this but this pretty much explains my chaotic life I have had my entire life. I’m 53 and I’m exhausted…

  2. Hi Jamie, I have this aspect in my chart, born April of 1965, about 2;30 orb. Not sure what you are referring to, that being born after 1966… can you clarify?

  3. My son and others born around 1993 are about to experience Pluto conjunct the Neptune Uranus conjunction around 20/21’Cap in their charts, the potential good/not are quite extreme I would think. I try not to worry and add fear to this situation for him, however he has had a very troubled 10 years and this occurs in his 8th house, he is not easy to” reach”, quite closed off, especially from me just now and being a young adult out in the world, the last thing I want to be doing as a mother is be an interferring annoyance, but it reallly is hard, because he struggles with depression as well as heightened anxiety and has huge trust issues, trying to hope for the best and that it is possible for this to trigger a sudden end to his years of struggle, may be a sudden surge of brilliant ideas to transform himself, without ignoring the obvious opposite, its a very fine line.

    • Hi Debbie – one of my friends is experiencing this in her 8th house as well. I guess with Pluto in the 8th, there will be a chance of depression and anxiety because the transit lasts for so long and is so hard-hitting! I wish your son strength.

  4. Jamie, I am looking for information on transit Pluto conjunct natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction, for a couple of friends born in 1993, but I can’t really find anything. This transit is happening now, but it feels like Neptune has hidden it out of sight of the astrological community. Or maybe just from me lol. Will you be writing about it, or can you point me in a direction? Thanks!

  5. I was born Oct 3 1963 I have it conjunct my 1st house rising virgo.

  6. Gosh I feel you. I’m 25 and was born in 1992 and am currently feeling it. It’s in my 7th house so my relationships haven’t been working out well since Pluto has gotten within an orb of natal Uranus starting early last year.

  7. The first time the Uranus conjunct Pluto aspect was exact, was 9 October 1965. At the time, I was 20 years old and about to undergo a profound change that has coloured my life since then.
    Within a short time of that initial date, I embarked on a career in computers (very Uranian!) that lasted 45 years and during which i earned a great deal of money (Pluto). I was fired, and subsequently retired, from my last computer job in 2012, the year that Uranus started squaring Pluto.
    Much more than this, I went through some profound personal changes too. The person that I am now, was born with this conjunction in 1965.
    It’s been an absolute TRIP!! Sometimes, an extremely difficult one…

    • This post should go onto the Uranus conjunct Pluto post. I’m copying it there.
      Jamie, please delete this post and the one above if you ever happen to come across them…

  8. The Year is off cause my mom is born in 1963 and has this aspect in her chart and I am seeing it in her personality as well.

    • Yes it is off, it does occur earlier, I have it and I was born December1962, the conjunction is wider than in 1966 but a conjunction all the same 🙂
      It is well known to occur earlier than 1966, as early as 1961 a quarter conjunction and 1970 also a quarter conjunction.

  9. I was born May 27, 1992, so Pluto is transiting my 1st house, conjunct my natal Uranus/Neptune while also Sextile to itself (Pluto Sextile Pluto transit). Can you share your interpretation.

  10. My son, born at the end of 1980, had this transit around his 13th birthday, as you said.
    Tr Pluto was then conjunct his Desc (as well as con Uranus), also opposite Algol at his Asc. (I wonder why all my posts seem to involve Algol lately??).
    In early 1974, he was diagnosed with ADD (without hyperactivity) and subsequently, MANY years later (17, in early 2011), with Aspergers.
    Tr Mars was also con his natal Neptune in his 7th house (I know you don’t do houses!).
    I sent him to a highly recommended remedial boarding school where he absolutely blossomed. But this school was 400 miles away from home, and the separation was brutally difficult for us because we are close. However, all in all this was a positive set of circumstances – he got a decent education and gained in independence.

  11. I’m born in 2000, Scorpio/Aquarius and Uranus is Conjunct my Ascendant. I am frightened and excited at the same time about the transit.

  12. Jamie, I cannot find transiting Pluto in opposition to Natal Uranus anywhere on your website – does this transit exist. Actually it is not found anywhere.

  13. Hi
    I have Uranus conjunct Pluto ( born 1966) on my midheaven (10th house) (Neptune/ Scorpio Asc … ) I’m rather nervous what this means for me as I’ve had quite a lot of sudden change in my life and feel another major one underway (like a new lifetime each time) looking at the positives as always keep the more negative aspects in back of my mind as to what I need to adjust and improve) … are some of us with this aspect stepping into more leadership roles with its affect on society?

  14. Hi
    The primary aspects…
    1966 Uranus conj Pluto.
    2021 Saturn sq Uranus. Both hard aspects.


    See the easy chat Neptune trine Neptune? Like debating the merits of Beatles, Monkeys or Rolling Stones, and why? Jamie has a thread for this aspect.

    The square in the synastry represents the more unpleasant talk like dealing with a work environment in the service, under a filibuster. Which is mentioned in your query, ie. the challenge of leadership.

  15. What does it mean? My transiting Uranus conducts 4 th house Pluto in a few years? Is it a move? My s. Node tgere so worried

  16. I had this transit occur when I was 10 years old and I did indeed feel intelligent and superior, lol. I excelled at grammar and literature in elementary school, and at this time I was part of a group of kids who were quite advanced for our age. We were allowed to attend a separate class during the regular grammar lesson to learn things that were not in the books, and I remember feeling incredibly cool about it! So funny.

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