Saturn Opposite Sun Transit

Saturn Opposite Sun TransitSaturn opposite Sun transit can be a draining time because you are more likely to feel weighed down and pessimistic about the challenges and blockages to your progress. These tests, which we all go through, seem more serious and numerous during this transit and will likely make you feel more burdened and restricted in your freedom or self-expression.

These challenges to your will or ego can come from people who are very difficult to fight against, such as parents, bosses, or anyone with some authority over your life. This is why it can be so frustrating: You must struggle through the boring routines even though you may want to break free.

This period can be a low point, but it is essential to remember that it is probably happening for a reason. It may be that your ambitions are being held back at the moment because the timing is not correct. There may be more lessons or skills to learn so that when this transit passes, you are ready to take full advantage of new opportunities.

The Sun rules your self-esteem and ego, so these may be low during this time. It’s better to stay patient, focus on hard work, look after yourself, and play it low-key for a while. This transit is a time to strengthen your character by facing any adversity head-on, which will give you more confidence in the future.

Saturn Opposite Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Leo Decan 1March 2020December 2021
Leo Decan 2March 2021December 2022
Leo Decan 3March 2022March 2023
Virgo Decan 1March 2023March 2024
Virgo Decan 2March 2024February 2025
Virgo Decan 3February 2025February 2026
Libra Decan1May 2025January 2027
Libra Decan 2May 2026April 2027
Libra Decan 3April 2027April 2028
Scorpio Decan 1April 2028March 2029
Scorpio Decan 2July 2028March 2030
Scorpio Decan 3June 2029May 2030

131 thoughts on “Saturn Opposite Sun Transit

  1. In essence its limiting. But then there is the other element of learnng to deal with limitation and this is why saturn is also known as The King Maker – although the conjunction probably better for a good king. There are some lousy kings in history!!
    Do you remember when Linford Christie was competing to retain his OLympic gold medal? He was disqualified after three false starts. Saturn was directly opposite his sun. It will literaly stop you dead in your tracks.
    What a perfect example of the frustration of Saturn opposite the Sun. Another angle on it is that work can get in the way of everything. Hard for Aries who wants to play!

      • Actually, I might have made a mistake, I think it was conjunct… Will look again.

          • Or not since that’s Uranus conj Sun!
            Bah… I’m going back to sleep! Have not adjusted to the South Atlantic anomaly yet… Part of brain still in Northern Hemisphere!

            • Oh, I think I still have jetlag one week after coming back to Australia. That’s my excuse anyway!

    • yes yes and yes. Had this up until October 2011 and it was extremely depressing – never so near collapse from pain and lack of sleep in my life. And never so frustrated at how SLOW the process was. I was recovering from a car accident (still not done) and had to take the firm I work for through a new business formation and new partner. Also – with sun in eighth ended up having to see a psych for ptsd and it was like Alice going down the proverbial rabbit hole. Ended up being a lot of emotional processing (more work) as trauma was tied into all the emotional stuff going on at time of accident. So – heavy work in many ways while being physically very weighed down by injury. Was working hard at recovery as well which required a lot of discipline. Very insightful – perfect frustration and stopped dead in my tracks!!! Uber – you did it again 🙂

      • wow…I am also recovering from a car accident, and everything got crazy at work where we now fear for our jobs. Relationships have gradually taken on a frustrating quality, getting over a big heartbreak…am usually a happy person but this has been a frustrating time.

  2. I’m a 22 deg. Aries.
    Oh yes not to mention the Sun in Libra joining Saturn in opposing my Sun.
    But I’m thankful for my other posative transits going on. (like SunTrineMars,MoonTrineMars,MercuryTrineVenus!)

    But yes the weekend I was really feeling this opposition!
    From people getting on my nerves at work, to my date plans getting canceled due to car trouble…and feeling like I couldn’t get any thing done around the house.

    But I did learn stuff.

    I was also born with Saturn Squaring my Sun. (People tell me I don’t look like an Aries.)
    But on the bright side Saturn Sextiles my Moon.

  3. Spot on with what has been going on under this transit. I have also had pluto square pluto (unless I am wrong) which is another very trying transit. Glad this one is over this month and some positive transits forecast. Taking care of myself has involved sleeping way more than the average person and way more than I usually do, figured have to sleep rather than have nervous exhaustion! Also lot less energy for things like the gym so my weight has ballooned lately (perhaps progressed sun in taurus, taurus likes their food!)

    • Sleeping more than usual sounds spot on. Sun is vitality and Saturn does wear you down. I had Sun opposite my Saturn today and went back to bed for a few hours.

  4. …..a lighthouse at night in silence, a deep quarry lined with quartz in brilliant starlight, a hermit polishing an obsidian mirror, a politician daily checking his vault full of diamonds and gold, a temple filled with the sound of heavy industry, a prisoner remembering his inner child being embraced by his father, a sundial made from the hands and face of an old stopped clock…..

  5. I have Saturn conjunct Moon as well as my daughter , sister , and Mother .It runs in the family so it must be karma .

    • Oh my goodness! That is really stunning family synastry, never heard of anything like this before.

      • I have the same thing ofa Saturn cojuct my Moon,my mother,my father and 3 kids of mine are all with the square of that same Moon and Saturn. My life is a very hard walk by my chart in general,because on top of all that I have a Big Cross of squares and oppositions of Saturn-Moon; Moon-Mars;Mars-Neptune:Mercury and Mars….So many talents, beaty ,education and intelligence-BUT NOT ONE ACHIEVEMENT desired by an Arien wirh rising Pieces and the conjust of Saturn-Moon on my accedant….OBSTICLES on every single corner…Inner and emotional pain all my life. I feel like its a chronic blockage of any project that I go through,relationships,etc.etc…Harsh living with wanting play like an Arien but ending up at a Nowhere…So,my kids chart are really good charts and I can tell it already by looking them growing into older teens.But I am still wondering…is it KARMIC Moon-Saturn aspects which follows my whole family or its just a coinciedence?

  6. I am a 25 degree Aries with a 20 degree Aries Rising…I guess I should climb under a rock for a year. Ugh.

      • Uranus doesn’t get to 13 degrees Aries till 2014 so you have some time before your crystal experience, something to look forward to!

  7. * Business/job ….


  8. I (28 deg Aries) am moving into an “antisocial” phase where I have no need for a partner, or for friends or family around me, and all I care about is my personal projects. I am quite content with my own company. I have become almost completely emotionless, have stopped caring about everything except my creative pursuits, and have become a completely maddening flake – I have had enough of too much responsibility, and am focusing exclusively on myself and my own needs.
    I do take the “restrictive” influence with a pinch of salt, since I refuse to believe that anyone has the power to restrict me. I am pretty sensible in my assessment of what is realistic, so I just set my personal goals and get on with them – I was in a relationship with a Scorpio for a while, who taught me that recognition by the outside world didn’t really matter, and I have to say it has been helpful to me, as I can just get on with life and do what I enjoy without my soul being in thrall to other people.
    I have also been through experiences in the past year with social groups that have taught me what I am, and am not prepared, to accept, and have grown something of an elephant hide. I am on the verge of giving one particular activity up, as it no longer serves any purpose in my life. So I don’t see the influence as restrictive – just another obvious period of growth.

    • I think this is the way forwards. Saturn is the kingmaker – it can restrict but it builds too. I can totally relate to where you’re coming from. Most interaction is just mindless reaction. Well done you.

  9. Hi!

    I do feel the burden! I am an aries 27° 24´ in 10th house. And a cancer ascendant 9° 14´. So! Saturn opposing sun and squaring ascendant. Not even my pretty and otherwise funny moon in sagitarius is helping much. My bosses at work restrict me. Promotion was given to others. And at home, children are asking for opportunities that I am not able to afford, to give. Restriction, again. I feel sad and my brain feels in void. I would not have a hint to bring my self out of this situation. I read that we are to be patient and to take it easy, walking in these low profile modes. I think there is not a choice! God Blesses us all!


  10. WOW, so interesting to read these. I have my sun at 27’35 Aries (10th house), Moon at 29’51 Pisces (9th House), and Ascendant at 19’35 Cancer. I also have Venus retrograde conjunct Mercury in the 10th house between 6 and 7 Aries, with only a ’21 degree distance between them. My moon is pretty closely conjunct my Midheaven, which is at 1’56 Aries.

    I got a lot going on.

    Looks like I’ll be having Saturn opposite my soon this year at the same time I’ve got Uranus conjunct my moon/midheaven. Any insight from anyone on how this will affect things?

    I dropped out of law school in Cincinnati about two months ago. I had completed the first year successfully, and with good grades, but more and more, I realized I didn’t want to be a lawyer at all. I wanted to be a writer. So I took one of the hugest risks of my life, left law school, hightailed it out of Ohio and moved to Colorado about a month and half ago.

    Prior to that move, my story was EXACTLY like Calli’s above; I mean creepily so. I became a hermit, pretty much. I had been kinda the “bell of the ball” in law school, partied all the time, dated a zillion dudes at once, and had to be loved by everyone. Then I dated a Scorpio who caused me to take a deeper look at myself and stop being a slave constantly seeking validation from others.

    Recently, things have started to pick up speed for me. I’m a finalist to be on a Sundance reality show with my gay best friend, which would help me gain some publicity to hopefully get a book deal. I’m writing a humorous book for women about avoiding the whole hating-yourself-into-a-bad-marriage,-career,-and-life thing that seems to happen to a lot of us 20-something gals. I want to give other women the kind of empowerment I have come into and encourage them to ditch their fears and have faith in their own talents and intuition.

    Additionally, my boyfriend (the sage Scorpio) is in talks with the city government of NYC to manage a big public art project there for summer 2013, and I have agreed to do some grant-writing for that, which should bring in some income if the show doesn’t pan out.

    Right now, my finances are tight as hell and I don’t have a “real” job because of the other potential/pending life developments. Additionally, I have been dealing with a huge physical and spiritual separation from my family for the first time in my life, and that kind been a little difficult, but it has been a very, very positive development for my own personal growth. Like Calli, I’m relatively isolated for the first time, but it feels good. It feels necessary, and like I can finally just be myself.

    My basic question is: things have kinda never been better, hahaha! So what gives? Have I just not hit the doom-and-gloom part yet? I keep reading that this month is supposed to see a whole lot of new and lucrative career developments for me, and that would make sense with everything going on, but should I brace myself for a whole lot of rejections and disappointments?

    Is a Saturn-Sun transit any easier on you if you are already spiritually aware of/workin on the “lesson” you’re supposed to learn by the time the transit hits?

    Thanks for reading, guys, and good luck to all my fellow Aries!! Remember to tap into that Aries courage and willpower when the chips are down, guys. We’re the little fireflies of the world, even when our lights are momentarily out!

    • Some astrologers believe that Saturn opposite anything can be positive because it is the furthest away it can be from said planet. Also I have noticed that when a transiting planet aspects anything in your chart it will activate the same planet(in this case Saturn)in your natal chart. So expect it to manifest wherever you have it your natal chart as well as issues related to the house the transiting planet is in of course. I hope this is helpful. I do believe your spiritual awareness is significant as well.

    • I’m interested in the fact that you are dating a scorpio. I started texting and telephonically speaking with my first love on 9/2/2011, we were with each other for two weekends shortly thereafter (we live 8 hours apart), once again the intenseness was AWESOME (unfortunately I broke his heart 42 years ago), and then by October 12th he stops the “lovie dovie” texting (even though his last one stated.. “.. you starting to appreciate what we have…”. Long story short, he did the typical Scorpio thing and almost vanished. I could add several examples of why I know he had not changed how he felt, but got “scared” because he had been so vulnerable and open with me. So, now it is in “friendship status” and we have not talked, texted or emailed in close to 6 weeks. My spiritual guide tells me (as well as multiple others) that he will call… just be patient. Do you have any words of encouragement? Thanks.

    • Best wishes Erica! That was great, thanks for the inspiration. Follow your dreams. Now I feel like all my issues this transit are normal. Loved hearing from all the fellow aries 🙂 -Nancy

  11. I don’t like this aspect though i can learn a lot of it. My sun is on the first degree of taurus in 7. The opposition is not yet exact. I can feel it on my relation. A dark cloud, but also a ferm lesson. Don’t possess or control, let it flow, concentrate on the light in the relation, take it serious

  12. Saturn opposed my sun when my son was nearing a year old, in late 2010-early 2011. I had gained a lot of weight from my pregnancy, was lethargic and depressed, my relationship had bit the dust. It took me a very long time to realize just how down I was – the times in my life that anything has gotten me down for so long have been very rare! What I remember most, though, was FEAR. I was so insecure and fearful of the future, and just saw death and bereavement in every card and every transit. Paralysing fear. In hindsight it dawned on me that old Saturn was transiting opposite my Aries sun and conjunct Pluto (house 8/2). At the time, it was just awful. I’m quite glad that transit is over! Now, Saturn will square my moon while Pluto squares my Sun and Uranus conjuncts it… I’ll enjoy the respite from the outer planets while I can!

  13. I don’t understand the degrees or anything you lovely ladies are talking about. How do you figure that out? All I know is that I’m an Aries. I was born April 11th at 3:15 at the morning. Can anyone tell me what degree/house I’m in and if my year is going to get better? please? I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

  14. Each decan encompasses 10 degrees. Each sign has 3 decans and encompasses 30 degrees. 12 signs X 30 degrees = 360 degrees completing the circle so to speak.

    Go here and click on Birth Chart and enter you information and you will find your answer.

    BTW – The sun is opposite Saturn for me too right now, just like you, and it sucks. Can’t wait for October 2012.

  15. Me either, Wayne. Can´t wait until October… but then Saturn will be in my 5th house, NN. And I will still have transits related to Saturn. I have to learn, though I only hope to be auto-constructive and not end eating my self within, by being a perfecitionist (quite Saturnian) with me or with others.



  16. Well im an aries decan 3. Saturn entered my 7th house and completely re-arranged my love life, well I dont have a love life anymore but thats ok. Now I have started a business but I have been hit by major obstacles and cant seem to focus. I am hoping things get better when Saturn enters my 8th house. Lets hope.

    • I am like you, Decan 3 Aries wondering what the hell happened to my love life even though I played by the rules and did my absolute best. Hopefully when October 2012 comes, something good will happen for both of us!!

      • geezus I’m having the same kind of year… 3rd decan aries.. my relationship totally tanked this year during the summer and it had started out more promising than most and honestly we had a great level of things in common and understanding.. It blows my mind how it blew right up this summer. Forget about the financials and job frustrations they too have been really upended and strained.

        anyway I have no illusions about getting back together but I’m looking forward to not hurting so much and moving on. Possibly even leaving the state.

  17. my DOB is 12 April, i have physically faced and felt the “Saturn Opposite Sun Transit “. it started in last week of Oct 2011 following seriese of disasters. first i had to go on unexpected journey, then i very unusual medical problem (while eating ,bone was stucked into my throat) and dealt with medical proccedure/operation.sudden after this in mid of November i got fired from my job and despite of extreme efforts i couldn’t find a new source of income, my financial situation start getting worst.within two months i decided to change the place. from March to April i travelled to two countries but didn’t get job. amazingly, i am still out of job…………… so long unemployment has effected my personality, livings, family and much more. now i am working on something and hopeful that in month of september/october i will get some source of income, in fact very good source of income. in last 10 months i my life has turned 180 degree….. just waiting when this viscious saturn opposite sun transit will over.

    • My birthday is the same day. Wow that’s rough. Makes me feel blessed to have Aqua Mars 23 degrees to have Saturn trine that to balance out that Sun opposition. I was in some bad relationships, and had more friend drama than I’m used to. Finally met a guy that brings out the best in me. But according to cafe astrology it will be done opposing our Sun September 1st.
      But it sounds like you finally got rewarded for all those hard times.

    • I just posted above but had about the same things happen around the same time starting late aug early sept.. I got hurt in weird ways.. got bit by a dog on my hand in sept, slipped down stairs, went through getting hours cut in a move to get me to quit my job.. my gf suddenly wanted to split up in nov.. and then we did permanently in july.. it has been an awful mind boggling year. Oh yeah and no matter what i did could not gain a track with some gainful employment.. money has been really bad. Oh that is one of the reasons I got left.. too lazy didn’t work enough. so so annoying. I can’t wait for this year to totally be over.

  18. I am also Aries dec 3. My Libra man walked out without a word back in January (yes – literally disappeared for a month) after more than 25 years – and I am now left with a house that won’t sell, bills I can’t pay and so much misery and depression like you wouldn’t believe. ROLL ON OCTOBER!!

  19. I don´t always stay at this low profile attitude I should, and when I open my mouth is to disturb atmosphere… I´m feeling not good, to say the least and I would like to fly to december when a beautiful trine Saturn Asc Cancer, will show pretty things.

    I just hope I am able to endure. I don´t know where I read that we should die consciously, and to bring the light of conciousness into what we have to change. We should not resist it. We should learn of it.

    Which reminds me of inflation… My Sun is inflated. It conj. Venus. And it also trines Pluto, sextiles Lillith and trines Galact. Center. Though, this thing about getting quite uncontrolled and to seem odd to others (squares Uranus) and to be confused all the time (opposes nept.) is not a nice thing to live, really.

    Hope energies bring me to the rainbow and that I will be better, then…



  20. I completely understand ALL of you! Aries born April 15th and this year could not be over soon enough! Hope it gets better for all of us 🙂

  21. So when will us aries catch a break? I feel lost and lonely. I think about suicide a lot, but know that’s the coward’s way out. I can even afford a psychic so I can possibly get a glimmer if hope. I’m at my wit’s end! When will this be over?!

  22. I am a DOUBLE ARIES! April 16th…I am soooo hoping that I can catch a break. I truly feel like there are going to be some BIG changes coming up for me and my ARIES Husband ( April 9 – 2nd decan ). We have been feeling like its just the 2 of us against the world!
    Now I have to worry about Saturn going into Scorpio ( and I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th ).
    Can we ever catch a break???

  23. Wee you Aries guys finally get the break after this long transit. Saturn enters Scorpio on Friday the 5th of October 2012.

    • Oh thank god! it has been exhausting for me personally…life totally transformed whether I liked it or not….but truly greatful to you both & your great Dark Star Astrology site…it really has been a staff along the path…a light in the dark! Thanks guys…keep on shining x….ps roll on October!

    • Yes Jamie! Seems like getting better! (I hope also wiser).

      Just a pair of accomodations, and we will feel free and optimist, lively and direct (as always!), though, with some sordina -like when playing a piano.



  24. Oh yay! Except…. as Saturn enters Scorpio it will oppose my Chiron and square my Leo moon. :l I think I’ll just keep my eyes on 2014. Haha 😀

    • I wouldn’t be worried about the transit to Chiron but I don’t like the sounds of Saturn square Moon, yuk. I tend to feel them more than Saturn transits to Sun.

  25. I’m Aries dec 3 and since Nov 2011 life has been an uphill struggle. It’s been a really bad year, especially to do with love.

    • Things will get a lot easier soon for Aries, Saturn enters Scorpio on October the 6th 2012.

  26. Like I said… I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th…Saturn hitting there isn’t going to make it any easier..right? 😉

    • I think by the time Saturn comes up to your Neptune, it will be well away from opposing your Sun. I’m guessing your Sun is about 26 degrees Aries being born on April 16, and transiting Saturn right now is 26 degrees Libra. This is about as difficult as it is going to get for you. By next week you will feel the heaviness lifting. By the time Saturn goes over your Neptune, you will be feeling fine, and that transit in not nearly so personal as this one, no where near the strength.

      • Thank you for the insight. I sure do hope you are right. I can read for others of course, but not interpret for my self!

        • I’m the same, still check in for readings from an astrologer I first saw 12 years ago.

          • Just checking in with you Jamie to let you know that things have lightened up a bit. I know I have a lot of losses coming up this year, but at least I have adjusted my attitude and I am seeing that the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t always have to be a train! 😉

  27. Hi
    am cusp Aries /Taurus , since last year facing lots of professional problems. when will it end ?

  28. My birthday is April 16th, and 2012 has been a HORRIBLE year! Will
    things improve after October 5th?

  29. This is welcome news, my birthday is April 10, horrible year for love too! Looking for things to ease up a little…my moon is in Scorpio, Virgo rising , & venus in Pisces. Thanks!

  30. I’m born April 12th, so experiencing this until October 2012. It’s been a tough ride. I’m self-employed and my sales were cut in half for half the year (also had Mars retrograding my 2nd house, which may have compounded that), and to top off a tough few years with all the important people in my life, one of my best friends (once a potential partner) totally blew up back in August, soon after the Mars / Saturn conjunction, and ended our friendship following months of seething resentment on their part, without any real explanation of what I actually did wrong. It was a relief in a way, because I just couldn’t get to the bottom of it, but left me heartbroken. Energy levels went very low, I do a lot of running, always keep stats and in addition to an ankle injury that’s still lingering from late June my performance is considerably worse than any previously recorded. Fortunately things have improved financially, and I can feel my energy returning slowly, but there’s something that seems very unfinished about the business with my friend, so if there’s any chance we can sort that out when the climate is easier, I’d be really, really happy.

    • I just realised I have Saturn opposing my Moon now. My moon is at 1 Taurus, so that’ll be exact as soon as Saturn moves into Scorpio. Haha!

  31. Thanks a you said, very true, I feel totally trapped and frustrated being controlled by parents who are not approving of my first relationship..and inspite of enough trying I had to give up but deep down I feel enforced entrapped which is making moving on all the more difficult as I don’t have the legit reasons to quit it myself…am badly stuck I knw and don’t knw for how long..can’t even believe that it ll be posbl to move on in the real sense…just less apprehensions or sadness is what I can hope the time to bring, post this Saturn transit…

  32. If anyone can help me any further on the readings, am 31st march, 1985 born, 9:10 IST, with Gemini rising I blv…undergoing that nasty Uranus transit, then this Saturn (which am told is leaving 7th house finally) Pluto square Sun…why me?? Am tired ..

  33. Will Saturn square my Leo this going to do any good to me…pls help..

  34. I have Uranus in seventh house too, don’t think any good an happen to me… I don’t like the traditional n conventional things…and being forced with someone new in an arranged match gvs me jitters…I hv cm to knw u7 are divorce prone…am trapped totally, don’t think I shudder ve gvn up for the first relationship by as I say, it’s being forced upon n I can’t do anything..feels il be trapped for life..:((((((((((( help pls, show me some light….

    • I think when Sayurnchanges signs soon they will notice. Particulrly the Taureans with early birthdays.
      I just read your other post – Uranus 7th house – no, you won’t have a conventional partner or relationships – but to ease your expectations, ask yourself who makes the rules for conventions? People have all manner of relationships! They are not all about happy families. They work in their own way. Uranus in the 7th needs a lot of space and often finds itself in relationships where they have no choice but to be in that space – when Uranus began to transit my 7th I married someone who travelled a lot and had a lot of problems and had a relationship with someone who was 4,000 miles away from me. I learned to really appreciate my own space! I learned not to be emotionally dependent. Its a good strong place to be in!

    • Hi Missmudpie,

      When I was in ashes, I had to start in a very small place, doing small things everyday. I could not dream of being in liberty, or to accomplish my dreams. I felt broken. Myself, was a good way to start. With small things, very little. Liking me and giving me the best I could, knowing I could not very much. Do you have inner child workshops there where you live? That would be a good start! And sorround yourself with water, white and yellow flowers. Go to nature. BE with yourself. Then… things might be looked at from different perspectives.

      Good luck!


  35. @ UQOW
    I basically am afraid coz I read somewhere that u7 people don’t have happy relationships..they have difficulte relationships in their life wch made me feel paranoid…the transit is as such coz I have been anything but paranoid in my life until I experience this negativity, frustration, unable to control my life no matter hw much I want to, feeling doomed and blog that things are going to worsen only, everyday is passing like a living hell the moment am left alone even for a scred and totlly unwilling to enter any relationship now…am full of pprehenions…

    • Bless you missmudpie, it’s awful having feelings like this. But don’t give up! You’ve got yourself into a negative loop. Thoughts and beliefs set up reactions inside and a cycle of fears and frustrations follows.
      You can get free of this.
      Ask yourself where you want to go with what you believe about life and relationships. Control is not always possible, at times, surrender is better and acceptance of what you can’t control. U7 I has it’s upside. You learn not to be a captive and not to hold people captive. You learn to find yourself and not be moulded into another’s shape. This is a base which has huge value. It may not feel that way yet. Have you considered hypnotherapy to break negative thought patterns? You don’t have to be at the mercy of overpowering emotions. Uranus in 7 can teach you mastery and how to reach your real individuation.

    • Don’t believe every thing you read! saying “Uranus in the 7th is unhappy relationships” is just bad and lazy astrology. I have it in the 4th, does that mean an unhappy domestic life, or relationship with father? Unhappy sometimes, but isn’t everyones occasionally?, UNUSUAL, eccentric oh yes! But my Uranus squ AC loves it.

      You actually NEED unusual relationships, space and all the things UQW said, subconsciously you are attracting and looking for people who give you that. If you had a guy who was possessive and wanted you 24/7 believe me you would soon be screaming to get out of it.

      Jamie and I have Uranus in the 7th. Ofcourse we met on mySPACE, it is long distance, we are Astrologers, we are individuals, bla bla all good Uranian stuff. Bad we are separated by 10000 miles, we hope it won’t be forever. We hope to prove that Uranus in the 7th doesn’t mean permanent separation.

      I believe we have to spend this time apart 1st in order for us and our children to individuate. We have had co-dependant relationships in the past. I think the Universe has to make sure we are do not fall into that trap again before we join full time. Maybe this is the same for you missmudpie? That is the lesson of Uranus in the 7th. Its not a “bad thing”. NOTHING in anyones chart is a “bad thing” if one is conscious of it and works hard at ones own souls evolution. It’s a gift. I really believe that!

  36. The feeling that I my not get what is appropriate for me..the space or whatever it killing..I will hv to live with it though..just cnt bring up myself on terms with this fact…

  37. missmudpie
    Seems it’s a very challenging time for you, with all these intense feelings coming up. I believe searching for a good therapist in your area and speaking with him/her may well take much of the pressure off; it’ll give you space to breathe and see where you want to go from there. And I also think Rocío’s advice is really nice.

  38. Oh, those times when we are like in a vertiginous tornado, ah, missmudpie!

    We all have live them, and they may appear in the most unexpected moment. Life is a great master and sometimes takes the floor under our feet away, so we may know a bit better who we are and how we do things.

    Then, we have to know better, in order to find our way to stabilize us. Now, in your notes, I recon a tone which is much more in contact with your self. For me, writing is very useful, when I feel this unmanagment of my inner forces, emotions, passions, feelings… what a mix! My responses related to the outside situations.

    The task of every day! I finally found out that this is life, and this is the best way to live it: reflecting, considering earth to bring dreams come true, avoid flying high and loosing ground, avoid staying in the dark and loosing myself in my own laberynths! Oh boy! That is for me being with my self: supporting me, standing me and for me.

    Nature, it´s cycles, it´s freshness, has helped me a lot: it is conforting, it reflects my own forces, is shows me my inner movements. It is so much for me!

    I wish you well and please know that we, everyone, has passed through this dark period of the soul, which shows me where and when I loose control. And by reflecting, how to regain it step by step, little by little, with effort and patience!

    Good luck and it´s been great to find UQW, Marina and Kacey. Thanks, missmudpie for opening this opp. for us!

    Would you think therapy would suit you? Or a group, or some workshops? To recover and maintain your own inner core?

    Much luck!

    (within this space I find so much and profound wisdom! Don ´t you feel the same? I study the whole thing and reflect it with my life experiences and my every day life!).


  39. Have no words to say thanks and see the support everybody’s giving..have become kind of needy off-lately which is bothersome but feel something’s to be dealt in anyway posbl and I have to deal with it..have to be stronger and blv in myself..strength doesn’t come easy, it comes and goes..hope to be stronger and emerge out of all this.. If the need rises I may ask for a group therapy session…day with patients, seeing their misery sometime takes mind off those intense emotions.. Il watch this space for more soon and frequently now..again have no words at thoughtful people loud here..
    Hope! Faith!m/

  40. I am finding this period of life transformational. Loving it – now. Saturn is currently opposite my sun (orb 3), but saturn is also exactly conjunct Black moon lillith (orb 0). Initially was very difficult when the opposition was exact (orb 0) and the losses piled up as the transit activated… losses of friends & vocation. Big, eh?! However, as transit has progressed I have shed many beliefs – which at first was very fast and tough – but now have transformed and loving the space and pause in life that’s been created. Feel stronger and happier now that some illusions have been dispelled about people and the world. Thank you Saturn Opposite Sun. LOL.

  41. My daughter’s got this going on at the same time as Saturn square her ascendant. She’s feeling very stuck and alone but is focussing on her studies. I’m just worried about her health because of the ascendant square – she suffered very badly when Saturn transited the empty Libran arm of her Mercury/Mars/Neptune Cardinal T-square, she was prescribed an antidepressant, which made her feel worse, took two overdoses and was eventually found to have bipolar disorder. Medical care was a shambles.New moons on her ascendant and sun were flashpoints when she ended up in hospital.
    Thankfully she won’t have to revisit that one until 2040, but I am really nervous about this current transit.

  42. Last time for me was 85ish and it was devastating. Reality hit home. God doesn’t provide, the landlords knocking at the door. Ive been hoodwinked. Fall down hard. My life’s over, too late.
    Empty nest syndrome. My gut hurts after I run i feel sick. My beautiful North Canada life gone and people digging in garbage bins – oh it was dark. But I had a gd imagination and I invented a Dublin girl living in a rooming hse with wide cement stairs which I tore up. I met a landowner cusp scorpio from 20 yrs ago and it was one of his places. He became pt of the next chapter and some of the things like healthy eating and gardens clung from the North – It went on with many bad habits too hurting myself until I got hold in 1995 deciding to “change” things. I kept doing yoga as I loved it and my studies in astrology gained ground and computors came and new friends. People helped me learn the new. Came to my humble abode. Eventually I did things I never thought I could do. I quit smoking, went to Collage MOA Bus admin – kept doing yoga – Up for the battle into the fight was my motto and here I am with it there again. It’s just as bad but I am no where near the same in dimensional and self knowledge and health. Yet the negativity is pretty intense and all the demands and now my mom is dying at 90 in care. It’s not a pretty picture. esp. with pluto Uranus this time. So I took yellow flowers to mom coincidentally and I have some myself and I am thinking of being on the river bank back in my home town where the energy runs. But now I know most likely that no matter how long it takes, this is going to go somewhere from here that’s good.

  43. I am so done with this transit only a week to go till it’s off the degree of my sun I cannot wait hardest time of my life ever, for years.

  44. I am currently undergoing Saturn opposing my Sun (within 3 degrees). As soon as it came within 3 degrees approaching, I came down with a toothache that turned into lymph node swelling in my left neck to over the size of a golf ball! I can’t swallow, I am in constant pain, I have lost over 10 lbs. in two weeks. It has been absolute hell on Earth. I have never experienced my body breaking down like this before (I am 38). I am a Taurus Sun (rules the neck and lower jaw so fitting it would hit me here). I also have my Mercury in Gemini and Saturn is beginning its opposition to my Mercury as well…….Saturn is delivering two packages of karma one to the Taurus (because I can’t eat) and one to the Gemini (because its really hard to talk). Hey at least I can still find humor in life!

  45. Jessica – saturn is about a week to direct opposition my sun and I too lost a molar on left side and my lymph glands were swollen. I’m 70.
    At first it went opposite my mercury which criticism flew thick and then my venus and finally soon now closure. I have a 6th 12th axis. I found out tauras like boundaries whereas scorpio not so much and that axis is to learn to make their own decisions. I certainly am in a different place than I was when it did this to me before – years ago. I remember the same criticism then in 1985ish.Part of it was about doing yoga which nobody else does they said. Oh well look see.

  46. this would be a double dose of Saturn for me….as Saturn opposes my Midheaven first then opposes my sun two degrees after. not looking forward to it at all! I fell like hibernating for a few months during these transits, but hopefully it turns out for the best.

  47. Me too! Ugh! It is messing with me. Opposing my midheaven at 25 Taurus then my Saturn at 27 Taurus now it’s squaring my Leo rising. Before u know it, it will be on my jupiter and Neptune both at 1 Sagittarius before opposing my sun in gemini.

  48. Problems with work and finding work. Money shortages, low energy, frustrations, blockages. I’ve been through some doozie transits and this one is one of the worst.

    • I am going through this transit plus second Saturn return, talk about shortages, I agree with Nancy worst time ever. Can’t remember how to smile.

      • Hang in there. Try to focus on the fact that it’s temporary. Saturn transits get easier as you get older. Right now is probably the hardest time you will ever face because next time you will have experience getting through it and you’ll have the foresight to know even though it’s hard and you can’t see why in the middle of it, it’s ultimately for the best.

        After the transit you will understand it so much better and possibly even appreciate it making you stronger once the pain and hard work is done.

  49. I’m actually going through the square and my husband is due for the opposition at the end of this year. I had the opposition when my father died, and, of course, went through terrible grief, but needed to keep my energy up for my mom. It took me a few years to regain my energy after my mom passed away, which was 10 months after my father. Now, with the square, everything seems very difficult, again. My energy and enthusiasm have never been lower, my financial investments seem to have gone south, etc. The only positive is that I’ve soberly become much more aware of my personal, emotional boundaries — how I’ve given away a ton of energy to people and projects in the past that weren’t entirely beneficial for me, and, fundamentally was unappreciated. Another part of this transit is that there seem to be far more deaths happening than usual — authority figures, males. My husband’s mother was diagnosed with dementia, so I know that will factor into his Saturn experience next year.

    • Maryanne,
      Yes, I am learning about giving away “tons of energy to people and projects.” I see where I cut myself short–sacrificing too much for “the other.” I overcompensate for my inner insecurities by working too hard. I’ve drained my energy basically. Others work at half the pace that I do. Saturn provokes a lot of inner examination, which is good.

      • Thanks, Nancy! I know your reply was to Maryanne, but I appreciate the comments. I am just entering Saturn transit of natal Sun, kind of worried about the intensity of this transity. Contemplating the possibility of Saturn bringing inner examination and re-evaluation feels like one of the most positive and hopeful interpretations I have read.

  50. Oh boy oh boy…never seen anything like it! I have mercury 2 degree Gemini, mars 14 degree Gemini, sun 18 degree Gemini and mid-heaven at 20 degrees Gemini. I stand up, I get knocked back down, up again, and then down. MAJOR dental work, house issues, neighborhood is torn apart with clear-cutting and augly tacky homes,,car issues, low energy, plans made and cancelled, relationships ended. It must be the original prototype for ” whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” That old man Saturn… …work…and driving my Gemini crazy with his slow -mo self!! All these things that I’ve been putting off, pushing away…YES.. whoever said ” try and keep some kind of sense of humor” couldn’t be more spot on. Of course I still have 3 to 4 months to . I see that dental pattern as the Old man rules the bones/ crystaline structure..will let you know how it turns out. hang in there as much as you can…and try and let go whenever you are able. PEACE to all of us!!

  51. YIKES!! Hanging on by my fingernails! My dentists is having family even the dental is on hold this week!! Still almost 3 months to go till Mr. Saturn clears everything…Am turning full on to my Pisces North Node for help and guidance….Whoa …Hang in there everyone

      • Oh my gosh..hadn’t thought about those ” fingernails”.!!!! Well..never ask ” what else could happen”? Hurricane Mathew that’s what!! Seven ft storm water in my home..but yard/ water heater/ shed and all plants brown and destroyed. with salt water. Mounds of garbage from unknown sources in my yard as well. BUT, if he had come 20 miles further west…I would not have a home! Interesting… something had been prompting me to throw things out/ give things away for a couple of months now..people kept asking ” where are you going, what are you doing? I told them I had no idea. As heavy and as boring and frustrating as it seemed, Mr. Saturn has had a major hand in making my ” pile” the smallest on the street. And , I am seeing the ” end of the tunnel” with dental work. Not sure if I should be sharing this yet….but I am a Gemini,( so hard for me to keep quiet)… but, I tell you , this Wideworld of SATURN has nearly blown me away! OH NO,, there I go again…I said nearly, but it hasn’t!! As you see, I seem to have contracted a bit of paranoia through this last year and half as well..lots of ” knocking on wood etc”
        Again, hang in there all who march or are dragged through the Saturn Storm…it seems like he might have a point…and I am awaiting that….and some GOOD TIMES!!!!

          • Thank-you iris..I appreciate that. Actually had large car repairs yesterday., and told I should just get another vehicle……and then the ELECTION has brought me to my knees with grief and rage!! It looks like Saturn will be out of range by early Jan…just cant wait..but then, you have to …cuz its SATURN right??! Take Care and Best to you..wonder how long recovery will be?

  52. Ohhh that’s bad for everyone.. Something positive here then..

    I have sun opposite Saturn natally so when transiting hit opposite sun it was also Saturn return i actually landed up in a good career post..

  53. I am experiencing SA opp Sun and Saturn return, both at same time. This is very difficult time, very debilitating, being deceived by others, low energy, arrogant landlords, dental problems, money problems, I am overwhelmed.

  54. So Jamie: As one who has natal Sun opposite Saturn, but also, a professional astrologer with over 10,000 natal charts to my credit, I can offer this forum this following free advice re: t. Saturn opposite Sun. This aspect is (ultimately) about the survival of the identity and the shaping of one’s destiny. One’s identity is often threatened at this time. The key to this transit is to stay calm and not to throw out the “baby” with the bath water. After all, the natal opposition is mostly about negotiation, coordination, and/or the harmonization of two opposite, contrary forces. Is it resolvable? Perhaps. time will tell. HOWEVER, by all means, keep what is worth keeping in your life. But some stale water MUST be tossed, as certain people will clearly have to go, such as negative assholes, hangers-on, liars, lazy people, the mentally ill, etc. by all means, toss those who get in the way of your own personal evolution. Therefore, do make pacts with Satan like people at this time, and deal with the devil, by all means. For example, my own father is 93 years old and he is an annoying person. However, I have made peace with him and he is negotiable. But, Sun opposition Saturn is also about unfinished karmic business; until you have mastered certain life lessons, the themes will likely re-appear, until you are sick of them. Finally, beware of simplistic, “McDonald’s hamburger” horoscopy. Instead, dig deep and look at the totality of your natal chart, with not just one transit, but ALL the transits, the secondary progressions, the solar arcs, (if the f*ckers work? LOL), the relocated natal chart, RLC’d ascendant, relocated planets, and their transits, and also, your own synastric ties and composite ties with others. Stay safe, everyone. RJ.

  55. sun conjunct mercury opposite saturn next year for me. How bad can this be?

    • I mean to say sun conjunct mercury natal opposite saturn (transit) next year…..

  56. I mean to say sun conjunct mercury natal opposite saturn (transit) next year….

  57. Hey jamie how are you is it true if someone has sun trine saturn in natal chart and when saturn opposite sun transit approach the person will have easy time dealing with the harsh transit i am waiting for your precious reply thank you take care

  58. Jamie please help i am soon going to have saturn opposite my cancer sun and i have sun trine saturn and saturn square ascendant natally and… i have mars sextile mars and mars square jupiter in my solar return chart on 5th july what do u think will it be too difficult for me to handle this transit please jamie reply i am hoping for a good thing

    • Jamie please help i am soon going to have saturn opposite my cancer sun and i have sun trine saturn and saturn square ascendant natally and… i have mars sextile mars and mars square jupiter in my solar return chart on 5th july what do u think will it be too difficult for me to handle this transit please jamie reply i am hoping for a good thing

  59. Saturn isn’t always the bad guy. He will reward you for hard work and discipline. Straighten up your life and you’ll be fine.

  60. This transit unfortunately is so true for me, born the 2nd decan of Cancer. One of the worst years of my life. Low energies starting in Feb, then in March I took a medication that caused chronic insomnia for months, I am just starting to recover slowly now. Talk about blockages, I had planned on a job search in March, but that whole process was blocked and delayed as who can function on 2-3 hours of sleep? Living with an uncaring and very self-absorbed spouse makes everything twice as uncomfortable. However, I really have tried to stay positive knowing this will pass, and very thankful for your analysis of the transit and knowing it will be over in a couple months. Whew!

    • hey Rachel can i know what degree is your sun and can you tell me more about your experience with this transit as of now

  61. I have Saturn opposing my sun in 2021. I am a leo sun and rising. With Mars and Also Mercury. My natal sun, Mercury and Mars are all in my 12th house. And I was wondering how this transit might affect me?

    Is it worse than a Saturn Return?

  62. i am on the very end its depression stress low ambition and no self confidence i am just waiting for it to end

  63. I have been on this period for almost a year now. Natal sun in 10th, transiting saturn in 4th. It seems that saturn affects my work, anything I do is not good enough (according to my boss), also he is threatening me with layoff…money shortage, low energy level, bruhhhhh…never been so tired in my life. I keep applying for a new job, NOTHING. Anytime I wanted a new job, I could get it in no time-now: disaster. I am either overqualified or underqualified. The only good thing saturn brought me was starting university again, this time a correspondence course.

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