Saturn Opposite Sun Transit

Saturn Opposite Sun TransitSaturn opposite Sun transit can be a draining time because you are more likely to feel weighed down and pessimistic about the challenges and blockages to your progress. These tests which we all go through seem more serious and more numerous during this transit, and are likely make you feel more burdened and restricted in your freedom or self-expression.

These challenges to your will or ego can come from people are very difficult to fight against, such as parents, bosses, anyone with some authority over your life. This is why it can be so frustrating, you have to struggle on through the boring routines even though you may want to break free.

This period can be a low point but it is important to remember that it is probably happening for a reason. It may be that your ambitions are being held back at the moment because the timing is not right. There may be some more lessons or skills to learn so that when this transit passes you are ready to take full advantage of new opportunities.

The Sun rules your self-esteem and your ego, so this may be low during this time, better to remain patience, focus on hard work and look after yourself, play it low-key for a few months. Saturn opposite Sun transit is time to strengthen your character by facing any adversity head on which will give you more confidence in the future.

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115 thoughts on “Saturn Opposite Sun Transit

  1. I am currently undergoing Saturn opposing my Sun (within 3 degrees). As soon as it came within 3 degrees approaching, I came down with a toothache that turned into lymph node swelling in my left neck to over the size of a golf ball! I can’t swallow, I am in constant pain, I have lost over 10 lbs. in two weeks. It has been absolute hell on Earth. I have never experienced my body breaking down like this before (I am 38). I am a Taurus Sun (rules the neck and lower jaw so fitting it would hit me here). I also have my Mercury in Gemini and Saturn is beginning its opposition to my Mercury as well…….Saturn is delivering two packages of karma one to the Taurus (because I can’t eat) and one to the Gemini (because its really hard to talk). Hey at least I can still find humor in life!

  2. Jessica – saturn is about a week to direct opposition my sun and I too lost a molar on left side and my lymph glands were swollen. I’m 70.
    At first it went opposite my mercury which criticism flew thick and then my venus and finally soon now closure. I have a 6th 12th axis. I found out tauras like boundaries whereas scorpio not so much and that axis is to learn to make their own decisions. I certainly am in a different place than I was when it did this to me before – years ago. I remember the same criticism then in 1985ish.Part of it was about doing yoga which nobody else does they said. Oh well look see.

  3. this would be a double dose of Saturn for me….as Saturn opposes my Midheaven first then opposes my sun two degrees after. not looking forward to it at all! I fell like hibernating for a few months during these transits, but hopefully it turns out for the best.

  4. Me too! Ugh! It is messing with me. Opposing my midheaven at 25 Taurus then my Saturn at 27 Taurus now it’s squaring my Leo rising. Before u know it, it will be on my jupiter and Neptune both at 1 Sagittarius before opposing my sun in gemini.

  5. Problems with work and finding work. Money shortages, low energy, frustrations, blockages. I’ve been through some doozie transits and this one is one of the worst.

    • I am going through this transit plus second Saturn return, talk about shortages, I agree with Nancy worst time ever. Can’t remember how to smile.

      • Hang in there. Try to focus on the fact that it’s temporary. Saturn transits get easier as you get older. Right now is probably the hardest time you will ever face because next time you will have experience getting through it and you’ll have the foresight to know even though it’s hard and you can’t see why in the middle of it, it’s ultimately for the best.

        After the transit you will understand it so much better and possibly even appreciate it making you stronger once the pain and hard work is done.

  6. I’m actually going through the square and my husband is due for the opposition at the end of this year. I had the opposition when my father died, and, of course, went through terrible grief, but needed to keep my energy up for my mom. It took me a few years to regain my energy after my mom passed away, which was 10 months after my father. Now, with the square, everything seems very difficult, again. My energy and enthusiasm have never been lower, my financial investments seem to have gone south, etc. The only positive is that I’ve soberly become much more aware of my personal, emotional boundaries — how I’ve given away a ton of energy to people and projects in the past that weren’t entirely beneficial for me, and, fundamentally was unappreciated. Another part of this transit is that there seem to be far more deaths happening than usual — authority figures, males. My husband’s mother was diagnosed with dementia, so I know that will factor into his Saturn experience next year.

    • Maryanne,
      Yes, I am learning about giving away “tons of energy to people and projects.” I see where I cut myself short–sacrificing too much for “the other.” I overcompensate for my inner insecurities by working too hard. I’ve drained my energy basically. Others work at half the pace that I do. Saturn provokes a lot of inner examination, which is good.

      • Thanks, Nancy! I know your reply was to Maryanne, but I appreciate the comments. I am just entering Saturn transit of natal Sun, kind of worried about the intensity of this transity. Contemplating the possibility of Saturn bringing inner examination and re-evaluation feels like one of the most positive and hopeful interpretations I have read.

  7. Oh boy oh boy…never seen anything like it! I have mercury 2 degree Gemini, mars 14 degree Gemini, sun 18 degree Gemini and mid-heaven at 20 degrees Gemini. I stand up, I get knocked back down, up again, and then down. MAJOR dental work, house issues, neighborhood is torn apart with clear-cutting and augly tacky homes,,car issues, low energy, plans made and cancelled, relationships ended. It must be the original prototype for ” whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” That old man Saturn… …work…and driving my Gemini crazy with his slow -mo self!! All these things that I’ve been putting off, pushing away…YES.. whoever said ” try and keep some kind of sense of humor” couldn’t be more spot on. Of course I still have 3 to 4 months to . I see that dental pattern as the Old man rules the bones/ crystaline structure..will let you know how it turns out. hang in there as much as you can…and try and let go whenever you are able. PEACE to all of us!!

  8. YIKES!! Hanging on by my fingernails! My dentists is having family even the dental is on hold this week!! Still almost 3 months to go till Mr. Saturn clears everything…Am turning full on to my Pisces North Node for help and guidance….Whoa …Hang in there everyone

      • Oh my gosh..hadn’t thought about those ” fingernails”.!!!! Well..never ask ” what else could happen”? Hurricane Mathew that’s what!! Seven ft storm water in my home..but yard/ water heater/ shed and all plants brown and destroyed. with salt water. Mounds of garbage from unknown sources in my yard as well. BUT, if he had come 20 miles further west…I would not have a home! Interesting… something had been prompting me to throw things out/ give things away for a couple of months now..people kept asking ” where are you going, what are you doing? I told them I had no idea. As heavy and as boring and frustrating as it seemed, Mr. Saturn has had a major hand in making my ” pile” the smallest on the street. And , I am seeing the ” end of the tunnel” with dental work. Not sure if I should be sharing this yet….but I am a Gemini,( so hard for me to keep quiet)… but, I tell you , this Wideworld of SATURN has nearly blown me away! OH NO,, there I go again…I said nearly, but it hasn’t!! As you see, I seem to have contracted a bit of paranoia through this last year and half as well..lots of ” knocking on wood etc”
        Again, hang in there all who march or are dragged through the Saturn Storm…it seems like he might have a point…and I am awaiting that….and some GOOD TIMES!!!!

          • Thank-you iris..I appreciate that. Actually had large car repairs yesterday., and told I should just get another vehicle……and then the ELECTION has brought me to my knees with grief and rage!! It looks like Saturn will be out of range by early Jan…just cant wait..but then, you have to …cuz its SATURN right??! Take Care and Best to you..wonder how long recovery will be?

  9. Ohhh that’s bad for everyone.. Something positive here then..

    I have sun opposite Saturn natally so when transiting hit opposite sun it was also Saturn return i actually landed up in a good career post..

  10. I am experiencing SA opp Sun and Saturn return, both at same time. This is very difficult time, very debilitating, being deceived by others, low energy, arrogant landlords, dental problems, money problems, I am overwhelmed.

  11. So Jamie: As one who has natal Sun opposite Saturn, but also, a professional astrologer with over 10,000 natal charts to my credit, I can offer this forum this following free advice re: t. Saturn opposite Sun. This aspect is (ultimately) about the survival of the identity and the shaping of one’s destiny. One’s identity is often threatened at this time. The key to this transit is to stay calm and not to throw out the “baby” with the bath water. After all, the natal opposition is mostly about negotiation, coordination, and/or the harmonization of two opposite, contrary forces. Is it resolvable? Perhaps. time will tell. HOWEVER, by all means, keep what is worth keeping in your life. But some stale water MUST be tossed, as certain people will clearly have to go, such as negative assholes, hangers-on, liars, lazy people, the mentally ill, etc. by all means, toss those who get in the way of your own personal evolution. Therefore, do make pacts with Satan like people at this time, and deal with the devil, by all means. For example, my own father is 93 years old and he is an annoying person. However, I have made peace with him and he is negotiable. But, Sun opposition Saturn is also about unfinished karmic business; until you have mastered certain life lessons, the themes will likely re-appear, until you are sick of them. Finally, beware of simplistic, “McDonald’s hamburger” horoscopy. Instead, dig deep and look at the totality of your natal chart, with not just one transit, but ALL the transits, the secondary progressions, the solar arcs, (if the f*ckers work? LOL), the relocated natal chart, RLC’d ascendant, relocated planets, and their transits, and also, your own synastric ties and composite ties with others. Stay safe, everyone. RJ.

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