Saturn Trine Sun Transit

Saturn Trine Sun TransitSaturn trine Sun transit represents a time of steady progress where extra patience, determination and a strong sense of duty allow for great achievements. You will be balanced and focused, and not distracted from your goals and plans.

Although not particularly an exciting or thrilling phase of life, it is very important because you are working hard on building safe and secure, lasting foundations for years to come. This would be an ideal time for buying and selling real estate, or renovating your home.

The structures you are building in your life, from financial planning, career path, study, or even the family and home, are likely to long-lasting and healthy. As the Sun and Saturn both represent authority and men, you might expect some assistance from father figures, or even women in authority such as bosses.

Your diligence and hard work should be appreciated and rewarded. Saturn trine Sun transit is a no-fuss transit, you are concentrating on the basics of life and it should work out very well giving you self-satisfaction, a real sense of achievement.

Saturn Trine Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Aries & Leo Decan 1
Aries & Leo Decan 2
Aries & Leo Decan 3

Taurus & Virgo Decan 1
Taurus & Virgo Decan 2
Taurus & Virgo Decan 3


December 2014
December 2015
December 2016

December 2017
December 2018
December 2019


December 2015
December 2016
December 2017

December 2018
December 2019
December 2020

2 thoughts on “Saturn Trine Sun Transit

  1. My fiancé and I have 3rd decan Cancer Sun trine Pisces Sun. We are getting married next month and have been working to add an additional room on to our house to give all our kids their on space. We have had quite a challenging time blended our families. I’m seeing Saturn’s trines to our Cancer & Pisces stelliums as why we have been able to stuck in and keep trying to make it work. We also entered a relationship counseling program months ago. I’ve been surprised usually my Cancer man is too sensitive to any perceived criticism or mistake. He’s actually been able to constructively utilize what he’s learned through this relationship program…it’s no longer all me. I love Saturn!

  2. It´s so true!! for the second time Saturn will trine my Aries Sun and now I´m just thinking in find a place, build a house, and be focused on my future. it won´t be that easy, because i decided to be alone… by the way, my ascendant is Capricorn, and i was born with Saturn squared my Sun.

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