Small Learning Triangle Aspect Pattern

Small Learning Triangle

A Small Learning Triangle is an aspect pattern with a red square, blue sextile, and green semisextile aspect. Three-colored aspect patterns are learning or development figures, in which the third color (green) plays an important role.

Green aspects bring a third point of view into the equation, which, for better or worse, supersedes the polarized thinking of the red and blue aspects with a third pole; green aspects allow an escape from black-or-white thinking and a search for causes, possible solutions and meaning.

The semisextile aspect represents a small thinking step which brings the information necessary to think objectively and neutrally. It helps you think in small steps, adding one piece of information to another until the collected perceptions make sense. It works by providing information, communicating, and reacting to external stimuli. It is easily influenced and often changes its opinion.

Crisis Mechanism

In the Small Learning Triangle, there is a procedure that conditions growth by an ongoing crisis mechanism that opens up great development opportunities. There are three phases to the crisis mechanism: red-green-blue.

The dynamic process starts with the red aspect (square). The point of conflict is where the red and blue aspects touch each other. The calm, balanced, pleasure-seeking state of the blue aspect (sextile) is disturbed or irritated, causing tension or conflict, and some decision or effort must be made. The old state is no longer tenable; a problem has arisen that must be solved.

conflictstriving for solutionharmonization

The red square aspect shows a regular and drastic experience of conflict due to feelings of inadequacy because of a particular problem.

The green semisextile aspect is the next step where the problem is initially dealt with. Searching for a solution can lead to a change in self-image.

The blue sextile aspect is the desired state of harmony from creative problem-solving. Ego transformation results in a more dominant and influential personality.

Learning and Development

The crisis mechanism in the Small Learning Triangle is a development spiral that aims to get another point of view with every complete transition. Every passage through the three phases and each crisis contains the possibility of finding solutions that previously did not exist, i.e., breaking new ground. Whether that is successful depends on your attitude toward the crisis process. If you inwardly recognize the opportunities, then development is likely. The development process will be blocked if you treat the crises as mere disruptions.

Communication and the provision of information usually lead to new experiences (green aspect). You are always ready to experiment, and the newly acquired discoveries lead you to try to establish a new, harmonious state in a still unsure and unstable position (green-blue contact point in the aspect figure), which meets the requirement of the initial problem. So, this process would seem to be complete. But only until a new problem comes along and the crisis mechanism gets going again:

conflictstriving for solutionharmonization

In the Small Learning Triangle, the aspect facing the center of the horoscope is the tension aspect, the square. The harmonious aspect, the sextile, is facing outward. The inner tension produces dissatisfaction with the external situation. The center stresses the inner need for growth, but dissatisfaction with reality can lead to conflict.


This process is repeated many times. Specific themes come to maturity and crop up again and again. Over the green semisextile, there is a search for new information in the environment with which to be able to resolve the tension of the square and to be able to live in harmony with the environment again.

You may be motivated by an inner unrest and dissatisfaction that those around you cannot explain. When questioned about it, your answers seem elusive. The blunt green-blue point of this triangle is where the dissatisfaction strikes. The Small Learning Triangle occupies only one-quarter of the horoscope, affecting only part of the character.

The main preoccupation is processing the experiences in the field of life concerned. You are not interested in an analysis of the contents of this area. You want to experience yourself via the permanent communication process in this area. The Small Learning Triangle is strongly oriented toward the environment.

Rotational Direction

The rotation direction is an important feature in evaluating the Small Learning Triangle. It is given by the color order:

red green blue.

Clockwise: in the opposite direction to the zodiac. This is a Retrograde Experience Triangle. It means that many experiences are required to achieve the necessary learning and development. It makes adapting to a more deep-seated problem harder and longer than if the direction were anticlockwise.

Anticlockwise: in the same direction as the zodiac. This is a Cognition Triangle. It means discoveries can be made rapidly because it provides the necessary insights when crises appear. The task to be learned is understood, and intelligence is used to find a solution. With time, you learn how to control and accelerate the process. An enthusiastic, positive attitude towards the theme makes it easier to resolve. The example at the top of this page is a Cognition Triangle.


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  1. Very interesting, Jaime! Thanks for sharing. I love to learn and I’ve been told that I’m a terrific problem solver. I’ll definitely take a look at my chart.

  2. Yes, I have one of these. Saturn sq Moon. Jupiter semisextile Saturn and sextile Moon. Will delve into this a bit more. Thank you Jaime.

  3. Lunar New Year, February 10, 2024, Beijing

    Small learning triangle,

    Red, Jupiter sq Mercury
    Green, Mercury semi-sextile Saturn
    Blue, Saturn sextile Jupiter

    Gold, Saturn off shoot… quintile Uranus

    “You appreciate new perspectives and perceptions, even ones that seem odd or bizarre to others. You are likely to be keenly aware of a wide variety of artistic styles, political and social systems… and you find the variety of different systems very interesting” …. especially the latest, which is featured here at servicedog astrologyking

    “cafe astrology”

  4. Virgo Full Moon, February 24, 2024, Beijing

    Small learning triangle

    Red, Jupiter sq Venus/Mars
    Green, Venus/Mars semi-sextile Saturn
    Blue, Saturn sextile Jupiter

    It’s been two weeks since the Lunar New Year. In China festivities have been inspirational. Dragon year! Perhaps you’ve met someone new, had a Saturn quintile Uranus discussion, and shown off a cosmopolitan perspective. Economy isn’t so hot, some other formation on your mind?

  5. I do not like this huge little learning thingy in my natal chart. Not one bit. Neptune Pluto exact sextile with Saturn square Pluto and semi Neptune by 2 degrees. Neptune and Pluto in northern hemisphere of chart with Saturn in the early southern hemisphere??? I think I shall be watching transits to Pluto at the crisis point. Like last year’s transiting Saturn opp to natal Pluto is seeming like getting slammed in the head with a hammer so maybe the upcoming Saturn opp to my sun won’t feel so bad? The last major thing was like 20 year’s ago when Uranus opposed natal Pluto. I just seem to have to experience the ugly ugly ugly side of human nature. It leaves me unable to trust and with those nearby how far I can trust them. I miss trusting. It has led me to understand the importance of maintaining honor and integrity in my transactions with others. And yet as written above it is repetitive. Navigating what crashes into my life is the challenge. As Saturn moves on, I am now in navigation phase with current dilemma. As I found out with the Uranus opp Pluto shockwave years ago, when all I could see in my head was a big hairy monster that then turned into a solid brick that I couldn’t get over, under, or around, I have to get through it. Navigation. Oh boy, Uranus square natal Pluto on deck, at least it’s waning I guess.

  6. Oh geez, Jupiter will be squaring Pluto sooner. Guess that lines up with legal action I am taking. So far am working with advocate and support organizations. It would be nice to avoid the courts. I don’t do well there. Right now it is good to have advocates to provide guidance while navigating situation. Aye aye skipper!

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    Lunar New Year learning triangle, substitute Mercury with Talleyrand’s Armus.

    The metric system, in Canada a contentious politically imposed system. But when you are in grade 6, you learn it anyway, at least the first three or four. if you want to be a Stationary Engineer, learn them all.

    Napoleon was successful, and didn’t want to like Talleyrand. Out flank the enemy on the battlefield, external morphology; but we see Talleyrand’s Lunar nodes more commiserate to today’s internal morphology.

  8. I have various consecutive and interconnected small and medium learning triangles that come full circle, and a couple dominant learning triangles. What to make of this?

    • Hi Aria. In this case it is best to focus on the aspect pattern with the the tightest aspects or with the Sun, Moon or inner planets. There are also more complex aspects pattern with 4 planets that you may have. Unfortunately there is not much online about most of them.

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  10. as for Lunar New Year, a call for budgets to be augmented to include recent learning, especially critical cultural objectives, a sub to Artwork structure, the harbinger for change.

  11. An abstraction of a Learning triangle:

    A familiar local Joker Trike flies over the shoreline the past weekend. Saturday and Sunday. This thing is gas powered. On Monday lithium investments crash into a bramble.

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