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Neeti Ray over at ASTROLOGY EXPRESSED is undergoing A Labor of Love in the third degree in order to determine what it is in the horoscope that incidates aptitude for astrology. I opened my yap about the possible influence of fixed stars so I have to back it up now. At Constellations of Words, there is a page called Occupations and Special Abilities which lists constellations and fixed stars which are associated with such things as astronomy, astrology and the occult. These three in particular are relevant here, but there are also others which would be useful to an astrologer, such as ability for research, esoteric studies, prominence in Uranian matters, and divination.

Another page at Constellations of Words is “Religion and the Higher Mind”. There are many stars and constellations listed here which would be useful for an astrologer. Influences such as mediumistic, mystical interests, occult interests, and philosophical studies.

One star associated with astrologers in particular is around 12 degrees Scorpio at the moment. fixed star Acrux in the Southern Cross “is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists.” I just looked at a handful of prominent names in astrology and I did get the feel there is something to this interpretation for Acrux.

Marc Edmund Jones had Acrux rising. Nicholas Culpeper had Sun on Acrux. Milton Black, possibly the richest astrologer in the world has Mercury on Acrux. Abdul Al-Biruni had Neptune on Acrux, and following in his footsteps is Deborah Houldin, also with Neptune on Acrux.

There will be a large number of new generation astrologer with Acrux prominent in their horoscope. Those born in the early Sixties like Deborah have Neptune on Acrux. Uranus was there in late Seventies, and Pluto in the late Eighties.

A few other stars that I believe may have influence over astrology are the fixed star RegulusAn old saying goes that Regulus in the 10th house ‘makes astrologers to kings.'” The other three Royal Stars of ancient Persia may also be involved. Arcturus also often pops up in charts of astrologers.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Jamie. Fixed stars always adds another layer to a chart. It’s nice to learn more about them.

    And thank you for the mention and the link!

  2. great post! here is a blog that looks at astrologer’s degrees/indicators that is pretty interesting….

    i named my internet connection arcturus 🙂

  3. I looked at that “Occupation & Special abilities”
    Darn it! I just have…

    Jupiter (Yod apex) on Capella. Literary & poetic ability. Public position.
    Jupiter on Mintaka. High position in law or church
    Jupiter on Phact. Artistic. Music. Science.
    Part Of Fortune on Betelgeuse. Fame through writings.
    Sun on Altair. Position of command. Lawyer.
    Mercury on Deneb Okab. Commanding ability
    Black Moon Lilith on Deneb Algedi. Councilor.
    Mars on Deneb Algedi. Legal advisor
    Mercury on Sulphat. Music.

    Nothing whatsoever there to do with Astrology. The nearest is councillor and a bit of science with Phact.
    OK. I’ll give up and become a singing lawyer. I’d be richer that’s for sure and get to wear a groovy wig.

    Thank god for the Astrologers degree. I have that atleast. And writing looks well starred

  4. I’ve just been reminded of another link which has short descriptions of fixed stars by Rob Tillett: The Fixed Stars.

    I agree with these interps about interest in astrology.

    07 Taurus – Schedir
    13 Leo – Acubens
    02 Sagittarius – Yed Prior
    01 Aquarius – Altair
    05 Pisces – Deneb Adige

  5. sheesh, I have hardly any special abilities! I did have the astronomy one, which was also connecting with science. Lots of arts and appreciation though. I fared much better in the religion and the higher mind section of this exercise. Meh, even my aqua rise fails at 18 degrees! Oh well, back to asteroid city for me!

    Thanks 🙂 that was fun! xo

  6. I study Astrology and my tenth house cusp is 12º Scorpio! I also keep a strong interest in Astronomy and Botanics. And as said, I have also an interest in arts.

    However, I have Uranus at 2º Sag and I am not an excellent linguist! But I am scientific, as said.

    Interesting: 25SAG Sun, “Rules medicines and those who had the power of discovering healing herbs and skill in curing the bites of poisonous serpents” I studied medicine and I enjoy learning new healing herbs.

    And even more outstanding is the fact that several positions I have on my chart indicate for research ability and for medicine appear, exactly what I do as a job.

  7. And thanks for your great work!
    I also have Mercury in 29ºSAG, Mars in 0ºLIB, those should be also interesting to see…

  8. Hi Jamie – You’ve become my Aldebaran go-to person, so thanks! I love these kinds of posts – especially since tonight I’ve learned quite a few new things regarding Aldebaran (conjunct MC). Until now, I never knew about the connection to art, creativity and psychic abilities – only acting with integrity in battle (bleh) and politics (double bleh) – so this comes as great news. I didn’t start painting until relatively late in life, and was surprised to have sold quite a few prints of some of my wilder stuff (without really trying). And an astrologer recently used one of my more conservative pieces in conjunction with a blog post.

    Then there’s Spica, which is conjunct my 2nd house North Node (which is conjunct Venus/Sun); once again, there’s that connection to art and painting, which I love. It also lists “Confidante to heads of state or entrusted with public funds” which pretty much describes my twenty year job as the office manager for a non-profit school. Coxa (“Responsible Position”) is also conjunct my Ascendant/Hekate, so this fits as well.

    I have a few other conjunctions, including Gacrux conjunct Mercury, which lists Medicine as an occupation. While I’d NEVER make it as a doctor, I do seem to have a talent for certain types of medical research, which I did a lot of when I managed my mom’s care. I’m also pretty intuitive when it comes to figuring out what’s going on (Neptune/Jupiter/Mercury conjunct) and have occasionally had to offer up a correct diagnosis in lieu of a wrong one. Wish I’d had something conjunct “Healer”, but no. Oh well.

    • Well I find Alderbarn very complex to understand especially in modern terms. Definitely something humanitarian there. We really have to keep updating the interpretations to fit this changing world, and Alderbaran seems important in this change.

  9. Dear Jamie,
    Can fixed stars be progressed like the planets?

    • As Robert Hand says in Planets in Transit, “it is possible to treat the tropical zodiac as if it were moving. In other words, one should treat the natal positions of the planets as if they were fixed stars”. p.29-30.

      So really we are just precessing the chart to keep up with the fixed star.

  10. oh well, my regulus is in the 9th… but, it is just about conjunct my sun Vir 00 23′. ANd moon is 1.5 deg off Sirius. Id be intrigued, but Im too busy with my N node conj w Aldeberan!

    • With these big stars you can use atleast one degree orb. Especially Sirius, I use 1.5 degrees.

  11. Prima Hyadum On ASC 4 Gemini (pallas Athena also there)
    If Rising: Rising or culminating with luminaries, makes their natives military captains, commanders, colonels of horse and emperors. Injuries to the face, wounds, stabs (may be operations nowadays). Blindness, bad eyes. Imprisonment (interesting as I had dog bite to face at 13 yrs old and Took at bad beating to head and face at 17 years old)

    Cepheus Conjunct Chiron 11 aries

    Giedi Prima Conj North node 3 aquarius and MC 4 Aquarius

    Nodus 1 libra conj Pluto

    Mirach 29 aries Conjunct Venus ( lile the 1st part but the 2nd doesnt look so hot!
    According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus; and, to Alvidas, of Mars and the Moon. It gives personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, beneficence, forgiveness, love, overcoming by kindness, renown, and good fortune in marriage.
    With Venus: Voluptuous, bad morals, scandal, drink or drug-taking late in life.

    Deneb Kaitos Conj merc 1 aries
    With Mercury: Active mind, writer or speaker upon subjects of public welfare, seeks to enact laws of benefit to the community, favorable for social affairs

    And I am still a bit lost 🙂 But very very interested! Makes me think of the question what do you want to be when you grow up I had tons of ideas now if only I could remember them 🙂

  12. I love astrology my NN is conjunct regulus in my 7th in Leo
    Acrux is with 1.5 degree of my natal neptune in Scorpio
    in the 9th house ruler of my 10th.
    There are times when I am reading a chart that I can go
    back generations and look back and wonder where that came from!
    Very interesting.

    • That’s so interesting you feel that generational link to astrology with North Node on Regulus. I have Mars on Regulus and I believe that translates as a great passion for astrology. I also tend to get a bit agro on astrology forums sometimes and that could be the Mars influence too. Working on taking that agro energy a bit higher, now Neptune is opposite Regulus.

      • Hey Jamie, NIce to meet you. I thought it might have been the
        neptune/Acrux connection more than the NN. My Mercurychiron/neptune trine. WHat do you think. I was looking for a program that would include all the fixed stars and such
        so I could see what else is around any of these planets that migth give me this ability. What program would you recommend?

        I ahve a 5 degree Aqu adn a 2 degree jup in Aqu, I ahve noticed the people that I can read real well to this extent also a close jupiter placement as I.

        Thanks in advance, I was looking at your chart also! I think it was yours on the page. WIll have to take a relook.
        Happy Eclipse!

  13. And nice to meet you! Well for the feeling you get when looking at a chart and getting memory from past lives, I would think that the Nodes, especially now that transiting Neptune is on your South Node. Mercury and Chiron trine Neptune will definitely aid the mental abilities and the intuition with astrology, Chiron was the astrologer! I’m guessing you are also more inclined to the spiritual and holistic side of astrology with that Neptune influence, but you would also appreciate the technical and logical side with Mercury on Chiron. That’s a very good mix, because we do need the technical background and the maths to work it out all out, but it is the intuition you get that makes it really useful. The purely technical, Hellenistic style is so dry and boring.

    I use the SolarFire program which costs a bit of money, definitely worth it though because it gives you all the stars and heaps of other feature. Before I got this program, I used Anne Wrights list on Constellation of Words. I’ll add the link here, it has the positions of the stars for 1900 and 2000, so you just need to work out the precession correction value for your chart. 5 minutes every 6 years. Say you were born in 1964, then that’s 36 years before 2000, take for 30′ from the 2000 logitude positions. THE FIXED STARS IN LONGITUDE ORDER

    My chart is in the About Page, Yod help me!!

  14. ///Marc Edmund Jones had Acrux rising. Nicholas Culpeper had Sun on Acrux. Milton Black, possibly the richest astrologer in the world has Mercury on Acrux. Abdul Al-Biruni had Neptune on Acrux, and following in his footsteps is Deborah Houldin, also with Neptune on Acrux.////
    U can add me to this list because my natal Ne is at 12Sc47 with moon aspect from 7th cusp 29Ta43(after adjusting precession) also Me@14Sc54.
    Even though not done anything so far in this subject,no doubt about the inclination and future possibility to make it as profession.
    Seems quite interesting.

  15. What fun! I’d checked my chart for astrology-related asteroids, but never fixed stars. I have Acrux conjunct Jupiter and IC, Regulus conjunct South Node (1st house), and Arcturus conjunct Sun—all conjunctions partile (same degree). I feel I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the language of astrology after years of study in this life, but with the SN and IC conjunctions, perhaps there was astrology in my ancestry or a past life…

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