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Neeti Ray over at ASTROLOGY EXPRESSED is undergoing A Labor of Love in the third degree in order to determine what it is in the horoscope that incidates aptitude for astrology. I opened my yap about the possible influence of fixed stars so I have to back it up now. At Constellations of Words, there is a page called Occupations and Special Abilities which lists constellations and fixed stars which are associated with such things as astronomy, astrology and the occult. These three in particular are relevant here, but there are also others which would be useful to an astrologer, such as ability for research, esoteric studies, prominence in Uranian matters, and divination.

Another page at Constellations of Words is “Religion and the Higher Mind”. There are many stars and constellations listed here which would be useful for an astrologer. Influences such as mediumistic, mystical interests, occult interests, and philosophical studies.

One star associated with astrologers in particular is around 12 degrees Scorpio at the moment. fixed star Acrux in the Southern Cross “is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists.” I just looked at a handful of prominent names in astrology and I did get the feel there is something to this interpretation for Acrux.

Marc Edmund Jones had Acrux rising. Nicholas Culpeper had Sun on Acrux. Milton Black, possibly the richest astrologer in the world has Mercury on Acrux. Abdul Al-Biruni had Neptune on Acrux, and following in his footsteps is Deborah Houldin, also with Neptune on Acrux.

There will be a large number of new generation astrologer with Acrux prominent in their horoscope. Those born in the early Sixties like Deborah have Neptune on Acrux. Uranus was there in late Seventies, and Pluto in the late Eighties.

A few other stars that I believe may have influence over astrology are the fixed star RegulusAn old saying goes that Regulus in the 10th house ‘makes astrologers to kings.'” The other three Royal Stars of ancient Persia may also be involved. Arcturus also often pops up in charts of astrologers.

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  1. And nice to meet you! Well for the feeling you get when looking at a chart and getting memory from past lives, I would think that the Nodes, especially now that transiting Neptune is on your South Node. Mercury and Chiron trine Neptune will definitely aid the mental abilities and the intuition with astrology, Chiron was the astrologer! I’m guessing you are also more inclined to the spiritual and holistic side of astrology with that Neptune influence, but you would also appreciate the technical and logical side with Mercury on Chiron. That’s a very good mix, because we do need the technical background and the maths to work it out all out, but it is the intuition you get that makes it really useful. The purely technical, Hellenistic style is so dry and boring.

    I use the SolarFire program which costs a bit of money, definitely worth it though because it gives you all the stars and heaps of other feature. Before I got this program, I used Anne Wrights list on Constellation of Words. I’ll add the link here, it has the positions of the stars for 1900 and 2000, so you just need to work out the precession correction value for your chart. 5 minutes every 6 years. Say you were born in 1964, then that’s 36 years before 2000, take for 30′ from the 2000 logitude positions. THE FIXED STARS IN LONGITUDE ORDER

    My chart is in the About Page, Yod help me!!

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