Status Update

A brief post to let you all know I am OK. I needed a break from the internet for a few weeks after giving up cigarettes and pain killers. Harder than I thought and have been in bed most of the time. First  goal is to get back to caring for the children properly. I hope to write a few things here and there while catching up on readings. Monthly horoscopes might take longer.

63 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. I just found this site. Brilliant. Should support me in my Astro health studies. Take care and I look forward to seeing some updates soon.

  2. Hope u r doing well!! Will we get to see monthly horoscopes?In anticipation, like so many others. Wish you would!!! regards

  3. Hello,
    I noticed you started monthly horoscopes but all were not included. Will all be included for the month of October soon I hope. Why were some left out?

  4. Really like your monthly horoscopes….especially like that you divide them up into decans. One note: Cancer’s logo should be a crab and not a lobster. Wish you the best of health. : 0 )

  5. Hi Jamie, I’m a new subscriber. Sent you a private email inquiry, and also asked how your health was. Perhaps you have addressed it here or in other posts. Very curious if you think the Pluto/Capricorn transit is provoking some of the changes, you’ve made. Be well, friend.

    • Did I respond to your email? I tend not to look at planets in Signs, rather aspects and fixed stars. Longer term influences like Uranus square Pluto.

      • Yes, I have been reading your site and the aspects you have listed. Including the Uranus square Pluto. Good to know that it is beginning to lighten up!

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