Status Update

A brief post to let you all know I am OK. I needed a break from the internet for a few weeks after giving up cigarettes and pain killers. Harder than I thought and have been in bed most of the time. First  goal is to get back to caring for the children properly. I hope to write a few things here and there while catching up on readings. Monthly horoscopes might take longer.

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  1. Much better thanks everyone but still desperately craving a smoke nearly every day. Getting back on the computer now but just socializing and having a bit of fun.

    • Hey Jamie, I quit smoking cigarettes 33 years ago. I found that chewing gum helped me tremendously as it kept my mouth busy. It is not easy to give them up, I believe, because our behavior around them is rather ritualistic. Once I realized that out of a full pack that I smoked every day that I only really enjoyed the first few puffs of maybe three cigarettes…I knew I had to quit. I enjoyed one with my morning coffee, one after lunch or with a cocktail and one after dinner (or sex…lol). Why was I spending so much money, ruining my health, teeth and gums, smelling up my hair, clothing, house, car, etc. if my enjoyment was severely limited? You really can do this Jamie. You have a very strong mind. Maybe you could take up smoking a little weed now and then (it is medicinal and it might help). Hope you’re feeling better soon. xoxo

  2. Hey there, Jamie, it’s good to know you’re ok. Listen, giving up smoking is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do. I remember when my dad gave up smoking (after smoking up to 5 packs a day most of his life). The key, as far as I understand it, is to determine what your triggers are and then change the behaviors around those triggers. Easier said than done, of course. BTW, I gave up all processed foods and anything made with preservatives, any fake food at all, really, about five years ago. The longing-craving for some of that stuff went on for over a year, but eventually, really slowly, I gradually just did other things instead of having that crap. I don’t know you, obviously, but I’m very proud of anyone who gives up something toxic that’s killing them, so good job. 🙂 Best of luck with it. It’s a hard road, but worth it.

  3. desperately waiting for ur monthly horoscopes as they were so accurate. I have a little suggestion that these horo work will keep u busy and distracted.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Got to read one of yr articles earlier sometime in April-May and connected instantly as found stuff which I could relate with.. ever since have been keeping track of yr writings.. read yr Gemini Decan 3 outlook for the year and was pretty impressed..all i can say is – Respect.

    All the very best to you and wish you could give up yr smoking ASAP. Just to let u know, I gave it up on just one good day sometime in Dec 2010 and haven’t smoked since then..I am 46.

  5. Please, Jamie, feel better and keep the good work with horoscopes soon. They are so accurate and lot of people is depending on your montly guidance, just like me. Missing you from sunny Florida!

  6. interesting how hooked I got on monthly horoscopes that really did help guide and to see things unfold more clearly … will this every return ? I hope!

  7. Every time you get on an airplane they tell you…
    Put the oxygen mask on yourself before you try to help someone else.
    Simply the best advice ever.
    I hope you are well. Thank you for all you do!

  8. I just found this site. Brilliant. Should support me in my Astro health studies. Take care and I look forward to seeing some updates soon.

  9. Hope u r doing well!! Will we get to see monthly horoscopes?In anticipation, like so many others. Wish you would!!! regards

  10. Hello,
    I noticed you started monthly horoscopes but all were not included. Will all be included for the month of October soon I hope. Why were some left out?

  11. Really like your monthly horoscopes….especially like that you divide them up into decans. One note: Cancer’s logo should be a crab and not a lobster. Wish you the best of health. : 0 )

  12. Hi Jamie, I’m a new subscriber. Sent you a private email inquiry, and also asked how your health was. Perhaps you have addressed it here or in other posts. Very curious if you think the Pluto/Capricorn transit is provoking some of the changes, you’ve made. Be well, friend.

    • Did I respond to your email? I tend not to look at planets in Signs, rather aspects and fixed stars. Longer term influences like Uranus square Pluto.

      • Yes, I have been reading your site and the aspects you have listed. Including the Uranus square Pluto. Good to know that it is beginning to lighten up!

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