Uranus Sextile Sun Transit

Uranus Sextile Sun TransitUranus sextile Sun transit will let you express yourself more fully, more in tune with who you really are. This will be liberating and you may be pleasantly surprised by how your ego gets a lift from a new and unique personality.

The reason you are able to enjoy this change and get excited about a new you, is that the conditions in your life are rapidly changing, new people, new opportunities, new discoveries. At work, you may be offered a new position which leads to a promotion, or at least a welcome change. If looking for work you may get a breakthrough you were not expecting.

You will also discover new ways of doing old things, like taking advantage of new technologies such as the continual developments on the Internet. The changes occurring in your life give you more stimulation and an exciting outlook for the future. Gaining more freedom is likely and air travel would be a good way to experience more of the world.

Meeting new and unusual people is another theme of this transit as is more involvement with friends and groups. If you have a partner then the relationship can undergo changes that are not too upsetting. If you are on the market then dating could offer some interesting results, a new lover at this time would be most exciting. Internet dating would suit this transit.

Uranus Sextile Sun Transit Dates

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Gemini & Aquarius Decan 1
Gemini & Aquarius Decan 2
Gemini & Aquarius Decan 3

Cancer & Pisces Decan 1
Cancer & Pisces Decan 2
Cancer & Pisces Decan 3


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7 thoughts on “Uranus Sextile Sun Transit

  1. Spot on! This is exactly what has been happening. This has to be the best transit for an Astrologer in a long distance relationship with ANOTHER Astrologer to have! It goes into next year, but then it would be nice to have some Saturn, feet-on-the-ground, live with my husband type reality please universe?! I have ordered the slippers.

  2. 28th April 2012: Oh please let this be fantastic. I’ve just made a decision to start looking for another job. The one I’m in has so much hard oppressive Saturn-like energy – all my natural inner sunshine is eclipsed and I simply can’t take the pressure anymore. So writing my list of must-haves for the next job around the corner. I want it to be more a vocation than a job…something I love that I’m naturally gifted at with just enough challenge to keep ‘boring’ at bay. Not asking much eh? 🙂 Just please bring some positive changes… that’s all.

  3. Oh.. Gemini decan2, i’ve been in bad shape these past years.. Thanks God it a 2013 smilling year.

    • Hey wait a minute..Is this transit birth date specific? ‘coz I’d asked you on the dates before..for june 5 born and you’d said May’14 to 2016..

  4. I’m having this transit (since feb.) and Uranus sextile venus, nothing good has happened till now. I’m less inhibited, that’s all. and next week Trine Jupiter – Uranus, I’m scared because jupiter is not my friend. Went for job interview and didn’t get a job till now.

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