Venus Trine Sun Transit

Venus Trine Sun TransitVenus trine Sun transit makes everything in your world seem beautiful. You should feel attractive and be in an easy-going mood. This is a time of low stress when life flows smoothly with few cares or worries. Your loving attitude means that people respond with kindness and affection. All social activities are favored, and even work interactions with bosses and others should go well.

You have a calming influence on the people around you, winning your admiration and popularity. Increased personal beauty makes this a great time for dating or spending quality time with a loved one. Whether at work or play, you can enjoy life and get along with everybody without even trying. Shopping for beauty products, fashion, and jewelry are favored, and money matters should go well. Your appreciation of all things beautiful makes being creative most worthwhile.

8 thoughts on “Venus Trine Sun Transit

  1. I am a widowed cancerian,(46yrs old) and have been seeing a 39 (soon to be 40) scorpion man. He is married, but obviously unhappy. I hve been seeing sporatically (very 1-3 wks) 3 wks being the longest. I think he loves me as well, but he has a business…and a wife. Please help me. Thank you, Sincerely, Dawn Wilt

  2. Dawn, what are you doing getting in the middle of a married man’s marriage? Don’t you think you can do better? He is married and chances are he wont leave his wife. Why dont u start respecting urself and leave this man in the dust?!! he doesnt care about you or his wife.

  3. Its been shit for very long time… I feel like Ive gone through ten of cursed years. Love seems impossible…. Zero relationships just disrespectful treatment from people no matter how effing hard u try. I dont get it…. hope seems to be something I am not allowed to do, because whenever I hope for the better some crap comes and ruins it even more.

    • I feel your frustration xy! I’ve had a cursed 16 years starting with the death of my husband. Now I’ve lost everything in an abusive relationship which I was entangled in for the past 10 years. I was hoping Jupiter in Cancer would help turn my luck around, but I’m still dealing with crap.

      • Why is this posting dated Mar 4, 2011? Does this astrologer just repeat past comments for similar transits?

        • The post is only describing this particular transit, I believe these are comments from ‘all’ the different times this transit was being experienced.

  4. Has any of this legitly been the truth for any one because idk how to really look at I mean I wanna believe an hope it’s true tho

  5. He’s playing you. That’s what married me do. They seek the thrill of the extra marital and prey on vulnerable women. Toss him and start thinking more about yourself. You deserve the home and family and more than anything, you deserve to know that you are first in someone’s world and not sloppy seconds. Most importantly, learn to love yourself and you won’t need a man to be there.

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