2012 Election Predictions

Predicting the winner of US presidential elections is a controversial and hotly contested game for astrologers. It is good to see so many astrologers sticking their necks out and putting their reputations on the line for the upcoming US 2012 election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Mercury stations retrograde on election day, November 6 2012. For this reason, most of us think the result will be close or even be contested. There has been some good media coverage of astrological predictions for the election this year. At the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in November 2011, a panel of five astrologers unanimously predicted that Barack Obama would win the 2012 presidential election. This was picked up by USA Today: Panel of astrologers predicts Obama victory and Reuters: Astrologers say celestial charts favor Obama over Romney.

Astrologers Predicting Obama

The five UAC astrologers who unanimously predicted Obama to win were:
Gary Christian, Astrolabe.
Edith Hathaway, edithhathaway.com.
Claude Weiss, Astrodata.
Nina Gryphon, “With these positive factors, Obama is sitting pretty for reelection this year.” Forecast: U.S. Presidential Election 2012, Gryphon Astrology Blog, March 17, 2012.
Chris Brennan, “it is our opinion that Obama will be elected to a second term.” Prediction for the 2012 US Presidential Election, Patrick Watson and Chris Brennan, The Political Astrology Blog, April 29 2012.

Other astrologers backing Barack Obama include:
Gurmeet Singh, “Obama will win 2012 elections very easily,Will Barack Obama win the 2012 Presidential Election?, Vedic Astrology, November 26 2010.
Dharmaruci, “So Obama is likely to stay in power until Neptune has finished with him, which will be well into his second term.” The US Election and a Warning for Obama, Astrotabletalk, January 09 2012.
Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg, “Thus Venus indicates Obama’s return to the White House.” The Heavenly Patterns of 2012, Visual Astrology, January 2012.
Peter Stockinger, “there seems nothing to suggest that he may not be successful in his quest for re-election.” Libra Ingress 2012, Obama & the US Presidential Elections, Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog, March 10 2012.
Curtis Manwaring, “As it is I cannot say for certain, but I think Obama will win a 2nd term;Election 2012 – Obama vs Romney and Beyond, The Lost Horoscope X Files, May 06 2012.
Paul Saunders, “a win for President Obama.” Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney – Who does astrology say will win the 2012 US Presidential Election?, Solaris Astrology, May 08 2012.
Christopher Kevill, “While we don’t yet know Romney’s running mate, I do think it is quite likely he will lose the election.” US Presidential Election 2012: Obama’s Saturn vs. Romney’s Sun, Modern Vedic Astrology, June 04 2012.
Anthony Louis, “I would give Obama just slightly more than a 50% chance of winning based on this horary.” Who will win the 2012 presidential election?, Anthony Louis – Astrology & Tarot Blog, August 18, 2012.
Tony Dickey, “These add to the image problem Romney had before selecting Ryan.” Romney-Ryan Horoscope: Challenges Ahead, mundaneastrologers.com, August 18 2012.
Larry Schwimmer, “It is my belief that Barack Obama will win his re-election bid.” Astrology: The Obama-Biden Ticket – Winners or Losers, Huffington Post, September 5 2012.
Lauren Howard Coleman, “So it certainly looks like the President will be re-elected in November.” US Election 2012: Obama or Romney?, Astroblog, September 19 2012.
Cranberry on the astro.com forum has predicted Obama.

Astrologers Predicting Romney

Jamie Partridge, “most of what I have looked at in the charts for Mitt Romney suggests that he will win the 2012 presidential election.” Mitt Romney Horoscope, Darkstar Astrology, May 08 2012.
Michael O’Reilly, “it’s best to confirm a possible Romney victory by checking the conditions of each candidate’s Midheaven on Inauguration day.” Election 2012 – Who Will Win, Obama or Romney?, NeptuneCafe, June 04 2012.
Ema Kurent, “Mitt Romney is a very strong rival and could get ahead of Obama soon (I write this article in the first days of June 2012), and that I wouldn’t be surprised if he won the election.” Who Wins the 2012 USA Presidential Election?, emakurent.com, June 2012.
Sandra Weidner, “Mitt Romney will win the 2012 United States presidential election.” Astrology ofThe 2012 Presidential Election, Angelfire, August 12 2012.
Ed Tamplin, “My more favourable judgements are based on the accuracy of Romney’s Midheaven and birth time.” Weekly Horoscopes October 2012, edtamplin.com, October 01 2012.
Alex Miller, “see quite a few roadblocks for Obama, and many green lights for Romney.” Election Preview II: The Case for Romney, Maya Del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal, October 01 2012.
David Hernandez, “his presidency is coming to an end.” The Demise of the Presidency 2012:, Imprimatur Stellarium, October 15 2012.
Douglas Parker, “Romney seems fated to become President.” Astrology for USA Presidential Election 2012, astrologyreadings.com, 2012.
Greg Young, Ed Falis and Gene Ray on the astro.com forum have all predicted Romney.


You can see by the lists above that about twice as many astrologers are saying that Barack Obama will win the 2012 presidential election. This is in line with the opinion polls over the last year.

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155 Responses

  1. barb says:

    Is there anything in astrology to indicate that NO election takes place?

    If the hurricane devastates most of the USA…and if another big quake happens……then is it possible that the election will have to be postponed?….and Obama stays in power for a bit longer?


    Going by the above link, Obama is about to sieze control of the internet. Looks to me as if he still has on going ‘plans”

  2. Methodology for the Predictions should be correct, Irrespective of the Results since the Horoscopes can be wrong also. Lets wait and see , day is not far.

  3. Mercury is turning Retrograde and Rahu is in forward motion on the day of elections, these two parameters alone are indicative of some confusion on the day of elections. Rahu the north node of Moon is capable of any thing , but other parameters are to be seen for the untoward happenings . Jupiter and Mercury Retrogression and opposition on the day of elections is also not good.. There will be certainly some confusions and rethought in the minds of the voters on the day of elections.

  4. Brian says:

    All the birthers give me a laugh. We believe what we want and disbelieve what we don’t want to be true. From listening to Romney and Ryan, anyone who checks the facts can tell that they reject the truth and introduce lies.
    Romney’s n Asc is being squared by t Neptune and his n Saturn is being quincunxed by t Neptune. He’s a bold liar and will lose.

    • Susan says:

      Hallelujah! Nice commentary…

    • whitestarr says:

      My concern with Romney is his scorpionic ability to keeps secrets. It’s deception that we need the least of and I have continually sensed this before ever validating it via his chart. The abhorrent lack of plans, details and facts spins his mind into utter confusion pisceans know all too well especially when Neptune weighs so heavily at this time. This is not a favorable time for is power seems constrained and inconsistent. Obama light is shining bright now in the area of groundedness and leadership based on a deep emotional connection with service to the country. he genuinely likes people, young and old with equal appreciation. I’m not getting a conflict in a planetary sense tonight, despite the storm headed in to the east coast. The field of existence is supportive and clear. We’ll see.

  5. Ed Falis says:

    My prediction that Romney will win is based on Neptune too. Using Isaac Starkman’s rectification, Neptune at election time primary directs to natal IC=Sa=Ur/Ne. This is powerful angularity, despite its apparent manifestation as deception and oil money. Add a little directed Merc sq Ne, a little directed Ne sq natal Mo, directed Pl 135 natal Ne, directed Pl sextile Su, directed Merc sextile Ju, directed Ve trine Su. The trickster gets the baton, as far as I can see. I do happen to trust Starkman’s rectification based on his previous work (09:31:48 EST).

    Of course, I’d be happy to be wrong. Unfortunately I wasn’t in 04.

    – Ed

  6. Monique says:

    I’m an amatuer, but looking over President Obama’s chart, mercury retrograde will be in his 10th house of career, he will have to re-endure that’s the word coming to me, or meaning he will be re-elected.

    • Mercury will go in Retrogression on the 6th Nov. 2012 and will be fallen on the 19th Nov. 2012 . A Planet which attains the status of a Fallen planet is the most venomous planet, how can it give benefic results, more over it will be with Rahu and Mars , It can only create ecentricities and undetermined thoughts in the minds of the people voting, I dont think this is a good combination for Obama, Please donot take it otherwise, I am only discusssing the possibilities. Almost all the celebrity astrologers are Predicting the Success of Obama, but is it merely prediction or on the bases of the Wave of the People giving the votes. I know there is a strong wave for Obama , which astrologically is not coming so, If you Use the Progression charts of completion of the 51st Year. Obama Satrun is Fallen and Jupiter deblitated in the chart. Obama is running the dasha of Saturn-Saturn-Saturn, how do we explain this ?I am not contradicting anybody, I am only analysing the charts without any emotions and influence of the wave in the US.

      • Hassan says:

        You dont base the election for the highest office based on Mercury or “progressions” etc. Even though I dont take dashas into account, but your Sat Sat Sat dasha means work work work! What else do you expect in the tough four years! We are not talking about Venus and love and marriage here.

        In the transits you look at Saturn which is right on top of Obama’s chart while Romney is well behind. Saturn squaring Obama’s chart indicates the delays etc that he may encounter but also increased focus and is a test of his organizational skills that is all.

        The most important thing in terms of what he will accomplish can be seen not by astrology alone but through palmistry as well. Obama’s Head line is widely separate from the Life line which means he will made major changes this time without being influenced by those whose interests do not go along with the US public.

        Those with Head line joined maintain the status quo while those with it separate make the changes (Bill Clinton also has it separate!).

        Their main purpose is to provide the vision and inspire others and leave it to others with Head line joined to implement their work.

        I think it will be very useful for everyone to give their reasoning why they feel one candidate will win and not just that the planets are indicating it.

  7. Hi Marina,
    Here is what I wrote about Obama being a two time president in Oct 2008! This is one month before he was elected President!



    (Updated Oct 2008)

    US Election Update: Just a quick note to remind our readers that our prediction about a Barak Obama landslide seems to be coming true. We made this even before he was nominated as the Democratic candidate so his time of birth is probably right. We still see Obama as essentially a two time president (he will still have a few years public response ahead of him after that…

    • Hassan says:

      I had made my predictions based on Obama’s chart before he even became President as Saturn was rising in his chart and Hilary’s was not. Romney’s Saturn is still in his 6th house and also next two years it would be touching off his Moon in Scorpio!

      Also look at the chart of inauguration on 21st Jan 2013 and you will see Obama has planets right on top. Moon in Leo also is another reason why he was the chosen winner today.

      I saw a lot of analysis here based on directions or progressions. You really have to look at major transits and if it doesn’t show up there it wont show up anywhere else.

      He will do extremely good work now as his Head line is totally separate from the Life line and these are the only people who make major changes. He will also bring back the military before 2014 probably as he is not going to be held back by the agenda of others.

      The Republican Party is clueless about the Middle East and they would have got the put the world in another major war and with Saturn in Scorpio it would have been really dangerous. The fact that Netanyahu made a commercial in Florida shows how these people shamelessly tried to affect the US election.

      We will make progress much faster now I am sure.

  8. I predicted Obama winning on my website 2012 predictions and in an Astrology analysis of both Romney and Obama and Election Day itself on my website. I was interviewed by the Voice of Russia this interview was published http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_10_17/Psychics-predict-the-US-presidential-election-And-the-winner-is/

    • Kieran says:

      No one takes people like you serious anymore. Why? Just reading through your site’s “U.S. presidential election predictions”, which is so full of personal bias and unfavourable comments. It’s really a SHAME!I love Darkstar Astrology because of it’s neutrality. Think about that..

      • Uberqueenofwands says:

        Wow! Quite an authority. Who are you?

      • Georgina says:

        I think you are the one who is biased, you Obama lover. If you are not biased, you will see that Dark Star Astrology is only analyzing and comparing the planets in Romney’s chart vs Obama’s. The one with the more favorable and supportive planets is indicative of winning the Presidency because the probability is the highest. In this comparison, Romney has the better chart and therefore, he is the most likely candidate to win. You dont like the result of this analysis and therefore you are accusing Dark Star Astrology as being biased. Nothing more.

        • Greg F says:

          To quote Uberqueenofwands:

          “Wow! Quite an authority. Who are you?”

          Such lack of respect will get you nowhere, Georgina. Take a break from your incessant blather and listen to yourself!

      • I Started to write this last night. We dont need to be insulting anyone here or anywhere else. Everyone has th e right to expres their point of view but not put others down. OBAMA did win. I used psychic abilities over a year ago then coroborated my sense of Obama’s chart to election day. Yes Romney id have good aspects too. But for me th eoverall sens of things as it turned out was progressive even as simple as the Uranus Pluto Square withVenus in Libra joingin it on election day. Blessings

  9. Elly says:

    Psychic Rev Greg Kehn of Youngstown, Ohio. He usually pretty accurate in predictions say Obama will win.

  10. Tula says:

    Romney will win. Obama will be toppled by transiting Saturn over his radical Neptune end of the year. Plus, of course, Romney’s extraordinary chart and progressions.

    • Hassan says:

      Saturn conjuncting Neptune applies to his entire generation! It only means he will take the plight of the poor much more seriously and instead of taking it like a stumbling block he will take it as a stepping stone and will work harder. Saturn squaring his Mercury will make him work harder and Jupiter touching off his Leo planets will help him inspire others even more.

  11. barb says:

    Just announced on Aussie news that Obama HAS WON.

  12. Suri says:

    As usual western astrology does give you the accurate prediction.

    • Hassan says:

      I dont think it is the Western astrology but the interpretation of individual astrologers. The timing in both the systems is identical actually just in different signs. Natal chart is where they are 22 degrees behind and their interpretation sound really ridiculous but that is why they hardly speak about the natal chart.

      If you make Ayanumsa zero degrees instead of 22 then they will be amazingly accurate probably.

  13. Kacey says:

    Judging from the outcome, it might be the case that one’s solar return is absolutely stellar, giving them a very, very good year indeed. But a ‘good year’ does not necessarily include becoming President.

  14. Well, Romney just conceded defeat… If he runs in 2016, his ZR spirit and annual profections look spectacular (and again in 2024 his ZR spirit hits 10th from fortune – if he lives that long). However, in a leaders chart, the position of the Moon indicates the state of the people (commoners). In late Scorpio it is fallen and contrary to sect, but helped by a Jupiter conjunction in the 6th/7th. Obama’s Moon flows forth from a Jupiter trine and of the sect in favor in the 5th.

  15. Hassan says:

    I think it would be very useful for everyone to give their reasons why they thought the person they picked would win. Regardless of whether they were right or wrong, it is the reasoning that everyone can benefit from. HJ

  16. Ginny says:

    Go Hilary 2016

  17. Ginny says:

    On a concrete lvel, it was totally illogical that Mr. Romney was going to win. The Republican Party is outdated and gping further to appeal to radical threads in American Society. We focus so much on keeping religion and state seperate but corporate interest are frightenly enmeshed in American politics. quite frankly, both parties need a change og perspective.

  18. Kannon says:

    I don’t know if I will be able to join in the “What has the 2012 Election Taught Us?” discussion. But, Jamie, I would like to point out that I predicted Obama would win re-election [ http://kannonmcafee.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/us-presidential-election-2012/ ] and was on record in at least 3 different forums nearly all year saying this. I do know what I’m doing with my weird little rectified charts and unconventional Ascendants and have been wrong about only 1 US election since 2000. Being wrong just pushes us to look deeper and use more layers of indicators. That’s the strategy I took and it keeps us from the limits of a one-school perspective.

    • HJ says:

      it is amazing how some astrologers go to such lengths devling in illogical conclusions. Divine truth is very simple not complicated and not based on “progressions” where each day in the womb equals one year outside of it! The most important aspect of the presidential election here was that Obama had Saturn on top of his charts, Romney didn’t! Sun was also on his MC like in the last election as his MC is Scorpio so every November is good! Moon was in Leo also and he is a Leo. I wrote in Oct 2008 that Obama will win the Presidency at that time and will be a two time president (this was one month before he even won the election) and all based on just the Saturn transit and Jupiter.

  19. Amit says:

    This is quite interesting to see. I have never seen this kind of list in any of the astrology sites, where they have given the list of astrologers predictions very honestly. This is a good step in the right direction. Hope astrologers who are in the list who failed predicting Obama’s win will take this as a learning curve ahead !

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