Cancer Last Week

February 10 to 16, 2020

Monday to Thursday brings intense and deep experiences. You will have greater power and influence over your own life, over the events in your life and over the people around you. Relationships with people in positions of power and authority, large organizations and companies should go well. Higher self-esteem helps you can make a big impression on superiors. Personal and professional problems can also be more easily resolved.

Friday to Sunday balanced thinking and easy flowing communications make this an excellent time for business deals, studies, social media, asking for favors and self-promotion. It will be easier for you to understand things, to make sense of the details of your goals and how to achieve them. You can express these thoughts and plans very well. This is also a good time to relax with a book or enjoy entertaining or visiting friends.

Cancer Weekly Tarot Card

The Six of Wands is a very positive omen. It shows that despite the challenges you are facing, you will overcome them and come out on top. This card also points toward literal or metaphorical movement; things are changing, in a positive way.CancerThe Six of Wands is about happiness and celebration. You are about to see some results for your hard work and efforts. Give yourself a break or treat yourself in some way. You have certainly earned it.

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