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  1. Brilliant!
    I’ve just come back from a 2 hour session on a machine which checks electromag fields for bacteeria, parasites, fungal infections etc (very necessary if you live in Africa) and the following were found – parasites, candida, bacterial build up, need nerve regeneration – I just had a major trapped one in my back – digestive problems and so on…
    One of the things I would put under Pisces transit would be parasites – and both Chiron and Neptune are in my 6th hse of Posces opp natal Mercury – I also have unecessary drains on my mental resources right now. The Sun has just crossed the 6/7 hse cusp – so its a good time to have light shed on those murky things which were draining me and needed healing!
    What a fantastic find this tool is. Thanks Jamie – I’ll be using it all the time.

  2. Jamie, Can you say you are strongly effected by transits if your degree falls on +/- 5 degrees? For examplee I have virgo 14 degree sun. Pluto is now 15 degrees capricorn and Saturn is 11 degrees Saggitarious. Can you say they are effecting me strongly since it is only 1 and 3 degree difference?

    • Yes, especially outer planets transit like Pluto, and more so when they are applying. Some planets are felt more strongly too, like Mars. Neptune transits can be difficult to detect.

  3. Born on 20th December 1960, going through lots of frustrations, physically and mentally affected, cant explain here. Please reply.

  4. Hi Jamie. My name is Deepa. My son is 21.08.1967. Time is 6.30 am. Place of birth Chennai/Madras. India. Can you guide me as to how my progress will be for the years to come. Thank you

  5. I’m looking for a good site that shows phases of the Moon and their astrological aspects, month by month, in a calendar-type form..

  6. Jaime, Is there option to see name of symbols? Not everyone is an astrologer it is confusing sometimes.

  7. Birthday is 2 Nov 1980 in the U.K. Birth time unknown. How can I find out my Sun, Moon and Rising sun? I have gone through a divorce, and now live away from my children. Job is good but I miss a partner and my love life is constantly facing roadblocks. I hope 2016 has better days?

    • Hi Paul, without time of birth we cannot find your exact rising or Moon sign. 75% chance you are Scorpio decan 3 and not Scorpio decan 2. Read your Scorpio decan 2 horoscopes and all of the transits will affect you on the early days or months of the transit. Try contacting your birth hospital for some records, or your mum. Two strong aspects we can know for sure in your chart are Mars conjunct Neptune and Mars sextile Pluto. You also have Sun conjunct fixed star Zubeneschamali .

  8. Dear Jamie I have a natal north node in Pisces and a south node in Virgo. How are the present nodal positions affecting me.

    • Hi Tanya. Depends on the degree of your Nodes. North Node is now at 20 Pisces, and you Nodal return should have a positive influence on your relationships and direction in life.

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