Sun Sextile Sun Transit

Sun Sextile Sun TransitSun sextile Sun transit is an energizing and creative transit. It gives the power of personal expression which helps in self-promotion and achieving goals. This is an excellent time to make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships, and longer-term goals.

You will face little resistance from people or circumstances because you feel so good about yourself and are confident and proud. People may help you on your way. This is a great time for both work and play.

This interpretation for Sun sextile Sun transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon sextile Sun.

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  1. Jamie what has happened to you? I’m a 1st d virgo. This year well you’ve problems you’ve not told us. I understand. God bless you keep you safe…

  2. I am so depressed of loosing a job. In this recession no hopes of getting a job either

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