Full Moon 12 January 2017 Deal-Maker

Full Moon January 2017 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Thursday January 12, 2017 is at 22 degrees Cancer. The Full Moon January 2017 astrology shows the eternal conflict between polar opposites in a stubborn Grand Cross configuration.

The January 2017 Full Moon may be in the Sign of Cancer but for astrological purposes it’s in the Constellation of Gemini. The position of the Full Moon between the twin stars Castor and Pollux gets to the heart of ongoing conflicts. The original battle between brothers has evolved into the wars raging in the world still to this day.

Saturn comes to the rescue to break up the extreme tension bound in the Grand Cross. The wise old man plays the role of deal-maker to broker a peace. Conflict can be resolved during this Full Moon phase through patience and hard work. Traditional values, a conservative approach, respect for authority and strict discipline will all help in bringing two tribes together.

Full Moon Meaning

A Full Moon is the major planetary aspect Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A Full Moon focuses your attention on relationships of all kind. A Full Moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the December 29 new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. A Full Moon can also be seen as an emotional adjustment, or complement, to the themes of the previous new moon.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a Full Moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a Full Moon lasts for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the January 27 New Moon.

Full Moon January 2017 Astrology

The January 12 Full Moon at 22°27′ Cancer Sign actually falls between the Two Twins of Gemini Constellation. The Gemini Constellation now sits wholly in the Cancer Sign. This is due to a fatal error in the Tropical Zodiac caused by the Precession of the Equinoxes. I use the Tropical Zodiac as it was originally intended, as a measuring device for recording astronomical data. Like the ancient astrologers I use the visible stars and constellations for astrological purposes.

At 20°28′ Cancer Sign is fixed star Castor, Alpha Geminorum
At 22°27′ Cancer Sign is Full Moon January 2017
At 23°27′ Cancer Sign is fixed star Pollux, Beta Geminorum

Castor gains strength as the Moon is already passed by it. However, the Moon is twice as close to Pollux so the Twins are equally matched. This is a showdown in the eternal battle that started when man first killed his brother. This is the story of Castor and Pollux, Apollo and Hercules, Cain and Abel.

The Full Moon January 2017 shines a spotlight on the original cause of war, the rivalry between two brothers fighting over one woman. It is still being waged today and had developed into a battle for land, oil, and even God.

The internal battle shows as anger, fear, guilt, shame, fear, paranoia, mental illness, addiction, depression and nervous breakdowns. Externally we see two tribes going to war as Jews against Muslims in Palestine, blacks versus whites in America, and Islamic State against the old Crusader nations.

Full Moon January 2017 Astrology

Full Moon January 2017 Astrology

As time goes by and we evolve ever faster, the gap between the two sides widens. We live in an age of extremes, not just with terrorism but in every area of life. Trump versus Clinton saw both sides of politics grow rapidly further apart. The far right and Nationalism are spreading not just in Western countries. This is in response to the widening gap between rich nations and poor nations, and between the rich and poor within nations.

Full Moon January 2017 Grand Cross

A Grand Cross aspect pattern is a square formed by at least four planets. In the Full Moon January 2017 astrology chart above you see Sun opposite Moon at right angles to Jupiter opposite Uranus. This really is a battle of two extremes wherever you look, from the Twin stars to the opposition aspect and the Grand Cross.

A Grand Cross is an intense configuration that is very difficult to resolve. Each opposition has it own set of polarities and extremes to deal with. Together, the pair of oppositions creates an eternal struggle. The resulting square aspects represent many tests and challenges.

Sun opposite Moon is the original battle between man and woman, the conscious will against feeling and intuition. Your feelings are stronger and you are more emotionally sensitive. The battle is also played out between partners. You can use the other person as a mirror to learn more about your own behavior. Personal growth and relationship harmony come through learning to compromise.

Jupiter opposite Uranus can increase the differences between the two sides. You will feel a strong urge to react, or rebel against anything that is stopping you from having fun and doing what you want.There may be a particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, then the more upsetting the change is likely to be.

Saturn the Dealmaker

The tension and conflict of a Grand Cross aspect pattern is extremely difficult to resolve. It is very hard to bend this rigid, stubborn structure. Thankfully, Saturn offers a way out but softening up each corner of the square through more harmonious aspects. Saturn can be used to find compromise and make deals to bring and end to wars. Saturn is the wise old man who has been there and done that. His ways are tested and true. He brings social order and a sense of security by using discipline and earning respect.

Sun semisextile Saturn brings patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic. A sense of duty and serious attitude help in rfixing the causes of tension. Serious or difficult tasks can be completed now. Younger people may seek out your wisdom and this is also a good time to ask for professional advice or that of your elders. Respect for authority and self-discipline will help bring people together.

Moon quincunx Saturn shows a need to address some guilt, shame or anxiety. Bad moods or depression may require medical help to get you heading in the right direction again. There is an imbalance in an intimate relationship which is causing friction. One partner feels they have all the responsibility for the housework or looking after the kids or making the money. Sharing your feeling is key to finding the right balance.

Jupiter sextile Saturn supports cautious expansion, cooperation and compromise. Common sense and a sustained effort is required because this is a serious and long-term problem working on. You can find the perfect balance between being too generous and being too strict. A strong sense of justice prevails at all levels, political, social and personal. Sanctions or withholding benefits can be used to make people conform to acceptable standards.

Saturn trine Uranus restricts the rise in extremism. This is the ideal time to make positive changes. This change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. This is another good aspect for cooperation and compromise. It brings people together from very different backgrounds and keeps them interested in a common long-term goals.

Importantly, this is a transition phase. The image of the two Korean Flags at the top of the page is a bit too optimistic just yet. While final settlements to long running disputes may not be found in the next two weeks, significant progress can be made.

If Full Moon January 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon December 29 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon January 27 2017

Full January 2017 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
12 January – 3:34 am
12 January – 6:34 am
12 January – 11:34 am
12 January – 5:04 pm
12 January – 10:34 pm

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29 thoughts on “Full Moon 12 January 2017 Deal-Maker

  1. Thanks for breaking down the various aspects of a very complex Full Moon! This lunation hits me particularly hard: precisely conjunct my progressed Moon in Cancer (to the minute) in my natal 10th house. It seems to be all about career.

    I’ve been engaged in a long term battle of wills with my on-again off-again boss. We’ve been in the same jobs for ~4 years but due to organizational changes he became my boss again in September. He only ever interacts with me in a negative way and tends to scapegoat me for everything–despite very positive feedback from everywhere else–and I tend to rebel against his strictures. In the past, our individual attempts at intervention have only widened the gap. There is so much going on for both of us, most especially in the composite chart, which has Mars opposite Pluto at 21 Libra/Capricorn squared by Venus at 21 Capricorn. Also his Chiron conjuncts my NN at 21 Aries, and my Chiron conjuncts his SN at 21 Gemini (squared by composite Saturn at 20 Virgo). It’s a lot!

    I am hoping this Full Moon offers us the opportunity to finally find a solution that works for both of us, because if not, it’s time for me to move on.

    • Oops, there’s a typo. The composite Mars/Pluto opposition is at 21 Aries/Libra, respectively.

  2. Hi Jamie

    This transiting Moon is sextile to both my natal Moon (very tight at just 0.16 degrees) and natal Pluto, and this moon also is conjunct natal Neptune right now. Transiting Saturn is also sextile my natal Moon. I am facing a lot of emotional turmoil this entire month – difficult mood swings along with fear and some rage (Pluto square Mars) and cannot understand why this is happening with all the easy angles being made to my natal moon (not sure if conjunction with Neptune is messing things up though).

    I figured the easier sextiles to my Natal Moon would mean I would find it easier to handle my emotions this month. Far from it, it’s been very difficult with some deep despair. My Pisces Decan 1 Horoscope for January is also a seemingly smooth month. Am I missing something or misinterpreting things? (still very new to astrology). I wonder if Mars square natal Neptune is causing all this despite the lack of harsh transits to my Moon?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. What does it mean if you were born on a full moon sun Virgo 24′ moon Aries 4′ and Virgo rising sun is in first house moon is in 7/8th house also have Lilith in Virgo and mercury in Virgo. ???????????????????? My mars and Venus are in Scorpio

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