Jupiter Trine Pluto Natal and Transit

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Jupiter Trine Pluto TransitJupiter trine Pluto natal increases your power and influence over your own life and is a sign of success. It gives an interest in the big issues which affect many people such as politics and religion, and you can have a powerful influence over the lives of other people. Morality and ethics are important to you, but this does not necessarily mean you are strictly moral or ethical. Though I suspect you have a fairly good sense of what is right and wrong.

This aspect gives great opportunities to accomplish things on a grand scale and your enterprising spirit and drive can lead to prominence and wealth. Another natural talent is the ability to transform on a large-scale. This involves continual personal development and a reforming influence in your area of interest for the benefit of friends and family, community, and even country.

Jupiter Trine Pluto Celebrities

Prince Rainier III of Monaco (62′), His Serene Highness ruled for 56 years. Husband of actress Grace Kelly, he was a grand leader but also a reformer, transforming his countries gambling based economy. Robert Maxwell (02′) rose from poverty to lead a media empire and enter British parliament. Examination of the books after his death revealed that he didn’t mind defrauding a few people along the way.

Shimon Peres (25′) is the current prime minister of Israel and has been serving as a politician for over 66 years. He is a reformer, now tasked with finding peace. Shimon’s counterpart in these peace dealing, Mahmoud Abbas also has Jupiter trine Pluto (57′). He is the current president of the Palestinian National Authority.

Jimmy Swaggart (41′) took TV evangelism to the world through over 3000 TV stations every week. He came unstuck for practicing what he preached against with prostitutes. Another of the God Squad falling from grace was Jim Bakker (52′), with a sex scandal and fraud to boot.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir 0°58′, Harvey Weinstein 1°00′

Jupiter Trine Pluto Transit

Transiting Jupiter trine Pluto greatly increases your power and influence. You have the opportunity to use this power to positively transform your own life, your environment, and the lives of other people. You will feel in control of situations, and may find yourself in positions of power or authority in group settings.

The biggest gains during this period come from maintaining high morals, and not acting selfishly. Gains will still come by putting yourself above others, but the gains will not have the lasting transforming qualities associated with this transit.

The transitions on the way could include promotion in your career, leading to increased wealth and power. Journeys made now will also greatly transform your outlook on life, and be remembered as once in a lifetime experiences. Overall, a very satisfying and evolving phase of life.

Jupiter Trine Pluto Dates

11 October 2015
16 March 2016
26 June 2016

2 June 2024

24 September 2028

68 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Hello Jamie: Today, transiting Neptune is at 10Pis23 opposite your natal Moon at 10Vir37. Here’s a quote from thefutureminders.com regarding this transit.: “Other people may see you as flaky or a daydreamer during this time, but try not to take their reactions too personally.”

    • One reason I have decided not to date this year and concentrate on work. I use precession correction for transits so get slightly different date. But I just assume it lasts all year.

  2. Hi Jamie, Without realising the importance in those dates .. Jup trine Pluto ..in 10 Oct 2015 ..I started pursuing this person. On 17 March 2016 I told him my interest and he said he was in a relationship but not married. I stopped pursuing after this reply but inside me I am still obsessing over him . I have to continue to see him for business reason. I notice some changes in him but nothing definite. I have to again see him around the next trine date. This is coincidental. What can I expect? I am Taurus asc and Libra sun – sun conduct pluto in libra. Thanks

    • This has to be so much more than coincidence SK. North Node with Jupiter plus Venus trine Neptune make this final trine most favorable for fated love.

      • Jamie, when I wrote that comment Jup was crossing my natal panacia in Virgo – ethical dilemma? Sk thanks

        • By going of the asteroid name only because I have not researched this one. But that is usually the way it pans out after doing the research.

  3. On March 16, I got dumped by my ex-boyfriend. I wonder what the June 26 one will hold for me…

    • That March 16 one had Venus square Mars which is not good for lovers. This one has Venus trine Neptune which sounds much better.

  4. Expecting a Promotion soon. I am a Leo.
    Jupiter in Virgo (2nd House)
    Pluto in Capricorn (6th House)

    This makes sense !! 🙂

  5. Jamie, born 3 July, im always waiting for a break through? I always read how things are getting better but nothing, is it the aspects, the houses, the chart I was born under? im 30 years old and cannot show off anything, relationships fails, no career picking up, im studying and studying but really…the only thing I cant trade in this world is my two kids…tell me anything interesting please.

    • You are just going through a relatively quite time transit-wise this year. The main one is Neptune trine Sun transit which is subtle compared to most.

      The July 4 new moon close to your Sun make the coming year more important because a birthday new moon stays active in your solar return chart for 12 months.

      Jupiter trine Mars transit climaxing on July 20 should bring successful actions. Be brave and take some risks.

    • Yes, it is like your 2016 solar return chart. Transits are always most important but return charts can give additional information.

  6. Jamie, I have very little knowledge of astrology, but a good deal of respect for it….what can you tell me besides read the monthly? BD Sept 4, 1968.

  7. Hi Jamie I’m a rookie too. What can you tell me about natural talents. BD March 22,1986

  8. Another one of the few trines in my chart deserving recognition. Yup. I have this and definitely feel this urge to achieve greatness and be noticed and bring something into the world. Very hard to figure it all out though but it’s comforting to know that it is the reason behind me constantly working on myself to get there :)))

  9. just made a modest donation to your website. Thank you for your unfailing astrological insights.

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