Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Leo Monthly HoroscopeYour Leo monthly horoscope is divided into three decans for a more personal and accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find which decan to read for your Leo March 2014 horoscope.

Leo Monthly Horoscope Decans

Leo Decan 1 born Jul 23 to Aug 2.
Leo Decan 2 born Aug 3 to 12.
Leo Decan 3 born Aug 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Leo April 2014 Horoscope

The majority of April 2014 looks prosperous enough for you. Towards the end of the month you may start to notice the change with more challenging conditions. Although the March 30 New Moon brings with it many stressful aspects, you should find it relatively easy to harness its intense and volatile energy.  This is because you receive the flowing trine aspect from the new moon, which reduces stress and offers you inner balance and self confidence.

It looks like your career and other personal goals are going to benefit more this month, than say your relationships, though there are no obstacles to happiness in this area of your life. it is just that the new moon itself suits doing business and working hard, rather than romance and play. Your mind will be up to the task with Mercury trine your decan from April 7 to 13. Communication is a strong point and you will be able to convince others and gain any support you need to achieve your goals. With more challenging times ahead, you should use the productive first half of April 2014 to consolidate recent gains, tie up loose ends, and get your house in order in case you get distracted by any dramas down the track.

From April 20 to 30 April, a testing square from the Sun gains more power from the April 29 solar eclipse. For a number of month ahead, you may find it more difficult to cope with normal challenges you usually breeze through. There may be more delays and complication to deal with, and superiors or men in general may test your character in some way.

Decan 2 Leo April 2014 Horoscope

Now this is definitely a better month than recent ones. Three good transits to cheer you up plus a helpful aspect from the March 30 New Moon. Although the new moon itself is a rather stressful one, you will not feel the tension like others. This is because it falls during the transit of the Sun trine your decan, from March 30 to April 10. So you can expect to feel more positive and confident, with more ease in getting ahead because obstacles will seem to fade away. The positive new moon influence will last all month, and with more good transits ahead, you should be able to make big gains with your professional and personal goals, with assistance coming from others, especially superiors and men.

From April 5 to May the 8th, Mars sextile your decan is the perfect accompaniment to the new moon because it also boosts self confidence, energy levels and enthusiasm. You should be feel strong and have ample initiative to take on difficult projects and succeed. At the more personal level, your sex drive and sexual appeal will be high too, benefiting not only existing relationships, but also placing you in a favorable position on the dating scene.

The best period this month will come from the 13th to 18th of April 2014. Mercury trine your decan will sharpen your intellect, making you very comfortable in social situations, and able to communicate effectively. The combination of all these influence at the same time means you can express yourself forcefully while remaining friendly and co-operative. This would be an ideal time to ask for favors like a pay rise, or in fact to apply for a new job. Any plans can be carried out with confidence, and any proposal you put forward, whether in your career or relationship-wise, should be warmly received.

Decan 3 Leo April 2014 Horoscope

For nearly three months now, Mars sextile your decan has been providing energy and initiative. This strong transit finishes on the 6th of April, the same date as the more problematic Venus opposition, which began on the 27th of March. So the timing is quite good here, because any relationships difficulties or laziness usually caused by this Venus transit will be easily overcome by the drive and enthusiasm from Mars. This could also indicate positive experiences of a sexual nature, which help in overcoming any friction within intimate relationships.

From April 9 to 20, the Sun trine your decan acts in a similar way to the Mars transit that has just ended, in that it boosts your energy levels and enthusiasm. However, it has a more calming influence, in that all of your relationships should go though a period or more harmony and cooperation. You will find it easier to achieve your goals, not just for this week, but for the next six month because the Lunar Eclipse on 15 April 2014 falls within this productive solar transit. Being a lunar eclipse, the benefits will apply more to your intimate relationships, home and family life. It will have a relieving, or loosing effect on the restrictive Saturn transit, which will end about the same time as the lunar eclipse influence ends in October 2014.

Look to make plans for the future between April 18 and 24, with Mercury trine your decan. During this week, you can rely on sound judgement and excellent communication skills. Signing contracts is favored, as is doing business of any kind, buying, selling and negotiating. Given the harmonious and friendly influence of the lunar eclipse, it would be a good time to seek favors or make a proposal, espiaclly regarding intimate relationships.

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Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2014