Libra Horoscope December 2015

Libra HoroscopeDecember 2015 Libra horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Libra Decan 1 – born Sep 23 to Oct 2.
   Libra Decan 2 – born Oct 3 to 12.
   Libra Decan 3 – born Oct 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Libra December 2015

This month starts on a good note but there are some challenging condition in the middle of December 2015 to negotiate. Christmas time itself may be a little uncomfortable but you end the year with great conditions for both celebrating and relaxing.

Saturn sextile your decan finishes on December 25, so you can look back over the year with satisfaction at the solid progress made in your life. This then, leaves the September 2015 lunar eclipse as the only long-term influence for the next few months. This is having positive influence on close relationships and will maintain its harmonious effect through the challenging conditions ahead.

Sun sextile your decan from November 22 to December 3 means you will face little resistance from people or circumstances. In fact, because you feel so good about yourself and are confident and proud, people may help you on your way. This is a great time for both work and play.

The November 25 full moon continues this confident and energetic phase until the December 11 new moon. Don’t be concerned about the negative theme of the full moon. Your positive Saturn transit means you have good karma at the moment because of your previous hard work and responsible attitude.

Sun conjunct Saturn from November 28 to December 1 should can be a time of great satisfaction, with achievements, recognition and promotion. You could act as a rock for someone, or be looked up to because of your stability and wisdom. This is a good time to simplify and bring efficiency to your life. Unclutter you life and remove the dead wood to make your goals less complicated and easier to achieve.

Mercury square your decan from December 9 to 17 adds mental stress due to the hectic pace of activity. This is not the best time to ask for a raise from the boss, or for making important decisions. Avoid stirring up trouble or trying to humor people as you may offend. Still, you may have to deal with more phone calls and correspondence than usual which could be annoying, and routine trips around town could cause some irritation.

Sun square your decan from December 21 to January 1 can represent a crisis in confidence because of challenges from events or from other people, most often from men or bosses, teachers etc. This is not a favorable time for getting your way, certainly not if you want to maintain harmony in important relationships. Over assertiveness may upset others and cause added pressures on you.

The December 25 full moon extends this testing period until the January 9 new moon. But this is a particularly good moon phase for negotiating peaceful settlements to disputes and for finding common ground in business or legal matters.

Venus sextile your decan from December 29 to January 7 will ease any recent relationship tension just in time to bring in the new year. This is an excellent transit for letting your hair town and partying. You should be feeling sociable and be looking your best. The testing full moon will force you out of your comfort zone, and Venus will attract positive people around you. A great time also for shopping as you will have a good eye for a bargain, especially for fashion and jewelry.

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Decan 2 Libra December 2015

The final month of the year looks to be another intense one because of a resurgent Uranus Pluto square. It’s influence had faded, but Uranus retrograde has recently increased its power. Although you do have some positive transits this month, and the outlook is very promising, you may struggle at two particular times when Mars and then Mercury trigger Uranus square Pluto into action.

Pluto square your decan this year brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances which mean you have to stand up and be counted. Stability and security may be difficult to maintain with Uranus opposite your decan until April 2016, both in the material world, within your own psyche, and with relationships.

Mercury sextile your decan from November 26 to December 4 brings positive thinking and friendly communications. Debating and public speaking are favored as are meetings, where you can lead the way in brainstorming. This would be an ideal time to write down your thoughts in a diary or on the internet, renew old friendships, or send off your résumé.

Mercury trine Uranus from November 29 to December 3 stimulates all of your senses and your intuition should be strong and accurate. Flashes of insight are possible when awake, or asleep through vivid dreaming. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced. In fact, this would be an excellent time to start studying astrology or another occult subject.

Mars in your decan from November 29 to December 19 gives a tremendous increase in ego drive, a strong urge to get what you want regardless of what other people may think. Physical activity is especially favored so competing hard to win in team or individual contests is ideal to express this fiery energy. A good example of this dynamic is with physical love relationships, sex is a great way to express this energy as your sex drive is heightened. This can be most rewarding for both of you so long as that aggression in channeled into passion.

Sun sextile your decan from December 2 to 12 is an energizing and creative transit. It gives power of personal expression which helps in self promotion and the achievement of goals. This is an excellent time to make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships and longer term goals.

Sun sextile Mars from December 2 to 9 gives a boost to your self-confidence, physical strength, vitality and courage. Personal relationships, especially those of an intimate nature will benefit from you extra warmth, charm and charisma. Your sex drive will be strong and others will find you more sexually attractive than normal. Your strongest and most primal desires can be fulfilled so you should not be shy about grabbing them with both hands.

December 3 and 14 presents a test of character with Mars activating the Uranus Pluto square. The strong transit above means you have the courage to successfully manage any aggressive impulses from Mars square Pluto and Mars opposite Uranus. This combination means power struggles and confrontations. This is because of your intense desire to gain control over others, or of situations. It can cause outburst of anger directed at those who have upset you in the past. The anger and resentment may have been building for some time. The challenge is to resist the temptation to lash out and go on the attack.

Sun trine Uranus from December 6 to 11 gives the self-awareness to understand the impulsive nature of your desires from the above combination. Increased intuition and flashes of insight lead to self-discovery and revelations. These insights combine with increased self-confidence, to allow you to express the more unique side of your personality. A surprising new development could lead to an exciting new direction in life related to your career or a relationship.

The December 11 new moon extends the strong and confident Sun transit mentioned earlier until the January 9 new moon. Combined with the courageous Mars transit, this would be a good time for setting new goals and starting something new, from the new moon until the December 25 full moon. The activation of Uranus square Pluto suggests a radical change anyway. It would not be easy but then big changes rarely are.

Mercury square your decan from December 16 to 24 can scatter your thinking and lead to communication problems. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed into making decision as you probably won’t have the time or patience to understand all the details and ramifications. Seek professional advice if needed.

December 18 to 21 is the final test this month as Mercury activates the Uranus Pluto square. Mercury conjunct Pluto adds depth and intensity to your thinking and communications. Power struggles are possible at the intellectual level, and this could involve thought projection and other non verbal ways of psyching people out. Mercury square Uranus is not the best time for making plans or attending to detailed paperwork due to lack of concentration. An increased need for excitement or amusement makes you easily distracted and less responsible or dependable. Likewise, others may let you down or seem distracted.

Saturn sextile your decan begins on December 17 and last until December 2016. Of course, you probably won’t feel the full impact until next year, especially if you are born later in the decan. But as mentioned earlier, the outlook is very promising as you will find yourself taking a more responsible attitude to all your affairs, from work, to partners and your family.

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Decan 3 Libra December 2015

You have really good stars this month until a certain point. Unfortunately, that point is the Christmas New Year period when anger and frustration could lead to rising tempers around the Christmas dinner.

Venus in your decan from November 26 to December 5 favors hosting and attending parties, and as Venus rules money as well as love, this should be a good time financially. Spend some money on yourself by getting a makeover, buying clothes or jewelry. Relationships, especially love relationships, should go well because of your attractive energy and increased personal beauty.

Mercury sextile your decan from December 3 to 10 increases your creative thought and mental activity, energizing all communications and interactions with other people. This is likely to be a very busy period but these interactions are beneficial as you can project yourself strongly and clearly without upsetting anyone.

Sun sextile your decan from December 11 to 22 is an energizing and creative transit. It gives power of personal expression which helps in self promotion and the achievement of goals. This is an excellent time to make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships and longer term goals.

The December 11 new moon extends this expressive and confident phase until the January 9 new moon. It represent the ideal time for starting something new or turning over a new leaf. The best time for starting new projects is during the waxing moon phase, from the December 11 new moon until the December 25 full moon. Considering the transits which follow, the best time for using your initiative can be refined, now from December 16 to December 22.

Mars in your decan from December 16 to January 4 gives a tremendous increase in ego drive, a strong urge to get what you want regardless of what other people may think. You are much more self-assertive than usual and this could cause arguments or conflict with others because of your desire to win at all costs.

Mercury square your decan from December 23 to January 2 increases mental activity and communication, but it cans add friction and tension in these areas. Thinking can be nervous or rushed, which may lead to slip up’s in conversations, not saying exactly what you mean. This in turn can lead to other people getting the wrong idea, an increased chance of arguments, or simply not having matters resolved.

Mercury square Mars from December 26 to January 8 leads to rushed thinking which can make you short-tempered and aggressive. You may jump to conclusions, rush your decision-making and say the wrong thing. When interacting with other people they key is to listen carefully and think twice before speaking. Just as you are likely to be irritable and touchy, those around you can pick up on the vibe and become more assertive too.

Mercury retrograde from January 5 to 25 makes this is a slightly longer transit because Mercury slows down in late December. This means you will have the same Mercury square again in February 2016, but without the aggressive Mars influence.

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