Moon Sextile Ascendant Transit

Moon sextile Ascendant transit makes you want to be close friends and family and especially women. You will be subconsciously seeking emotional nourishment from familiar people. This is a good time for family gatherings, reunions, and sharing memories.

Increased intuition and sensitivity to the moods of other people give you good skills for counseling and sales. Although peace and harmony are important you would rather not have to fight for it. Your sensitivity to other people allows you to work well within groups. You can absorb, or take on their mood. Your mood is then representative of the group’s mood. The ability to fit in and be one of the crowd is perfect for public relations and politics.

This interpretation for Moon sextile Ascendant transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon sextile Ascendant.

Moon Sextile Ascendant Celebrities

John Addey (astrologer) 0°05′, Joseph Crane (astrologer) 0°07′, Cindy Williams 0°09′, Elsie Wheeler (psychic) 0°10′, Sara Gilbert 0°10′, Albert, Prince Consort 0°20′, Auguste Escoffier 0°21′, Peter Finch 0°23′, Cameron Diaz 0°24′, Michel de Montaigne 0°26′, Lucy Hale 0°38′, Malcolm Fraser 0°39′, Joseph Massart 0°48′, Jacob Holdt 0°54′, Nicholas Cage 1°01′, Angela Merkel 1°03′, Maritha Pottenger (astrologer) 1°05′, Richard Carpenter 1°06′, William Wordsworth 1°08′, Don Johnson 1°09′, Helen Gwynne-Vaughan 1°20′, Saint Bernadette 1°21′, Jennifer Aniston 1°24′, Joseph Fiennes 1°42′, Dennis Cooper 1°47′, Giorgio Moroder 1°48′.

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