Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit

Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit

Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit

Pluto conjunct Moon transit is affecting the Capricorn Moon sign from 2008 until 2024. This transit brings major life changing experiences and these changes are deeply felt at the emotional level. Pluto conjunct the Moon will bring up intense psychological issues from deep in the soul, which will lead to a complete transformation of the emotional life. This transformation may start with a stripping away of the emotional security blanket, and you and other people have to adjust to this raw you.

The Moon also represent family and all other close emotional bonds, so these relationships can undergo changes. These relationships will become very important and this could range from greater emotional support and bonding, to separations. All things related to home and family are up for possible changes, including moving home, starting a family, becoming a grandparent, or children leaving home. The Moon can also represent the public, so this during this transforming journey over a couple of years, you may find that your most personal dramas are open to the world but this sharing can be a healing experience.

The ruthless nature of Pluto can have an effect whereby you experience others trying to over-power you or manipulate you. If this is the case you may learn to become ruthless yourself if that has not been in your nature. If you have been the dominate type, then you might find this transit mellows that out a bit. Going to extremes and finally finding a balance could be a theme over these couple of years.

In 1978, George W. Bush had Pluto conjunct his Moon This coincided with his first attempt at public office. It was the 19th Texas Congressional election which he lost by 6%. George ran a nice-guy campaign, his advisers wanted to him attack his opponent but he didn’t. George told his advisers that his opponent was also running the nice-guy campaign. 10 days before the election, George went head to head in a live radio debate with Hance and got totally hammered. For the following 10 days Hance kept up the attack. George learnt from this Pluto transit how to be ruthless.

In 2006, Charlie Sheen went though a bitter divorce during this transit. There was a very public and ruthless custody battle over the children, where his wife blamed Charlie’s addictions and threats of abuse for the marriage breakdown. In 2010, Michael Douglas experienced Pluto on his Moon by suffering life-threatening throat cancer, and by the power of Pluto he beat it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been going through this transit the last year, recently finished his final term as governor of California and now reading movie scripts. A re-birthing, total transformation.

Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit Dates

Capricorn decan 1 – 2008 to 2013.
Capricorn decan 2 – 2013 to 2018.
Capricorn decan 3 – 2018 to 2024.

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60 Responses

  1. Charyl says:

    Unbeknown I had progressing moon cross my natal pluto in leo.taking a month or so. Now it will cross my progressed pluto on 4th cusp. It’s been difficult but sure doesn’t last long. They say hard worker and I work compulsively and determinedly.I seem to have work persecution from the women.As well,my mom’s been going through a capricorn mars pluto transit and we actually came together in tears. She was committed to Alzheimer’s 7 yrs ago but she looks younger now than when she went in. The newspaper’s in Van. are full of senior abusive s and care homes so that is very mass plutonium. I cried within over my long dead grandma but from whom I suspect I had much security and so miss that. They say on one site the emotions can dry up if they get too high and I think that’s true. You know what that means! It’ll be over in the New Year. So will my saturn long conjunct vesta in cancer, the family. What a great new year.
    I started yoga intense poses with great determination. But most of all I saw a white dove within as I was lookin up. It grew more and more bright and expansive. I read that scorpio rules the mother dove at it’s high end.
    Reading these posts where Jamie says he gets comfort from even difficult transits by seeing them in the charts and I do too and so often I hear people into astrology express how “it never ceases to amaze”. Yes so true.

  2. enEssence says:

    Is there any insight you might share with me about a T-square, Moon in Capricorn 12 degrees, Saturn in Libra 13 degrees, and Uranus in Cancer 16 degrees, with Pluto stationary, retrograde soon, it will be 2013 -14 before it will transit my Moon, square Saturn, and oppose Uranus?

  3. Bob says:

    Well, I’ve got this natally, pretty much exact, nine Virgo, third house (in a moon-ruled chart). Anyway, I was hoping to get a little insight into transiting Pluto trine Moon, as that’s in play now (and tight, with Pluto recently at nine Cap.

  4. Bob says:

    Should’ve added, “thank you, your site is a nice find.” I see you’ve got transiting Pluto sextile Sun; I’ll check that, as that’s going on too and take a look around while I’m at it.

  5. Pamela says:

    It is just starting for me! I have Mars & Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn in the 2nd house. Been exercising & purging my diet of junk food. I have been doing alot of deep thinking about my life, my self esteem, my Mother (never been close to her). You hear that Pluto is about death & transformation. I guess I will see for myself. I have also heard that when Pluto comes around is when you come into your power.

    • Charyl says:

      Do you know what they say is Capricorn’s ruler saturn is the area of the success your looking for. The rule I used for Pluto was “a genuine desire to help another or resistance = karma. On the other hand it is “not to dominate an other but to use it to improve your own life.” go figure. Pluto removes the barriers between us within and it is hidden inner actions ie occult, and reactions that shape us.
      Boy here I am the big authority figure today. Hope I’m on abit at least. Pluto is where the most energy is so you can do a lot there.
      For ex. the 4th house pluto can renovate forever and never run out of energy. But best if the work is done for the larger good than just for one’s own profits. Power is destructive without love. We here in BC are having BC Hydro acting out and costing us big time. Pluto.?
      So much power they’re a cold unfeeling machine now.

  6. Debbie says:

    oh goodie, if this is the toughness of the conjunction I am so looking forward to the square to my moon when Pluto gets to 14 cap, and here was me thinking i was free now he’s finished opposing my sun and merc in cancer….good lord hasn’t my Libra moon had enough from Saturn, especially as i have a 12th house moon, maybe i ought to book myself a room in a really nice asylum now :(

    • Jamie says:

      I wouldn’t say Pluto square Moon is going to be easy though. I remember it was tough on me. I will get to writing it up at some stage.

      • Debbie says:

        I am chuckling as I write this as I NEVER would have believed I am about to say this but, I am sooooo grateful to have just endured pluto opposing my merc! yep thats what I said I am grateful, why? because Uranus is squaring merc of course and I also have mars and merc trining merc, the last 24 hours the passion with which I think and feel thought thoughts has been powerful and unstoppable the words flowing straight through my mouth as if skipping all reasoning at full force, if pluto hadnt done such a diabolical job to have me wipping my shadow side into shape, it would have been destructively shameful instead of direct respectful and constructive……phew!

  7. Dragonfly says:

    Jamie, this is so interesting. When Pluto was conjunct my Moon, my grandmother became ill with cancer and died. It was a total transformation of my emotional life and there was a lot of public recognition of that in family and friends, even friends of friends, because everyone talked about how much my grandmother and I had adored each other. It totally transformed mothering as well since she had been my primary caretaking figure and when she died I looked to my mother for the first time really in my memory as the person to nurture me. Pretty wild how perfect this article is!

  8. anonymityness says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve just found out that that pluto will be conjuct my moon (within 3 degrees at most) until Jan 2016 when it will ease off a little to 3 degrees – which is still pretty tight! Gees, I hope the effects of this conjunction will ease off some by then too. Have i been feeling it! I’ve been wondering why my emotional life has been so intense over the past several months. I checked my chart recently and it all makes sense.
    At the moment I feel so exposed, uncomfortable and soooo challenged. God knows how I’m going to survive this for another 3+ years!
    Please someone give me some tips here!

  9. Julija says:

    Hi all,
    as I’ve red all you wrote here had to comment a bit. T Pluton just finished with my Sun 5 Cap, and now is heading for Mercury 15, MC and Moon 17 Cap. I’m a bit wooried specially after reading all your comments :D
    When Pl was on my Sun in 9 H (ruler of 5H) my life, my world and my understanding of that world and my self fundamentaly changed. i was kicked out of college with only 5 exams till diploma (maybe it was little my lazyness but others worse than me continued studying) because of strange misunderstandings and new rules wich shouldnt be aplied on me but did… long story short my whole world based on that college crashed. I chose that college cause of prosperity not my deep interest and had to pay the price. the worst was that i built my appearance on that proffesion (computers) so i felt i was ripped out from my roots, totaly naked and doomed. emotinally i hit the bottom and then everything started to change.
    To save all those years of studying i managed to enter another college, similar to my first, to finish what i started, and at the same time started studying (on another college) philosophy and teology- my deep love but pushed away long time ago because there is no money in that (my father was crucial in choosing life path for me). As I have exact So sq Ma in natal, when Pl started my transformation problems with my father occured. especially when i went studying philosophy (was 29 when started). at one point he even told me that i was to blame for all bad in his life (all my life i’ve addored him and everithing i did with my life was to make him happy). that was wery difficult time for me. father who has hateful fixation on me, two colleges and job. it was paintfull on emotional, spiritual and phisical level, transformation all over (at the same time T Pl trined my Ac, squared Saturn -strongest planet in my chart). now i have new direction, one diploma in my pocket, other (the important one) on the way, heading for PhD in philosophy… my believes and seeing of life changed in a big way. oh yes, i started painting and met soulmate :)

    so now i’m freaking out about next Pl moove. I know when it finishes with me I’ll be fine but how to go through all that at the same time??? (Mer, MC and Mo). Me is rooler of my 3H in gem, and Mo 4H in can. Transit over sun was paintfull on emotional level, what will happened when it hits moon??? :( Natal Mo is in squares with Sa and Pl in 6H and Sa is rooler of Mc…
    could anyone say something about that? what to expect (except death-hope not)?

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