Scorpio Horoscope September 2015

Scorpio HoroscopeSeptember 2015 Scorpio horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Scorpio Decan 1 – born Oct 23 to Nov 1.
   Scorpio Decan 2 – born Nov 2 to 11.
   Scorpio Decan 3 – born Nov 12 to 21.

Decan 1 Scorpio September 2015 Horoscope

You have very good stars ahead this month starting with the Sun sextile your decan from August 22 to September 3. This brings power of personal expression which helps in self promotion and the achievement of goals. This progressive transit culminates with the August 29 full moon, which focuses your energy on home and family plus your intimate relationships. You may feel more emotional and sensitive for the next two weeks, as this moon phase lasts until the September 13 solar eclipse.

The full moon is especially fortunate for you as it activates your two longer term transits, both of which are fortunate in nature. Jupiter sextile your decan is your lucky streak which lasts from August 8 to September 30. Neptune trine your decan is promoting spiritual growth and lasts until January 2017.

The full moon straddles Jupiter opposite Neptune, a challenging influence which lasts all month and peaks on September 17. Most others will struggle with the extremes of beliefs and negative behaviors, but not you. With such helpful aspects to your decan, your fortunate growth phase will take on more of a spiritual nature. There will be opportunities to see your dreams turn into reality, without necessarily sacrificing your material needs.

Mars sextile your decan from September 24 to October 12 enables you to go after your desires, to get what you want without having to face much opposition. You can take the initiative and start projects with a high probability of success because you give it your all and people will take notice. Increased sex drive and physical attractiveness is a good omen for passionate interactions.

   Scorpio Horoscope 2015 Decan 1
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Decan 2 Scorpio September 2015 Horoscope

August was one of the more challenging months of the year in terms of your love life and other close relationships. Challenging influences from Venus and Mars continue for some time, and the August 14 new moon increases the likelihood or upsetting conflict. Thankfully, this confrontational moon phase ends with the September 13 solar eclipse, which itself marks a big turning point in your life.

Before we get to that and more good news, you must deal with the unsettling influence of Mars square your decan until September 10, and Venus square your decan to September 25. The lazy influence of Venus is so much longer than usual because of Venus retrograde, which ends on September 6.

The combined negative influence of these relationship planets adds much stress to your love life, especially if there are any underlying problems. In order to maintain some semblance of harmony, you will need to make an extra effort to show more affection and be patience with loved ones. This becomes most critical during the Venus Mars alignment from August 30 to September 3.

A greater ability to express your concerns comes with the Sun sextile your decan from September 2 to 13. Sun trine Pluto from September 4 to 6 offers the best opportunity in this early part of the month to make a positive transformation regarding relationship dynamics. Pluto sextile your decan all year is giving you increased personal power and influence over the outcomes in your life.

The confidence building solar transit culminates with the September 13 solar eclipse. As mentioned in your 2015 horoscope, this eclipse heralds the beginning or a very prosperous end to the year and gives power of personal expression, helping in self promotion and the achievement of goals. Combined with the power of Pluto, you should have endless determination and drive.

Your luck now receives a giant boost with Jupiter sextile your decan lasting from September 23 to November 26. This is one of the most fortunate of all transits. It promotes personal, professional and spiritual growth, through travel, studies and wealth accumulation. It is hard to imagine your confidence and optimism being even higher, but this remarkable grouping of transits should do just that.

   Scorpio Horoscope 2015 Decan 1
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Decan 3 Scorpio September 2015 Horoscope

Much the same as recent months, you have a mixed offering for September 2015. There are some testing moments ahead associated with your love life, but you will gain confidence and a strong sense of propose from a solar eclipse in the middle of this month.

The August 14 new moon created a confrontational environment making it difficult to get ahead. The test and challenges of this moon phase will evaporate once the September 13 solar eclipse kicks in. However, Mars square your decan from September 8 to 26 will also create a deal of frustration and anger. The more you try to assert yourself under this abrasive influence, the more resistance you face.

Sun sextile your decan from September 12 to 23 will alleviate much of the angst created by Mars. This confidence building transit is boosted by the September 13 solar eclipse, which continues the positive background influence this year. The increase in vitality and enthusiasm from the eclipse will stay with you until the March 2016 solar eclipse. This is an excellent time to get on make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships and longer term goals.

Just like Mars, Venus square your decan from September 23 to October 9 creates tension in your love life. Because of Venus retrograde, you had this Venus transit back in July/August. Any unresolved relationship issues from back then are likely to resurface now. Venus turns direct on September 6, so at least this takes away any added complications you faced the last month.

Sun sextile Saturn from September 22 to 24 is a great time to set to work on your longer term goals. This is the final activation of Saturn in your decan, which concludes by the end of the month. You should attend to as many important duties as you can in these few days because the rest of the month is not so easy.

Mars square Saturn from September 24 to 29 is not a winning transit, and the best approach now is a defensive one. Instead of starting new projects or hunting down your desires, it is better to concentrate on holding onto what you already have. Rejection or limitations will internalize the hot Mars energy and this can result in problems. Patience and plodding hard work will get you there.

   Scorpio Horoscope 2015 Decan 3
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44 thoughts on “Scorpio Horoscope September 2015

  1. My Sun in Scorpio is at 19.46 degrees while mercury is at 15.29, venus at 21,54 degrees and finally jupiter at 20,39 degrees – all in Scorpio (phew…). For which decan should I read the horoscope to get the most accurate reading do you think? I guess the sun will be the most important – which is decan 2, but I guess the transits to the other planets at the 3rd decan could magnify or diminish some of the influences right?
    Anyhow, would love to hear your suggestions for the most accurate reading! :-)

    • From what you have said, I would stick with your Sun. Being on a cusp, read Scorpio decans 2 and 3. You will notice that I talk about transits which last a specific amount of time. When reading decan 2, the later period of the dates will apply to you, and for decan 3, the begging of the transits.

      Some people also chose to read the horoscopes for the Moon and rising sign (Ascendant), but generally not other planets like Mercury and Venus.

      • Thank you very much! I will follow your suggestions then :-)
        Usually I also go for the moon sign (Libra decan 2) – but not so much the ascendant, because at some point you will end up with information overload, so I like to keep it simple ;-)
        Again, thank you for your reply, it was really helpful!

  2. Hi Jamie, how are you and the children?
    I’m declan 3 ..16 Nov……but (again) in a sea wave of emotions….
    Im working hard to keep up the high moral ground…your monthly interpretations are spot on !,

  3. Thanks for the update – Question I’m November 19 & my sun & raising are both 26 degrees Scorpio in my first house – it’s been a very strange ride for a long time & I’ve done some very stupid things in the last few years – when does everything get better & when can I start to redeem myself. Thank you!!!

  4. I am a Scorpio-Saggi cusp born on 22nd. I find generally the Scorpio third Deccan predictions more relevant then the Saggi first Deccan for me.

  5. Scorpio-Saggi cusper here 21nd Nov. Will all the hard times ever stop for scorpios? I mean Ive been single too long, will scorpios ever find new love?? And will this question be answered, I Wonder.

    • I feel you…. Im born 21 november and i been single for 5 years, but when Saturn leave i think things will get brighter. All this work nonsence for many years now i have à stable work and it didnt change à bit…
      Hope things get better for us soon!

  6. I’m Carla, Scorpio Nov. 21, Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio….help! I do like the intensity of things but when are we going to feel things flowing smoothly? I am a strong person and have learned a lot these past years but I would like some rest….

  7. 21 Nov. I changed jobs 3 times from 2011 to 2014 (got fired, then had a temporary job 1 year, then got a nasty boss 2 years – alas – but now I got a new and good job and hope I will be there for some years. My last relationship was a disaster, as he cheated (and now it seems he try to come back). And I moved 4 times for living! I am tired now – so please, please come Peace and rest and happiness. But I am also a strong person, and have also been able to keep my head over the storms …

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