Sun Opposite Midheaven Transit

Sun Opposite Midheaven TransitSun opposite Midheaven transit requires you to attend to domestic affairs and family matters. You will need to withdraw into yourself and think things over. This is the time for personal development, not to make a great surge into the outside world. Even of you did you would probably face resistance from other people in your career.

You may feel demoralized if you get involved with matters that are not related to your real inner needs and concerns. During this time it is best to have more alone time or be with your closest loved ones in your own personal world. You should do this to decide what your real needs are and how you should satisfy them.

There will also be very rewarding and satisfying experiences closer to home that help prepare you for when you do make a new thrust out into the external world of your profession and the public.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Midheaven transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Midheaven.

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