Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Naomi Campbell

The horoscope of Naomi Campbell is a stunning example of astrology explaining personal characteristics and also major events in the life. Naomi is well known for the long list of legal issues in her life, most commonly due to her aggressive physical attacks on other people. However now she is in the news for a much bigger issue, being forced to give evidence at a United Nations War Crimes Tribunal. It seems she accepted gifts of blood diamonds from the ex Liberian president, Charles Taylor. It is usually Naomi’s aggression that gets her into trouble. Mars is the agro planet and you can see in her chart that she has Mars square Pluto. This is the ultimate aspect for intense rage and hitting out physically at people who piss you off.

She also has Mercury conjunct Saturn which causes mental frustration and makes it difficult for her to talk about what is bugging her. Both Mercury and Saturn are on a fixed star in the Sea Monster called Menkar which is a Saturn natured star causing disgrace, many difficulties especially with Mercury, and selfishness and unhappiness to others when with Saturn. [1] The unhappiness Naomi has caused to others through her violent outbursts have nearly always involved women. She has assaulted her female assistants, housekeepers and even her mother. This is partly explained in the chart by the Fixed Star Toliman which is conjunct her Neptune and Midheaven. “Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled, or an existing relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances”.

Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Neptune conjunct Midheaven does fit well with her glamorous career, as the Midheaven rules the career and Neptune is glamour, the stage and screen. But is also explains the controversies she gets tangled up in through misunderstandings and deception. Neptune on Toliman is associate with deceit and dishonesty, very Neptune characteristics and made even more strong with Sun opposite Neptune. I mentioned that the assaults on women were in part due to having Neptune and Midheaven on Toliman. The other big factor in the chart influencing this is Venus. Venus is women and Naomi’s Venus is extremely potent in the chart because it is the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to Neptune sextile Ascendant. This means that Venus issues are the main focus in her life, and this is the case with her calling, the image of beauty on the catwalk, selling beauty products, clothes and perfumes.

Venus is the strongest planet in the chart because of the Yod and it is strengthened further by being conjunct the brightest star in Orion, Betelgeuse, Orion Constellation, associated with fortune and wealth. With Venus it is associated with fine ornaments like jewelry. Venus is also associated with jewelry. When this latest drama in the courts hit her life, this Venus of hers was critically aspected. The Opposition of Saturn and Uranus in July was square her Venus. She was summoned a couple of weeks before the exact opposition, and testified a week or so after it.

In Vedic astrology, each planet is associated with a particular gemstone, and the stone for Venus is the diamond [1]. With Venus so strong in her chart it is not surprising that diamonds have caused such a crisis in her life, just as that Saturn Uranus opposition squared her Venus. The diamond is a symbol of Venus, and Naomi is also a symbol of Venus. She does seem to love wearing diamonds, even in court. Naomi is sure to stay in the headlines for a while yet. The September conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus squares her Venus, and the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse is conjunct her Venus, the action point of her Yod. The first half of 2011 should be a defining time in her life as she works to improve her tarnished image by doing what she does best, Venus love for fashion, music, film and charity.

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