Sun Square Saturn

Sun Square Saturn Natal

Sun Square Saturn

Sun square Saturn is probably the most challenging of the Sun Saturn natal aspects as both Saturn and the square aspect represent tests and challenges that have to be overcome in order to get ahead in life. This aspect may cause difficulties early in life with self-esteem as a result of criticism from people, especially authority figures like the father.

This can lead to these people being hard on themselves but the benefit here is that they strive with determination and perseverance to overcome any setbacks and become masters of self-discipline, achievement and responsibility.

Sun Square Saturn Celebrities

Astrologer Zane Stein (16′) faced some personal trials which led him to raise his children as a single parent. With all this extra responsibility, he has still managed to become a highly respected astrologer with many lasting achievements to his name as a pioneer in Chiron and asteroid studies. Actor Jason Alexander (38′)  had many hardships as a youngster, he said he “was always scared as a kid of getting picked on or humiliated or actually beaten up by bigger kids.” He turned this around by using comedy as a defense mechanism which led to his great recognition.

Oprah Winfrey (03′) certainly started life with many difficult challenges, she was an illegitimate child and practically abandoned, raped and abused which of course has led to lifelong insecurities. Salvador Dali (27′) had terrible Saturn responsibilities placed on him by his parents. He was named after his older brother who died as a baby, and his parents forced him to wear his clothes as a reminder that he would never replaced his dead brother. Other celebrities with Sun square Saturn include Jane Fonda (27′) and George Harrison (27′).

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  1. Megan says:

    I have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus in Virgo and my 12th house square Saturn in Sagittarius 3rd house. My Moon is in my 6th house in Pisces, opposite my Virgo/12th stellium, square my Saturn.

    My Sun square Saturn is exact, with the others being slightly wider orbs. I was painfully shy, terrible self-image and self-esteem growing up, speech issues and stuttering. Not so great relationship with parents (who later divorced).. Love was sort of a conditional thing. Anywho– I overcame the shyness a bit. I am definitely more outgoing than one would expect with a 12th house stellium! I moved a thousand miles from home and realized I could start out as whoever I wanted and decided to be more outgoing and let go of some baggage. I still have trouble realizing that I don’t have to pass a test to be loved, that it can be unconditional. And I can get stuck in my head frequently, and definitely have a guilt/paranoia issue…but I can catch myself and reel it back :)

  2. Max says:

    I can definitely relate to everything that’s been said above. My parents divorced when I was 2 (Afflicted luminaries, only stressful aspects). My father left my mother alone and she had to move to her parents who lived in the country. Then she left me with them and had to leave for a town a few miles away to work as an accountant at a plant (Heavily afflicted Moon in Aquarius). She cares about me and loves me but we have extremely tense and difficult relationships (exact Moon square Pluto). When I went to school I didn’t make any friends if any. Constantly bullied, living in fear (Mars in 12th) and having to walk home alone because no one of my classmates lived that far (at the end of the village). My father visited me once a year or so but as time went by we were becoming more and more distant (Sun square Saturn and Uranus). I haven’t ever felt comfortable around people and I’ve always been an outcast in every group I’ve been a part of (Saturn in 11th). I am constantly torn apart by a strong ambition for achievement (the square to Saturn, Mars in Capricorn) and a tendency to escape into a dream world (Sun in Pisces, Neptune in 12th). I have a good Jupiter too (2nd house, no afflictions) but Saturn has definitely made itself felt, especially in early life. I’m still struggling with Saturn issues of loneliness and my love life is a complete disaster if there’s any at all but I slowly learn to trust my destiny and believe that in the end things will turn out OK. When dealing with Saturn the phrase “Never give up” is the best possible piece of advice. Never give up, guys. Trust your destiny and believe in yourself, you all have great strength.
    Best wishes

  3. Kgirl says:

    I have Saturn in Cancer in my 10th squaring a 1st house stellium in Libra (ASC, Sun & Pluto.) It’s also the apex of a yod conjunct my MC and South node with Jup & Neptune being the legs. When I was younger there was a lot of insecurity and frustration particularly within family home and issues. I definitely feel I have been forced to be very self-reliant but…I know no other way.
    I did not have a bad time with my Father – I was actually known to be his favorite when young. We have a warm (if slightly nebulous) relationship although he was gone a ton – working constantly & not tuned in to day-to-day) but he himself had no father so I had no grandfather on either side of family. I’ve actually only had one grandmother – the other died when I was 3 so in a sense, don’t know if that also falls under Saturn but I’ve not had many living “ancestors.” Many folks on both sides of family were gone by the time I was born.

    Speaking of Deb’s reference to “Spiritual Genetics…” my chart resembles my fathers in many ways. We both are Virgo ASCs w/ Sun conj ASC (both have Sun & Mercury in our 1st houses, Mars in 8th with and Saturn conj MC and I am also in business in the same real estate industry (although I NEVER intended to end up there – I was very involved in the arts early on.) So, I have taken after my father and taken on those aspects within myself (sort of parenting myself – I moved out at 13.)

    One of the most helpful things for me has been to dive into Saturn and start my own business and take on responsibilities and ironically, life loosened up quite a bit once I did. I have just passed a fairly brutal stretch of it transiting my 1st house and all 4 planets there. It’s now applying towards my Moon (& soon Venus) in the 2nd and opposing my Mars. Oof. Not the most dynamic or exciting situation, I feel muted and dulled (and dead broke to boot!) but I do think this grounding and what I am building now will likely serve me well for the rest of my life.
    I’ve had tons of relationships but never married and am finally ready. Fingers crossed! Let’s hope life begins at 40! I agree that Saturn folks age well. I look better now than I did through a large part of my 20s. That would be one aspect I wouldn’t mind sticking around. lol.

  4. Sarah Fimmel says:

    I’m a natal Sun square Saturn and it HAS been tough from the word go. Numerous set backs from early childhood and very low self esteem.
    I’ve suffered with extreme anxiety, depression and paranoia and have been close to being a complete shut in.
    That being said, my moon is in my 12th house.

    It’s nice to find out that George Harrison had the same aspect :)

  5. lu says:

    I was born on january 26th 1979.

    Yesterday a was diagnosed with bone tumor in my iliac bone, I need to hve biopsy, but I know that it will be cancer.

    As i can see, I am going to have personal hell in the next 4 months. I am so scared.
    Saturn is squreing my natal sun, mars, jupiter and asc.

    Will I going to survive this?

  6. Sherry says:

    I’m sending wishes for Lu to have a perfect and speedy recovery to her medical problem.

    I’ve got 9 house Saturn square my 12house Sun. I relate to what others ave written here. I am ambitious and self-questioning.
    Saturn maybe also influences the social appearance of competence. I look as though I know what I’m doing. Maybe bc Saturn is so demanding, I actually do know what I’m doing by the time I do something. All the self-doubt, checking my work, going slow, ensure this. I often am surprised to hear how much other people believe in my abilities. Most often other people have greater confidence in me than I do.

  7. anon says:

    This aspect is one of the hardest in astrology because it is about appreciating yourself fully, and concentrating on your best strengths (Saturn) as your solar purpose (Sun).

  8. SaturnHoliday says:

    I have this aspect. Saturn afflicted, in Aries, in the 7th house and with nasty Lillith!. (Saturn also squares mars and mercury, midheaven I think). It has been like this. Childhood – School difficult due to poor health and crippling shyness. Father not interested, mum the boss and critical. Teens – Multiple rejections from relationships, poor self image and extreme social discomfort. Adulthood – more rejections from relationships due to limitations imposed by chronic health condition affecting intimacy, forever single. Work/education – 3 degree’s later and I’ve never really got there but I am respected in the job. How do I feel about life.. Ok actually, because you get stronger. Some say formidably so. It gets better when you become your own best friend. Play to your strengths! Hope this helps.

  9. karen says:

    wow, lots of negatives about saturn square the sun, good thing i never new growing up about my square, – I had tons of self esteem, was a great athlete, good friends, did well in school. of course my early teen years were sometimes difficult, and life had many ups and downs. ( i am 61 yrs now) Show me a person who doesnt have adversities and i will point out the billions past and present who did, do now.
    The best way out is a good job, and delay instant gratifications. Every time you can feel sorry for yourself, find someone who needs help and go for it. keep busy.

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