Sun Square Saturn

Sun Square Saturn NatalSun square Saturn is probably the most challenging of the Sun Saturn natal aspects as both Saturn and the square aspect represent tests and challenges that have to be overcome in order to get ahead in life. This aspect may cause difficulties early in life with self-esteem as a result of criticism from people, especially authority figures like the father.

This can lead to these people being hard on themselves but the benefit here is that they strive with determination and perseverance to overcome any setbacks and become masters of self-discipline, achievement and responsibility.

Sun Square Saturn Celebrities

Astrologer Zane Stein (16′) faced some personal trials which led him to raise his children as a single parent. With all this extra responsibility, he has still managed to become a highly respected astrologer with many lasting achievements to his name as a pioneer in Chiron and asteroid studies. Actor Jason Alexander (38′) had many hardships as a youngster, he said he “was always scared as a kid of getting picked on or humiliated or actually beaten up by bigger kids.” He turned this around by using comedy as a defence mechanism which led to his great recognition.

Oprah Winfrey (03′) certainly started life with many difficult challenges, she was an illegitimate child and practically abandoned, raped and abused which of course has led to lifelong insecurities. Salvador Dali (27′) had terrible Saturn responsibilities placed on him by his parents. He was named after his older brother who died as a baby, and his parents forced him to wear his clothes as a reminder that he would never replaced his dead brother. Other celebrities with Sun square Saturn include Jane Fonda (27′) and George Harrison (27′).

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  1. This aspect is one of the hardest in astrology because it is about appreciating yourself fully, and concentrating on your best strengths (Saturn) as your solar purpose (Sun).

  2. I have this aspect. Saturn afflicted, in Aries, in the 7th house and with nasty Lillith!. (Saturn also squares mars and mercury, midheaven I think). It has been like this. Childhood – School difficult due to poor health and crippling shyness. Father not interested, mum the boss and critical. Teens – Multiple rejections from relationships, poor self image and extreme social discomfort. Adulthood – more rejections from relationships due to limitations imposed by chronic health condition affecting intimacy, forever single. Work/education – 3 degree’s later and I’ve never really got there but I am respected in the job. How do I feel about life.. Ok actually, because you get stronger. Some say formidably so. It gets better when you become your own best friend. Play to your strengths! Hope this helps.

  3. wow, lots of negatives about saturn square the sun, good thing i never new growing up about my square, – I had tons of self esteem, was a great athlete, good friends, did well in school. of course my early teen years were sometimes difficult, and life had many ups and downs. ( i am 61 yrs now) Show me a person who doesnt have adversities and i will point out the billions past and present who did, do now.
    The best way out is a good job, and delay instant gratifications. Every time you can feel sorry for yourself, find someone who needs help and go for it. keep busy.

  4. I think a lot has to do with the signs and houses that Saturn and the Sun occupy as to the severity or difficulties presented by that aspect. Although Oprah Winfrey has Saturn square Sun, her Saturn is in the 10th House, which is an excellent placement for high career achievement. Napoleon also had Saturn in the 10th. And her Sun is in the 2nd House, a good placement if some self-discipline is exercised regarding money. On the other hand, I have Saturn square Sun and my Sun is debilitated in the 6th House of work and health, and Saturn is not particularly well placed in the 3rd House of education, and I have had decades of chronic health problems, unfinished education, and near-constant setbacks, delays, insufficiencies, and obstacles regarding money, career, and life goals. It is said that this Saturn square blocks the Solar radiations requiring the native to work twice as hard as others in similar situations. I do not agree with the “New Age” or New Psychology” interpretation that most of the problems of Saturn square Sun come from lack of self-confidence or some problem of internal consciousness. Instead, I would say these obstacles arise from past life karma and have relatively little to do with my current state of mind. The obstacles are external situations that continually arise and present themselves to me, but it is up to me as to how to respond to them. And at age 60, I have responded to my life challenges by adopting a spartan, focused lifestyle which conserves energy for achieving the few things which are most important to me, and have sacrificed the rest until my next lifetime.

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