Susan Miller Horoscope

Susan Miller Horoscope

This interpretation of the Susan Miller horoscope shows why she is a world leader in her field. Susan Miller Horoscopes are published at Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. She writes books, newspaper columns, and appears on TV and radio. As a child, Susan spent much time bedridden due to a painful leg disease, and during this time she starting learning astrology from her mother, herself an astrologer. Now Susan is the most famous horoscope writer in the world.

Sy Scholfield has given Astro Databank an A rated time of birth for Susan Miller, born 7 March 1947 at 10:30 am in Manhattan, New York (Astrology: Susan Miller). On the Ascendant is the fixed star Rigel, which gives good fortune, riches and lasting honors. Uranus here also mean that this honor and wealth had to come through some field out of the ordinary, and astrology is the perfect expression.

However, with Uranus rising in the Susan Miller horoscope, and in a tense and challenging square aspect to the Sun, Mercury and Ceres, there must have been many challenges along the way toward success. Sun square Uranus  people stand out from the crowd in an obvious way and through struggle can brilliance in creative self-expression, of a different kind.

Sun conjunct Mercury explains Susan Miller’s excellent communication skills which are shown through all the different media, TV, radio, books, papers and the internet. Interestingly, while Uranus is the modern ruler of astrology, Mercury is the tradition ruler.

Susan Miller Astrology Chart

Susan Miller Horoscope

Susan Miller Horoscope

Sun conjunct Ceres relates more to personal and family issues. It relates to family, mothering issues and some pain in childhood. Another big indicator of unhappiness, especially earlier in life is Venus opposite Saturn. This can bring separation, isolation, inhibition and generally a slow start. I have this aspect myself and can attest that Saturn is a late bloomer.

she was born with a terrible birth defect that was extremely hard to diagnose and almost killed her. That she had numerous surgeries on her legs in her teens and was so sick that she had to teach herself high school. That she almost bled to death when she gave birth to her two daughters. And that her husband abandoned them, leaving her alone in Manhattan to support herself and her two daughters, when they were 10 and 13, respectively – Interview with Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller. [2]

Venus on the fixed star Dabih in constellation Capricorn is a bit melancholic, just like Venus opposite Saturn. This star rules the center of the calf of the left leg, and it was circulatory problems in the left leg that hospitalized Susan when she was a child. Saturn constricted Venus though the tight opposition. But like I mentioned, Saturn comes good and now Susan Miller expresses this tough opposition beautifully. Saturn is the teacher, the wise mentor. She teaches her love (Venus) which is astrology. In fact Susan’s weekly astrological advice column for the The New York Daily News was called Signs of Love.

The Moon is conjunct the fixed star Alkes, which gives good mental abilities and a life of eminence. The Moon rules the mother and Susan’s mom passed on the love of astrology to her. Alkes can be a gift, something precious carried by an individual to passed down generations through the genes, like artistic, musical or psychic ability. Alkes’ talent is usually of a Neptunian nature.

The eminence from the Moon comes through the astrology, but it is the Midheaven which most describes the career. The Midheaven is on the fixed star Nashira, which “causes overcoming by evil, which is turned to success” (the health crisis in childhood leading to the study of astrology). Nashira also gives skill as a counselor and a great understanding of human nature.

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